The List of 366 is complete. Let’s start another list of 366 alternates, a mix of runners-up and movies that debuted too late for consideration in the Canonical List of the 366 Best Weird Movies Ever Made.

We’re calling this supplemental list “Apocrypha,” and this is your first chance to help select the roster.

From the 30 candidates submitted by readers, you can vote for up to three. This poll will close at midnight EST, Wednesday, June 19. As always, you may vote once per day.

You can also try to influence others’ votes in the comments, if you like.

Let’s go for another 366!


  1. What happened to Hereditary? It was a list candidate, but…¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ?
    Aster’s new film is coming up soon and looks pretty weird already.
    Hereditary came up as a candidate on 366 before Mandy and I was quite surprised when Mandy snatched one of the last spots on the list while Hereditary wasn’t mentioned again. Especially since Mandy is not really weird. It’s a fun splatter with dense atmosphere and nice style. But iirc the script itself already explains everything odd about it. Whereas Hereditary just left me wondering. After it became a candidate it didn’t even cross my mind that the list would close without it – and then it did (╯°□°)╯

  2. Didn’t intend to vote for only JPN movies, but I think Utena, Katakuris and Tag are what should make it.

  3. Good grief, just realised I’ve seen literally none of these films. Well embarrassing.

  4. Hi! Sion Sono’s Tag is from 2015. I wouldn’t bring it up, except Tag (2018) is a completely different film (that, even more disconcertingly, isn’t weird at all)!

  5. Votes duly cast. “Celine and Julie Go Boating”, incidentally, is available to stream on the British Film Institute BFI Player subscription site – player.bfi.org.uk – along with a choice selection from the Canonical list, and other works of associated interest (nice little collection of Jean Rollin films, for instance). You have to pay a monthly subscription, but it’s pretty cheap, and you get a month’s free trial. I’m not sure if it’s available to US viewers, but no doubt clever things can be done with internet hiding devices, or whatever it is people use to pretend they don’t live where they actually do. I don’t work for the BFI, by the way!

    1. So the “I” in the acronym isn’t for “Ian”? Yeah, right.

  6. just voted for “céline et julie vont en bateau” – all right, yes, i’m french (and a great devotee of Rivette) –
    i wonder if anyone around here has seen films by Joao Cesar Monteiro – i submitted them for the List, by it was late in the process (i suggested “recollections of the yellow house”, but most of his films could feel at home on this site…)

  7. Everyone is on the honor system to only vote once per day. (Although a cookie will block multiple votes, some folks find a way around the limitation.) I don’t want to have to question the eventual results. Specifically, I’m skeptical about the 24 votes cast for “My Neighbor Wants Me Dead,” a movie that’s only available on YouTube—where it has 36 total views.

    1. I think there’s some serious ballot stuffing going on here. I’m probably one of the few who actually did watch it (when I wasn’t dozing off) and there’s no way in hell I would cast a vote in its direction. It should be removed from this list.

  8. I really want to vote for Céline et Julie, but Singapore Sling’s advance is too narrow…

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