As followers of this site know, we completed the list of the 366 Best Weird Movies last year.

And then we decided 366 movies were not enough to cover all the noteworthy strange films in cinema’s 100+ years, particularly considering the continual release of bizarre new features. So we announced that we would periodically be adding films to a supplemental list of 366 additional films, which we call Apocrypha (to distinguish them from the original “Canonical” weird entries).

We’re determining the next entrant onto the Apocrypha List through an elimination tournament of contestants nominated by you, the readers, last week.

We have seeded the twenty nominees you gave us according to their IMDB ratings (using number of votes as a tiebreaker). In order to narrow the field to an eventual sixteen, we have given the top twelve movies a pass into the second round. The top four seeds will face four movies from the following “play-in” group of the eight lowest rated movies. Then the tournament will proceed in single-elimination fashion according to your votes.

In this round, you may vote for up to four of the following films to advance. To help you make your decision, the hypertext links in the poll go either to our reviews, or to the IMDB page if we have not reviewed the film in question. You may vote once per day. Voting for this round closes at midnight on March 8.

Now get to voting!

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