With only 66 spots left open on the List of the 366 Weirdest Movies, last week we opened up nominations for readers to submit movies they could not bear to be left off the List.  We announced that this would be the last chance for readers to directly vote movies onto the List, but since the response was so strong we decided it might be appropriate to give you all one final shot when we get within sight of the finish line. So what you see below is now officially the Penultimate Readers Choice Poll rather than the final one.

The rules are simple, as always. You may vote for two of your favorites from the list below, and you may only vote once per day. We trust you are an honorable bunch so no shenanigans, please. The poll includes a short quote from the reader who nominated the film or seconded the nomination. You are encouraged to continue to campaign for your favorite in the comments on this post. Voting closes on October 7 at midnight, U.S. Eastern Standard time. Enjoy!


  1. Obviously, I’m sorry to see my pick (“Incubus”) at the back of the peleton. But “Under the Skin” is a worthy choice.

  2. No shock that the most mainstream choice is way ahead of everything, despite the fact that there are FAR stranger (and infinitely better) options. *eye roll*

    1. Very true, but that is part of the point of the reader polls—to make sure consensus picks don’t get left out. My job as editor is to make room for the stranger picks. Anything on this list that doesn’t win will still get a bit of extra cachet in our minds just by being nominated. Plus we still have picks in mind for the List no one, or very few people, have mentioned.

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