Sorry, the position below has been filled.  Anyone who likes may still write a reader review for the site, but we won’t be offering screeners at this time.  Thanks to all who applied!

366 World Industries is looking for someone to review movies—specifically, low-budget movies. Increased solicitation of our reviewing services by struggling filmmakers suggests to us it may be worthwhile to have someone on staff whose sole job it is to review low-budget screeners.

The ideal candidate will be able to write, preferably in the English language. The candidate must understand that accepting a screener copy of a movie is a commitment to watch and write about that movie. The candidate understands that these movies are by low-budget filmmakers and are highly likely to suck, with a few minor gems thrown in every now and then. The candidate should be aware that the movies will be a mix of arty, sometimes pretentious experimental films and gritty, sometimes offensive, exploitation movies. The candidate is encouraged to develop his or her own reviewing style, but we are not looking for someone who either A) praises everything unconditionally in hopes of seeing their names in print on a DVD cover, or B) views this assignment as an opportunity to sharpen their wit at the expense of the artists involved.

The review schedule is variable, but will not be more than one movie a week, and probably less than one a month.

Sole payment is in screener copies. Current contributors are welcome to apply.

Please use the contact form to apply. Use “screener review position” as the subject. If you have a writing sample, be prepared to submit it; if you are new to movie reviewing you should do a sample review of an appropriate low-budget movie first. We will answer any questions you have.

There is currently no time frame to fill this position. EDIT: Due to postal rates, we’d prefer applicants from the U.S.A.

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