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  1. I have been trying to remember this movie for years. I saw it a long time ago, like mid-80’s, but the movie was probably older. It was popular at the time because I remember it playing in pizza places all the time (on TV I think). I remember very little except that it was black and white (or possible just a very dark movie), there were scenes in a large house, a person sitting at a piano (I think) and someone creeping behind with a gun. I think there is a scene with the gun on the piano or something like it. I have a vague memory of a narrow/hidden passageway or a curtain which someone was sneaking through. It scared the crap or if me at the time but I don’t think it was horror, probably an older suspense of some type. Not much to go on, but this is my white whale… thanks!

    1. Wow, thanks for so many quick suggestions! Unfortunately it’s none of these… It’s probably not horror and definitely not a slasher because I only ever saw this movie playing in family restaurants on the TV (no doubt heavily edited). Remember how in the 80’s pizza places and similar restaurants would have tvs and families would watch while they waited or ate? I was really young, and I remember a long period where almost every time we went this movie was playing. I would recognize it immediately and it scared the crap out of me and I would cry. I remember my mom asking them to change the channel a couple times because I was so upset. But I think it was a suspense film… I think I remember a scene where someone comes out from behind a curtain with a gun while the music builds… Cue me crying haha. Of course, now I adore horror. This is a childhood memory that I’ve never been able to pin down, and now I’m not even sure how much if it is accurate.

    2. One of the reasons we suggest you use http://irememberthismovie.com/what-was-that-movie/ instead of this site is that it’s so hard to tell who’s answering what. One of the reasons neither of those suggestions match your movie, Trudy, is because Roxanne’s suggestions applies to Tracey and Klaus99’s questions, not yours. I am moving closer to shutting this page down for good, it’s far too confusing and doesn’t operate the way it should.

  2. she came to hospital for normal checkup but got kidnapped by drug kingpin enemy, given a knock out injection in ass by fake doctor >> i have image for girl but i cannot vihttps://www.google.com.eg/search?hl=ar&tbm=isch&tbs=simg:CAQSkAEajQELEKjU2AQaBggBCAkIPQwLELCMpwgaYgpgCAMSKO4a7RrmDugOxRnvGpwO5x_17D8YZvDHAL70vki-yO94xmjvDL5s7vC8aMDetinUy7x_11ER_1g1JEdatBoDGiQAwFfOicsweM48LyYTPa80UIAX1J6bC5eTYJ3gyACDAsQjq7-CBoKCggIARIEmbTmGgw&sa=X&ved=0CBgQwg4oAGoVChMI2cqd1K3IyAIVhtgaCh1gBwfx&biw=1280&bih=699ew it here but it link

  3. I’m trying to find the name of a movie where the daughter and mother move into a new house and the little girl finds a doll either underneath her bed or her floorboard. There used to be a boy that lived in that same house with that doll long ago.

  4. i watched a animated vhs movie about animals (only animals) playing soccer there were the breaks like in real soccer and stuff but it were with exampel “dog vs cat” i remember that but i would like to know whats its called again

  5. I’m looking for a science fiction movie probably from the 80s. I only remember this: a monster in a handbag that’s becoming a big one. Than it steps on the head of a man and makes it flat. The big monster also hides in a closet (it’s not the movie Monster in the closet). Does anyone know the movie?

  6. i m looking for the movie in which evil faries come on earth to get pregnent….because on their planet no man left because they killed them after one time sex…and faries drink nitrogen as food….and fear from flame…at last one fairy fall in lv with a guy ,sex with them n try to save him….plese tell the name of this movie….

  7. ???ok bare with me ….

    In the movie this girls sister gets killed by another girl i believe tht was obsessed with her or somethn the girl was real popular i remember at the end either the girl friend or girl sister dresses as the girl who was killed nd makes the person who killed her confess

    Its a lifetime movie

  8. What’s the movie where a woman and her son are held hostage in their home, but are saved by a guy in a red t-shirt? If that’s too vague, I remember that the movie came out sometime in 2001 to 2008. I also remember the guy was young mid 20s light brown hair and a 5 o’clock shadow, he was wearing a shark costume at the start of the film, and got shot in his leg while he was running to cover towards the end of the film.

  9. What that movie where there a sister that works at a movie threather and there was one dective watches the movie and the sister brother sneaks into the movie to watch a nlack n white horror flim and after they start to play it the killer comes out the movie and starts to kill people

  10. Hey i am trying to find the name of a movie where it is set in a country house and two girls are hiding this guys money in their house. He comes after it however together they kill him. from memory one of the girls ends up being shot in the house by police while the other escapes with the money & a corrupt police officer (she cut her finger off not long after killing him) i can’t remember much of the movie but that was the main deal

  11. What is the movie where a girl sees this woman at a convenient store, dress in a coat woth the hood on her head and piercings in her lip. Soon after, she gets chased by this woman and a few other people with masks on.

  12. Hey everyone I’ve had this movie/tv show stuck in my head for years. So all I remember is this boy and girl are in love at some type of orphanage and the lady running it is very strict and evil. So the two kids plan on meeting near this metal door thing and something happens and she falls backwards and dies but the boy lives and then the next scene I think he’s an adult now. Please help me figure this out. It’s been driving me crazy

  13. What is the name of that 1960s(?) B&W horror movie that has kids wearing “Disney” character masks and has a burning car in the background? They’re all standing in a line, facing the camera, in the foreground. Really creepy. Possibly a 70s film? Is it a George Romero film?

    Thank you.

  14. Hey I seen a movie around what I feel like was 2007 to 2009, it consisted of a boy and a girl I presume were kidnapped and put into a house; it’s lighting was weird almost like a fun house at the fair. Anyways I think the kids We’re made to dress up and play with eachother on camera for this man. . . The main scene I remember is the boy was hiding and the man walked by on the otherside of a wall, put his hand up against it as he walked and the shadow of his fingers were long and evil looking. It was a really creepy movie and I’ve been trying to find out what it is for years. Thanks for the help.

  15. I cant remember the title of this movie. I think it was a Halloween special on abc family. It was about teen witches following a prophecy to sacrifice a virgin. One girl was dedicated & evil. The other was reluctant. It turned out that the reluctant girl was suppose to sacrifice the evil girl because she wad no longer a virgin. I remember they were wearing cloaks & black dresses. The teen that was sacrificed wore a white dress. I saw this in the 90s or 2000s

  16. I’m looking for this movie about a girl and her group of friends that set out to find something. I think its the lockness monster and they go into a submarine they help out the lockness monster from being discovered. It’s an old movie maybe around the 90’s not so sure.

  17. movies name where a married couple stay and wife is pregnant and a cat comes to their house who tries to attack the pregnant wife and then the wife leaves the house and the cat turns into a beautiful lady and has sex with the husband…and then the story continues

  18. I saw a movie/show when I was a kid, about 20 to 25 years ago. It depicted a town or village that hung a bag or something from a tree. As long as the bag hung the people wouldn’t die. I remember at the end an old person asks a young boy to cut the bag down, soon as he makes the cut the people of the town just drop dead. Does anyone know his movie/show?

  19. I’ve already put this up but I still can’t find it.I remember film I watch once but I can’t remember the name or characters

    – The serial killer mother had a affair with a man she just met
    – The man the mother had an affair with was a hunt and had Pimples
    – the serial killer’s mother had a abusive husband
    – one day the wife when out side for a walk while her husband was sleep, when she met a man and engaged in sex intercourse (she fell pregnant)
    The husband woke up early and when looking for the wife and found her with the hunter. and he killed the hunter with his own knife.
    – She ends up have a son to the hunter who looks just like his father.
    – the husband hates his stepson
    – the wife gives her son a necklace that she owns
    – her husband starts yell and she tries to stop him, he pushes her or hits her and she dieds.
    – He then cuts off the face of his stepson and wraps his body in a blanket and throws him in the
    lake or river
    – The husband then goes back to the house and sets it on fire and kills himself
    – But the son survives and kills people and cuts the faces off to find the perfect one
    – The film is set in the woods
    – it is about a family going camping
    And they are being killed one by one by a serial killer
    – Family is
    Mother or step mother, father, Daughter, son, Daughter friend or son girlfriend
    – At least one of the young female and I think the son come across a wall full of cut off faces and in the middle is the necklace the serial killer mother gave to the serial killer
    – while one of the girls are pissing near a tree the serial killer jumps out and pulls the necklace off her neck and just runs back into the woods
    – First the serial killer kills wife first then her husband, then the daughter friend or son girlfriend,
    – The serial killer smashes the son legs together with a rock so he can’t walk
    – at the end of the film the brother and sister survive and are driving away in a car when the serial killer jumps out to the camera
    – I think the girls share a tent
    – I think the serial killer has long black hair
    – it was in colour

  20. Okay so.. it was a movie I watched with my auntie a long time ago when I was younger.. like in the early 2000s.. and I can’t remember the exact plot but I do remember that it was some people that went to go visit some town over the summer.. and it was a certain number of people that lived in this town.. (which was the name of the movie but I forgot). anyways.. some of the friends that went on this trip started getting killed by the people in the town .. and when the last two tried to escape on a motorcycle.. a barbed wire ended up cutting there heads off when they drove past.. and a person from the town came and picked the heads up and walked back to the town.. I think this might’ve been a movie that only showed on tv but if you know what movie it is please let me know. Thanks! (:

  21. Its a movie I watched years ago and I cant remember it
    Its about kidnappers taking little girls and selling them putting them in containers.Like the ones on the back of the semi truck the square ones
    Whats my mystery movie

  22. I watched an anime movie when I was a child.. so I’m thinking it could be from the late 80’s or early 90’s that this movie was made….all I can remember is a little anime girl in her home possibly baking… and then hearing something or whatnot and running into the field by her house and somehow running into this evil woman… who she eventually turns from evil to good. I don’t know if this helps….but it’s been bothering me!!!!

  23. I remember this movie where there was a little boy and he goes to a carnival later on meets a giant and one scene there was a naked lady in the water but all u could see is her back and her brown dark hair i believe.

  24. I saw this one movie a while back in elementary, and all I can remember was this man came to town and I’m guessing people despised him or didn’t believe him when he said it would rain eventually (the town was in drought) and this little girl became fond of him and then they were both picking through the towns corn or rice, I forgot what it was exactly, and then at the end of the movie it rained.

  25. I don’t know if this was a movie or a old tv series but a guy goes into this old antique store and buys a weird door he uses on a closet in his home and after midnight when he opens it, it is like a room to another dimenson. What is this?

  26. If ur from s-a it can b faith like potatoes,if its not that and u can get ur hands on the movie,watch it,its very good.

  27. There was this girl from another world where she put her clothes in the microwave thinking she was cleaning them and she wore a headband type thing but across her forehead. It was from the early 90s I think.

  28. Ok this one will stump you but plz help:
    There was this one movie I watched when I was younger that showed a teenage girl as the main character, who goes on this fantasy trip (I think, I forgot what she went through, I just know it wasn’t part of usual life) where she meets a guy and falls in love with him. At the end, she wakes up and finds out that it was all a ?dream? (I think) but there is a construction worker (I’m pretty sure bout that) who comes up to check on her and her mom, just to see if she was getting along fine or something. It turns out that the construction worker is the SAME guy she meets in her fantasy, and so she kisses him at the end, and he kisses her first though because he remembers her, and they kiss in front of the mom who is like wtf.

    Hope you can help, I know I forgot most of the beginning and middle, but yeah. And no, its not Total Recall, the main character was a GIRL im sure.

  29. I was young and my baby sitter took me to see this weird movie. I remember it being an African American home setting. Kids do stuff like sniff glue with strange scenes that show what being high looks like from their perspective. Also I remember some kids looking for the family dog and they find it dead having got caught in the folds of the sleep sofa.

  30. A movie about a white guy and his brother who has college students to register to be on a TV show. But when they get to his mansion house which is wired and has cameras everywhere, he have them to compete in games and if they lose he kills them. Only one girl survived at the end, and that was only because the brother who was kinda slow liked her!

  31. It was this one movie I saw a long time ago and it was a kid that lived in and abandoned house and he met this old man and then meets this girl that he likes and she becomes a pole dancer at a young age.

  32. I saw this movie on crackle a long time ago and it was about a kid that lived in an abandoned house and then meets people and he meets this girl and I remember that he says I’m gonna kiss you and she says no but he does any way and it’s a pretty old movie and in the movie he meets an old man. The cover was of his face and the old man but Ikist forgot I really want to know it!!

  33. Im looking for an American movie based in Europe.

    Main characters 2 males 1 female.

    Memorable scene.

    Guy 1 in underwear likes girl. Finds picture of girl & keeps it by hiding it in underwear.

    Girl notices picture missing, girl & guy 2 confront guy 1.

    Guy 2 holds down guy 1, girl pulls down guy 1 underwear showing picture next to penis.

    Girl states how sweet of you to keep a picture of me next to your heart.

    Later in movie some war was going on.

  34. When I was a kid I saw a movie around 1984 that must have been released in the late 70´s, it was about an alien that takes the form of a human cop and his mission was to catch three strange monsters that were scarring the people in a village, in a scene the alien cop finds another dying alien in a forest and finds out that he had crashed his spaceship and these three monsters escaped and were free in the village. At the end, the alien cop shows his real look at his grilfriend but gets shot by another police who thought he was a monster too. Anybody help me please!!!! I don´t know the name of this movie!!!

  35. Bear with me, as the details are vague. I remember a movie where a couple of kids are left alone at home, and their parents are out driving in a storm. I believe the parents fall asleep at the wheel and they disappear. They later are revealed to be in some kind of scary town in an alternate world/time, etc.

    The kids try and find their parents and somehow they either realize they need to fall asleep at the wheel too, or the son just does that.

    The kids succeed in rescuing their parents, and the only thing I remember from the end of the movie is the kids being trapped in the scary town, and the protagonist says “HA, I HAVE A CHEVY IMPALA” and he is able to drive back to the real time line.

  36. This movie starts with an archeological excavation-the evil force is unleashed which tries to bring pieces of a magical spear so that it can rule the earth? Watched it when I was 7 or eight in the 80s. Remember it only because that was the first scary movie I watched all alone :/ .Name of the movie, anyone?

  37. I need help but I remember watching this movie like in 2006 but i remember a scene where I think a lady flicks off a robot like thing and it transforms into a middle finger the robot like thing is small and has a head and has wheels that rides around with. I remember the ending was a little girl, a man, and a lady walking out the place they were in and walked into the light. This other scene where that thing sees a girl use the restroom and it kills her and this other one where that thing kills this old man with like strings or something

  38. There was this movie my sister and I watched when I was little in the mid 80’s maybe early 90’s. All I can remember was the last scene where these kids cut a man’s head off and they were dancing around the head in the snow. I thought it was an Alfred Hitchcock movie but we are not certain.

  39. Saw a movie when i was young..plot: just a bunch of guys stuck in a dungeon of some sort and one of the guy had silver/white hair. then he found a girl lying there and she took off her clothes and had sex with him and had a knife in her hand..using her hair to cover his face, she was about to kill him but he stopped her..then somehow enter a cage with a guy with face paint and said “I hear music” and the guy said “then let’s dance”. then guy with silver white hair gets killed …and there’s an android and a group of people watching..they decide who lives and who dies by giving thumbs up or down..
    one scene where a lady was running and she ran into the android, she just ripped her shirt off and the people gave their thumbs up so she was spared.

    anyone recall this movie?

  40. This movie was on this morning while I was getting ready for work but I didn’t pay close attention but I remember it being a group of friends maybe it was 2 girls and like 3 or 4 guys. Well one of the girls and guy I guess were attracted to each other and decided to leave the group to go somewhere private. The guy tried to rape her but she ended up killing him I believe so she started screaming then her friends came and one of the guys a black guy was mad at her for killing him so he attacked her and pistol whipped her??

  41. Movie with goblins and or trolls and not the movie troll that is from Im thinking the early to late 90s..and for some reason I think two castles are involed that let these creaters into modern day world I have no clue..

  42. I was watching this movie, about ten years ago, and all i can remember is that there was a boy and i think he had a little sister who moved in a new house with his mother. It was a really big house and every might when everyone was sleeping at the exact same time he went to a secret room that apparently only he could see at that hour. The room was like a different time from where he came. It was about the people who lived in that house before him many years ago and the main character was a girl. They were talking and only she could see him. But when he came out of that place everything was normal. At the end it shows that the old woman who sold the house to them was the girl he was talking to in the secret room. If anyone knows the title please let me know. I would like to watch that movie again 🙂

  43. Im finding a movie…the movie was like mexican because of the theme
    In the middle of dessert like place …there was a bar or restaurant…then they are surrounded by bull or cow like alien monster that is very fast with a sharp like blade arms i guess…a man was eatenhis head because his sitting below the window…a girl lost his feet bec the alien get in and cut the knees of the girl…a man has removed his left eye after a while there was a worms in his eyes…they caught a baby alien monster and locked in fridge and shot it with a gun… I only remember it that im watching it way back 2005

  44. I’ve been thinking of an anime that i think i saw but it might have been a dream. Its a teenage boy in a future kind of anime where everyone can buy a personal robot to clean and stuff. But then one day he gets to this “bar” late at night where he thinks he met normal people one of then being a little playfull girl. The next day or so he sees the little girl but she did not respond and he then saw she was a robot. Then again might just have Been a badass dream

  45. I saw a movie once, it think it was 7 or 8 years ago, there was a boy and a girl, who went into party and someone gives them drugs and after they leave from there they realize that someone is following them. they get scared and start running in the woods. the movie goes on like this and in the end the boy died, killed by some one with the knife and girl was still alive, that boy was killed by the same girl, there was no one chasing them it was drugs making them crazy and in the end girl killed the boy. i don’t know what was name of the movie, maybe i mixed up with writing but if anyone know about that movie please let me know.

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