Time for another giveaway contest! No particular reason: just because we like you.

Since the prize is a copy of All the Colors of Giallo, the entry procedure will be simple: just tell us your favorite in the comments. (We’ll be loose with the definition of the genre, but all entries mentioning Top Gun will be disregarded).

We’ll leave the contest open for a week. Of course, you may join the discussion even if you don’t meet the eligibility requirements below or don’t wish to receive the prize; please mention you’re not in it for the swag when you announce your pick.

Contest eligibility rules: You must make a nomination by commenting on this post with your favorite giallo film and informing us of your desire to be in the contest. To receive the prize, you must supply us with a mailing address in the United States. (Don’t publish your address in your comment! We’ll contact the winner through email). 366 contributors are not eligible for the prize. You are not eligible for this prize if you have won a contest here in the last six months. We’ll stop accepting entries Wednesday, August 21, at midnight EST. The winner will be chosen randomly from all eligible comments. If the winner does not respond to our request for a mailing address within 48 hours we’ll email a runner-up, and so forth, until the prize is given away.

All the Colors of Giallo Blu-rayAs for the prize:  It’s a fresh, unopened, shrink-wrapped copy of Severin Films’ All the Colors of Giallo. This 3-disc (one blu-ray, one DVD, and one CD) set contains the title documentary, over four hours of giallo trailers with commentary, a disc devoted to the German “krimi” films, and a CD of select cuts of soundtrack faves from the likes of Ennio Morricone. It’s the must-have set for giallo fans.  You can read the description of the features in our review.

That’s it, now get to it!


  1. Contest:
    The Psychic
    Enjoy the investigation of the murder through clairvoyant clues. The soundtrack is also memorable and great.

    1. I just watched this when it came out on Blu-ray and enjoyed it, but what I thought was really special about it (especially for genre fans who might only know Jennifer O’Neill from Scanners) was the incredibly stylish wardrobe they put O’Neill in, who seriously must have had 15 costume changes of very lux multi-layered outfits with boots and scarfs and drapey coats. I think any actress would have appreciated being decked out so wondrously for the time period.

  2. Haven’t seen as many giallo films as I should (in fact this one is more by default), but my “favorite” one is Red Rings of Fear, more we’ll-known as Trauma. Sleazy to the nth degree but features enough odd story decisions and murders, not to mention a quality jazz score, that deserves a little more attention, though I emphasis “a little” (the sleaze factor really doesn’t help when put with schoolgirls)

    Hey I’m actually eligible this time. Maybe if I win this will be useful learning tool and a guide towards which giallo films I should try (already liked the “Giallo-thon” list on Letterboxd so there’s a start).

  3. I have a hard time picking favorites but thinking back, it was probably “Don’t Torture a Duckling” which first made me think “damn, there’s some weird shit…” so I pick that one.

    Thanks for a great site!


  4. Favourite giallo, non-contest:
    “Berry Blue”. (Though Wild Raspberry is not without its charm.)

    Wait…I mean, “Slaughter Hotel”. (But that’s also pushing it a bit.)

  5. Per contest:

    My favorite giallo is “Don’t Look Now”

    Yeah, I know you’ll say “That’s not a giallo film”; but if you think about it, it has all the elements – just not an Italian director.

  6. I quite enjoyed 1981’s Madhouse. I bought it used having never heard of it, and was pleasantly surprised.

  7. Contest:
    PHENOMENA aka Creepers -1985 dir. Dario Argento. I absolutely adore everything about this film. The cast. The score. The ending. The most whimsical-feeling Giallo.

  8. I will say Deep Red but my Giallo knowledge is not the best which I think winning this contest may help me to correct.

  9. Hi,

    OK, I’m going to be boring and obvious, but honest:


    I would like to be in the contest. Thanks!

  10. I just LOVE Argento’s Suspiria, Tenebre, Inferno and Opera…
    but I have to say I prefer THE STRANGE COLOR OF YOUR BODY’S TEARS (2013) 🙂

  11. Though it’s a more modern addition, going with Amer. You’ve got the spectral lit childhood nightmare first act, the stalking sexual angst second act, and the straight leather gloved slice-a-thon of the final closer.

  12. I’m juuuuust on the cusp of eligibility, but it’s close enough that it wouldn’t really be sporting for me to be a proper entrant, so I’ll abstain from that aspect, and just comment that I’m a massive fan of Inferno. I’d go so far as to say it’s even better than Susperia in terms of visual flair and atmosphere, and makes great use of the subgenre’s murder mystery component to depict a curse ripping through everyone it touches.

  13. I’m in, and I’ll go with Argento’s Suspiria. Honorable mention to DePalma’s Body Double, if it can be considered giallo…

  14. I’m going with Deep Red to enter the contest. Possibly because I only just saw it, and maybe partly because I just loved the house that figures in it!

    TBH, I haven’t seen nearly enough of the genre to make an informed pick. It would be nice to win. It looks like watching the prize would inspire me to go ahead and see stuff I haven’t gotten around to!

  15. I may be skating close to the edge, but I’d have to go with Nicolas Roeg’s “Don’t Look Now” as my contest pick.

  16. For the contest:
    The obvious answer again, Suspiria.
    I don’t feel qualified to make a giallo pick, but I have to celebrate my newfound delight in this film. Thanks, 366 staff, for introducing me!

  17. “Tenebrae” by Dario Argento is our Family Favourite Giallo!!!
    Go ahead and send me that Blu-ray!!!

  18. Per contest: Deep Red.

    Great Goblin soundtrack—and who can forget the creepy tricycle-riding distraction doll?

  19. Definitely interested in entering the contest.

    Going to pick Death Laid An Egg – I’m a big fan of Giulio Questi!

  20. I almost never try at these giveaways, but this opportunity is too cool to pass up. My favorite giallo is most assuredly Aldo Lado’s Short Night of Glass Dolls. I’m a sucker for subtle menace and suffocating paranoia, secret societies and sting-in-the-tail endings, and Short Night ticks of all of those boxes while also possessing an excellent-as-ever Morricone score. First caught it back-to-back with Eyes Wide Shut and spent the remainder of my evening peaking out my blinds, convinced some undefined “they” were out to get me!

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