Our next Weird Watch Party on Amazon Prime is scheduled for Mar. 20 at 10:15 PM.

As always, we’ll be looking for nominations from people who plan to attend. After we get the minimum five nominations and likely attendees, we’ll put up a poll. Management will break any ties. We’re open to suggestions for different starting times, dates, or methods of propagating the watch link.

Amazon Prime’s catalog of movies is larger (and less exclusive) than Netflix’s. Ed Dykhuizen’s availability spreadsheet is a good resource to check for Canonically Weird movies (look for ones marked “free w/ Prime” in the “Amazon” column). Or, do your own research and come up with a title from Amazon. Eligible movies will have a “watch party” button on their Amazon page. You must be a Prime subscriber; you don’t have to download an extension or additional software.

When the party is set to begin we’ll announce it in three places:

  • On this site (if you’ve signed up for regular email alerts via the sidebar you’ll also get a notice that way)
  • On our Facebook page
  • On Twitter

Make your nominations in the comments below.


  1. I’ll throw a few suggestions into the ring. Since I don’t believe we’ve viewed a giallo how about Your Vice Is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key? Then I see that Company of Wolves is available, and perhaps one of the finest ever Nic Cage performances in Vampire’s Kiss.

    1. That’s definitely getting my vote–the fact they only have the English dub could well make it even stranger.

  2. when you guys mention “Primal”, are you talking about the Nicolas Cage movie? is it weird?

    1. I am referring to the Cage movie in anticipation that it will be at least as weird as Cage makes it. Otherwise, I have no idea.

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