Pete reviews Brainscan (1994), a 1990s film about a video game that possesses the user over a dial-up connection, while wishing he was watching Brainstorm, Brain Dead, or Brain Damage.

(This movie was recommended for review by KB. Suggest a weird movie of your own here.)

Where to watch Brainscan

One thought on “WEIRD VIEW CREW: BRAINSCAN (1994)”

  1. I didn’t quite work it in there, but I also saw the 1989 film Shocker, which hit me the exact same way as Brainscan.

    Shocker was Wes Craven’s attempt at “Freddy Kruger but electricity instead of knifey-hand.”

    I think this one is my best-edited yet, as far as I can work such witchcraft with what I have.

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