Interview with Camille and Kennerly Kitt: The twin stars of the upcoming “Creeporia.”

On the experience of filming “Creeporia”:

Filming “Creeporia” was a blast even though the days were long and often stretched well into the night. It was wonderful to work with [director] John [Semper], the production team, and cast. It was like a month long monster party.

Harp Twins as CreeporiaJohn was generous enough to let the two of us decide which scenes each of us would take for filming. However, before going into filming, we decided that we both needed to know every single line in the script – even though it is a monstrously (pun intended) large and dialog heavy script and we were splitting the role of Creeporia for most of the film. That way, either of us could easily jump into any scene and we were essentially interchangeable. There are even scenes where we’re switching off playing Creeporia!

We knew that John and the crew had a huge job with this film and we thought it was important to do everything in our power to make our part of the filming process go smoothly. We kept track of which scenes were filmed and which weren’t – so we were also essentially our own script supervisors! We knew the scripts backwards and forwards and we think this in-depth knowledge of every aspect of the script translated into us really “being Creeporia”. It feels like an eternity since we filmed “Creeporia,” so we have been anxious for the film to come out for quite some time.

On where “Creeporia” might go:  

Since we’re not producers or editors, our job was done when we completed filming and we’re not sure what is in store for the film! We’re excited to see what might be ahead for Creeporia. We have heard talk of a “Creeporia 2,” so we’re hoping that becomes a reality!

On their recent partnership with Youtube and future projects:

We recently had the opportunity to partner our YouTube channel.

This was never one of our goals for our YouTube channel, since we primarily started it to share samples of our performance repertoire with potential clients and people who had already seen us perform live, but we’re very excited to take this next step. Our YouTube fan base grows significantly every day: we have well over 5 million total views and we will reach 25,000 subscribers very soon. It’s wonderful that our music is reaching so many people and we think that this is just the beginning. We have several potential feature film projects for the future, but due to confidentiality, we can’t say more at this time.

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