We’re a third of the way through 2014, which can only mean one thing: it’s time for us to publish a Weird Movies Yearbook covering the previous year’s bizarre cinema! The print issue still needs formatting and will arrive in a few weeks, but we’re happy to announce the Kindle e-book version is now live:

366 Weird Movies 2013 Yearbook (Kindle) Per the ad copy: “Covering everything weird, from art house surrealism to next-generation cult movies to so-bad-they’re-weird B-movie atrocities, 366 Weird Movies has been meeting all of your weird movie needs since 2009 with a combination of sly humor and serious insight. This is our annual Yearbook covering all the weird movies released and re-released in 2013, from The ABC’s of Death to Zeta One, with over 45 full-length reviews, extensive supplemental listings, and exclusive interviews and director’s statements. If it’s weird, and it’s a movie, and it’s from 2013, and 366 Weird Movies covered it, you’ll find it here.” The delightful cover image is from Strange Frame: Love & Sax.

If you’re a regular reader and you appreciate what we do here, this is a great way to show some gratitude for mooching off our weird movie knowledge for an entire year. Royalties from each sale will be given to reviewers and used to purchase either one domestic beer, or 2/3 of an import/craft beer, or, in Alfred Eaker‘s case, 1/2 of a Bloody Mary—we keep advising him to go with the house-brand vodka, and he keeps telling us where we can stuff our cocktail onions. Reviewers based in Colorado and Washington may opt to dedicate their royalties towards greener purchases, if you know what we mean. Teetotalers and those in recovery are objects of pity around the 366 World Headquarters; they can spend their pittance on whatever it is sober people buy (probably love, or justice, or something hoighty-toighty like that).

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