1. An interesting premise. The archaeologist falling like Alice down a rabbit hole into our early 21st-century technology and eventually being overwhelmed by it speaks to the almost absolute infiltration of tech in our lives, and not for the better. The natural world images – human faces, landscape forms, and animals – appear as anomalies in the infrastructure, eventually crumbling, mutating, or eating their own. When the seductive computer voices invite the visitor to surrender attempts at understanding and “be one with us” it’s basically The Borg come true. The archaeologist succumbs to the bombardment of sensory “hive mind” imagery and is “consumed” by the subject of his study. A cautionary tale, indeed. The best part for me? Imagining that the world of the future had gone full circle and eventually scrapped so much of today’s frivolous technology that the discovery of a synthetic pile of cables is a curiosity that must be studied. Too bad the archaeologist didn’t don some protective gear before inserting himself into the matrix! P.S. – Great morphing of worms into birds, etc.

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