Our project to re-rank the entire Canon of 366 Weird Movies continues, as we incorporate the sixteen newly promoted former-apocrypha movies into the newly reordered list. (This all sounds more complicated than it really is, we swear.)

Last round, 84 voters cast ballots (up from 53 voters on the previous round). All 10 of the promoted Apocrypha outpaced the old Canonical entries they were pitted against.

Now, let’s see how far the new arrivals can climb. We’ll pit the ten former Apocrypha movies that got more votes than any Canonical movies against the ten next most popular Canonical movies based on this 2019 poll. We’ll repeat this procedure until no new arrival proves more popular than the remaining Canonical entries. (This could take a while.)

Here’s the next round. You may choose up to ten movies you feel are the most deserving. We’ll leave the poll up until midnight, January 20.

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