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  1. I saw this one movie was i was a kid, way before the 2000’s. This movie has to be at least made before 1995 or so, maybe.
    In this movie, from what i can remember, this women somehow gets this alien inside her and it begins talking to her.
    In one scene, i think, she is driving on this desolate, tree lined road and the alien is talking to her again and i think maybe she drives into some water, i think:/

    1. portrays a alien impregnated woman along with many more women.The aliens are dying need new blood and babies by the thousands.

    2. Hey, I found this thread looking for the title for this movie and I remembered it while I was searching. Is this the one you’re looking for? The woman is impregnated by an alien who craves the ocean, she slowly becomes one with the alien baby and carried out it’s wishes. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0096871/

    3. What is the movie called where its like this monster married to the blind blonde lady and I think they had a baby and like the monster had a girly name and he would like save people its like a comedy and I want to show it to my friend but I don’t know what it’s called, if u know plz reply

  2. I just remembered a scene saw once I believe it to be a sci fi movie and I’m not entirely positive on the details I think it was when I was younger in the90’s I remember Thierry being tied or wrappedup by aliensand they were like dissecting him or something and idk If I’m remembering this right but at one point Its first person view fromthe person tied or wrapped up and I think the alien cut upon his eye and everything got milky BUT it could have also beenthat he was completely wrapped up and they were cutting the wrapping from his face but I remember it being first person view

    1. @zin ~ There is a scene very much like that in this film:
      A Fire from the Sky (1993)
      IMDb synopsis:
      A group of men arrive back in town claiming that their friend was abducted by aliens. Nobody believes them, and, despite a lack of motive and no evidence of foul play, their friend’s disappearance is treated as murder. … Eventually, the logger returns, naked and babbling about alien abductors. The next section of the film take us into the mind of the logger to recreate what he thinks happened to him.


    2. Fire in the Sky ~ saw it when I was in fifth grade and ruined my life :0

    3. I am looking for a film that came out between 1990-2003 it’s a monster film about a hawaii town where a young boy takes in a baby reptile and they try to kill it but the mother comes anyway

  3. Hi, I hope you can help me. This is a movie about a pretty girl and her group of friends- teenagers (high school maybe) who went to this house in a barn or somewhere far for the weekend (i think). Suddenly, one by one they start dying. It ended with the audience finding out that the killer was actually a nerdy boy from their school but the twist was he did it for the pretty girl. She and the nerd planned the killing together. There was scene where he kissed her but the ending was she shot him in an open barn. The title of the movie was I think the name of the girl but im not so sure.

    1. was the movie “all the boys love mandy lane?” i watched it two nights ago

      amber heard plays a hot virgin girl and she goes to a ranch with a group of stereotype popular kids. everything happens like you describe, except she stabs him in a ditch

  4. It was an episode or a movie where there was this doll house in which the dolls were breathing and living. The mom was cooking or cleaning. The kids were playing. And the dad was doing something and its not from the series are you afraid of the dark

    1. thank you I looked that up and that’s it! thank you so much Ive been looking for it for so many years and people keep telling me I was looking for the dark crystal lol

  5. I saw this movie around 2000.. all I can remember is that at the end a man comes to the edge of ocean and discovers that he can’t go further and than he sees a door, so he goes in and finds out that his life was just a movie.. Anyone has a clue what movie is that?

  6. I remember seeing an animated film in in the early to mid 90’s where the main character was either pre-teen or early teens. I remember it being somewhat like Cinderella where she was treated poorly and made to do all the cleaning and chores etc. She has to clean the kitchen this one night but she falls asleep before she could finish and she wakes up to find it’s been done for her. Unfortunately I can’t remember whether animals were doing it or perhaps a fairy. Either the girl was making wishes at a wishing well or she was leaving stuff out as payment for the cleaning to be done for her. Sorry I don’t have more to go on, the memories are vague. My sister remembers seeing something like that too but we just can’t remember it properly.

  7. Hi guys, I was hoping someone could help me figure out this movie. It was really odd, and I have vague memories of it from when I was a child. I saw it probably a good 12 – 16 years ago (but, it was on a VHS of movies my grandfather copied for me, so who knows how long ago it ACTUALLY was.)

    I only remember one man actually being on camera the entire time. There was possibly a Narrator person that he talked to, however. It was an older guy (like i’d say mid 20s?) who was playing a teenager, if I recall. He was in a room that was basically white, with I believe drawn on background (fake mirrors, etc). He had a really vivid imagination, and he would sing songs about like, giants and their big smelly feet. (This would then cue a giant foot, kinda like monty python). At one point his room turns into a jungle, along with puppets.

  8. Hello!

    So i saw this Indian movie (thriller, mystery) sometime within 2002-2006. it was about a very intelligent female cop who had been in charge of some murder cases committed by an equally intelligent serial killer who had obsessions with time(killed every 6th hour), eye resolutions(of -1 and black glass frames), water ice (his weapon; hard to trace, no finger prints) and intelligent people(absolutely good at certain areas of their careers/lives). this cop got so much obsessed with the case, found the killers’ pattern and was able to predict the next victim (or not), but forgot about her daughter and by the time she realized, it was already late.

    It was such a brilliant movie (and non-“indianish”), would love to see it again. Does anyone by any chance know it??? 🙂 I would be very happy.

  9. US film, c. 1940-50s, maybe 60s. Black and White.
    Fantasy/Detective. Bogart/Topper cross – detective is killed in beginning and returns as a dog (bull terrier) to solve his own murder. Any info, name, etc appreciated.

  10. Found it – got the plot slightly wrong. It’s You Never Know / You Never Can Tell (original title)
    One of the last of the “screwball comedies.” Charming, rather than laugh-out-loud funny. A special treat for animal lovers. Silly, but played straight, this is one of those snuggle-by-the-fire-with-a-cup-of-cocoa (and your dog/s) films. Dick Powell returns to earth to sniff out his murderer, and he’ll be dog-goned if he’ll let the fellow get away

  11. I’m guessing this is probably a children’s movie, but do you know of a movie with a scen of a little boy in his bed that meets a giant monster in dream? Shows the boy something magical in its claws but pulls away as the boy reaches for it, frightening the boy. Monster becomes sad as soon as the boy hads under the covers and pets the boy woth his giant hand. Boy wakes up and comes from under the covers to see a dog at the end of the bed. Would you by any chance know that movie? I’ve been wondering what it was ever since I saw glimpse of it on TV once as a child and it’s been nagging at the back of my mind ever since.

    1. OMG THIS MOVIE I REMEMBER IT TOO! I just don’t remember the name! And it was this cute little terrier sort of dog omg.

    2. its a year late, but if you still didn’t know that was Three Wishes with Patrick Swayze.

  12. I saw this weired movie in late 70’s. This movie is in the medevil times. The only thing I can remember is the main charater is coming to town to find a job, he is surprised to find his hero on the side of the road cuting off parts of his body for money. It is bothers me that I cannot remember this movie.

    1. You have already asked this and it was answered on the previous page.

      David Smith
      February 5, 2013 at 11:57 am · Reply
      I saw this movies in the 80′s. It was a wierd movie during the medeval time. The only scene that I can remember is when the main star’s mentor is broke and he makes his money by cutting off parts of his legs for money. It is a very intersting and weird.

      . Brian Douglas
      February 5, 2013 at 1:23 pm
      That would be Jabberwocky.


  13. Hi,
    I’ve been looking for this one movie for a long time. The one clear scene I remember shows a boy and a girl, both probably 13 or 14, sitting in a tree house, and they just starting dating or crushing on one another. I think the boy has a little wild looking, with messy dark hair, and the girl was all goody two shoes, with blonde hair. I remember the boy trying to look down the girl’s shirt, to which she says, “I thought you were different!” and jumps up, and the boy replies “I am different!”. Then the girl yells “You know what I mean!” and runs off.

    Do you know what movie this came from? Thanks.


  14. I’m trying to find a early 1970’s film that was probably a fantasy. All i can remember is a youth or young man on a journey or quest. i remember him getting trapped in a well? and being helped by a father time figure. I’m beginning to think i dreamed the whole thing, but I saw it at the movies.

  15. Okay, heres another one. 1970’s horror film that had a scene where there is a motorcycle driven by a skeleton. I remember that barf bags were handed out before the show.

  16. Movie 64 with sarah chalke and holly m combes is called our mothers murder, true story on lifetime

  17. Saw this movie in the early 90’s on tv (maybe on usa?). I remember a women sees an accidemt at the end of the street. She walks down the street with a cup of coffee. There is an ambulancr and medics all around, but when she gets there, she is also the one getting ready to be put into the ambulance. She drps the cup and it breaks on the ground, but i dont think they can see her.

  18. There are two movies I want to see again I can’t find them (despite several internet searches).

    Movie 1: Two black guys in a cinema watching movies and making funny comments. Can’t remember who’s in it. Was probably made in the mid/late 80’s or early nineties. Kind of an anti’blaxploitaton/comedy movie.

    Movie 2: Black dude gets convicted of murders. A lawyer believes he is innocent. He fights tooth and nail to win the appeal and the black guy goes free. The lawyer realises his mistake after he then goes on to murder people. Made in early 90’s (probably).

    An answer to one of those would be great. Two would be fantabulous (if it’s allowed…sorry if it isn’t)

    1. Movie #1 sounds like the ten-minute-long “Sneakin’ Into Movies” segment of HOLLYWOOD SHUFFLE, a 1986(?) media satire about the lack of decent movie roles for black actors not named Eddie Murphy.

  19. 1996 horror movie where these scientists bring this guy back to life in this bunker type place. he pulls his hair out and ears off and i think a spike comes out his tongue. he chases and tries to kill them. i rememder a scene where he is sneaking up on some one making popcorn and when the microwave buzzer goes off the sound makes him freak out!!!

  20. Looking for an old horror movie, I believe it was from the 80s. I can only remember the beginning. I remember these 2 murder scenes. The first one occurs at night when a woman leaves a cab she is attacked by something and then in the morning she is found hanging from a bridge and hit by a tourist boat. The second murder is a injured man half body in the water and crying for help. He is then dragged in the water. I thought it would have been maybe c.h.u.d, scared to death or split second but it wasn’t those. Any ideas?


  21. looking for a movie i which father f***s his own daughter….and another girl lives in his house in a boys clothes and she plays the role of dumb..and at the end both the girls kills the father……

  22. When I was a kid I saw this weird movie about these aliens (i think) that were like blue and they just went around and had sex with humans and it turned them into aliens as well. the one scene, not sure if it was in the beginning or not, but it was of this chick on a balcony with her shirt open. i think it made like an electricity sound when they had sex, but i’m not sure…it was definitely weird, i watched it in either 1987 or 1988 on like HBO or Showtime.

  23. Maybe a late 90’s or early 2000’s movie, but what I can remember is that in the movie they were making a movie, on of the main characters was a ladies man but it when ever he was going to have sex with a girl he had to use pickles because his dad cut off his man parts because his dad wanted a girl. Also in the movie this crazy fat guy was running around with a cast on his head and suddenly gets stopped by some lady and she starts giving him oral. was very hilarious it came on late at night on cinemax i beleive

  24. Looking for a movie I watched on Hulu a few years ago. All I remember is that the beginning started with this girl who goes to some city (maybe chicago or new york) to live with a relative (I think it was her cousin- a girl) and she gets to her apartment and the girl isn’t there. so she waits outside the apartment and then something happens and she leaves. Then later on in the movie some guy becomes involved who is like looking out for her – I think he was a cop or something like that. and she finds this guy who is involved with prostitutes or sex trafficking or something and he’s trying to get her to get involved. I remember this scene where they are laying on a couch in a basement and he’s about to have sex with her when the cop guy comes down and drags her out of there and says he cares about her.
    It was from I want to say maybe early to mid 2000’s.
    If anyone knows that’d be awesome..it’s been bugging me.

  25. i watched this movie very long bak, where in a family plans to visit another country for christmas eve. On the day of departure they hurry like nothing to the airport and a small boy from their house misses them some where near departure gate. That small boy boards a wrong flight following a man who wears a same coat like his father. The security people also overlook him cuz that was the last announcement. After getting down in a wrong country the boy befriends a teenage girl who works some where in a mall or something. He celebrates christmas along with that girl. That night they walk down the street on the christmas eve talking about each other.
    Thats it.. i only remember these scenes.. some one please tell me wt movie is it. Its pondering me since many days. kinda keeping me awake.

  26. Ok, I saw this movie when I was very young. It starts out as a couple of robots that are trying to get away from some bad guys but then they are caught and put into the slave trade and end up working for some farmers. They try to escape and somehow they end up with some crazy religious fanatic. The rest of the movie is just a long indoctrination into this bizarre religon. Any ideas? Please “What was that weird movie?” you are my only hope.

  27. I tried to find out what this movie was,but to no avail.I saw it sometime in like 2004-2006,the scene had good special effects,so I appreciate it as being eraly 2000’s.It reminded me of Lord of the Rings.The only scene I remember is a boy/young male that fights against evil,but he gets possessed by it,his eyes glowed blue,the scene happens when he’s almost drowning in what seems like a vast lake.The evil being looked like Nasguls from Lord Of the Rings.I can’t say if a ring was involved or not for sure,but the entire scene seemed very LOTRish.I also seem to remember that he was in a sack (like Conte of Monte Cristo)and that’s why he couldn’t swim,but I’m not entirely sure.
    I would be very grateful if someone can pinpoint what this movie is called,thank you in advance ^^

  28. I hope I’m not being redundant, but movie 116 (pre-1968, ghosts in a castle that need a sacrifice every year, fence impaling) is almost certainly 1964’s CASTLE OF BLOOD. The IMDB page for it is here: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0057993/ and I’m gonna go pat myself on the back for knowing that one.

  29. Trying to find this movie. Either only saw this scene and its stuck with me, or don’t remember the whole thing. I think it was sort of an Alien rip off, and in the scene I remember, there was this guy on the floor shaking, and out pops a xenomorph like tail from his backside. Like the full size alien was hatching from the person right there. Honestly can’t remember anymore. It’s killing me.

  30. I didn’t watch this movie in person but a friend asked the name of it, and I have no clue. I will write exactly as he summarized. I searched for it with all possible keywords but came up with no results, I will be more than happy if you can name it.
    Here it is:
    It’s kind of ancient or medieval age movie with swordplay, in the beginning there is a young/little girl that travels with an old man in a horse and carriage. A man cuts their way, he has a ring, he is enchanted/or in possession of magic. Another man with a long hair comes and saves them from the man with the ring and cuts off his arm. The girl and old man continues on their travel. Long haired man (LHM) comes to a town and sees the princess and understands that the princess is indeed the girl that he saves. The town is also enchanted. They want to move the princess and choose LHM to take her to a safe place. They start their journey, in the very first stop they come across a small lake and a gang. The gang leader is an overweight woman. They (the gang) throw a woman and her child to the lake with accusation of witchcraft, but LHM saves them. At the night time somebody kidnaps the princess. LHM goes on his way, he ends up in misty ruins and fights with ghosts. In the finale, they take the princess to a mountain, they need her blood to revive a creature, they also place a tablet somewhere. LHM comes and fights with them, the sky lightens up, he gets shot but the gods grant his life back to him. Happy ending.
    I tried to translate what he wrote and have no further info, so please if it reminds you something write to me.

    1. no help on title but sounds like one of the late David Carridine’s movies

  31. I watched this movie about two years ago but can’t figure it out. All i remember is this guy who is running away from these bad guys and finds himself being helped by some computer geeks who are sending signs through his brain to help him and tell him where to go and what to do, while he’s trying to get away from these people.

  32. I saw this horror(maybe)movie when I was a kid. All I remenber is that at the of the movie some of the moviecharacters saw yellow eyes down the basement. Then the eyes were closed and cat runs out of the basement. The character was reliefed and walks away, but those eyes appear again sssspoookuy mm-mm-music). The end. Does no one know the name of the movie? I’d be excited to see that one again.

  33. I watched this one movie and can’t remember what it was, all i can remember was there was this little boy and he ran away from his adoptive parents and went to find his real parents who worked at a circus but they didn’t want him. then they were in this room and his mom went up on this swing like thing and smoke entered the room as his mom went up away from, That’s pretty much all i can remember.

  34. I saw a horror movie around mid 90’s or so, but I’m betting it wasn’t new then from the looks of it. It was a “classic” setup with 4-6? teens I believe going to some cabin for fun. The only parts I can remember clearly after that is there were some problems, including plumbing, which a Man tried to fix. While laying under the sink, the claymation enemies (little “men” only an inch or so high with weapons, spears maybe) attacked him and I think used rope to tie him down? This is the only movie that ever made me scared of the dark, and I’d LOVE to go back and see it again.

  35. i saw this movie about 7-10 years ago, and i don’t know it’s name or how to search for it. it is about a red-curly-haired girl that was stalked/followed by a man. at a moment she escapes by entering in a shop where she meets a young man, and they have a one night stand. at this point there’s an erotic scene (but not explicit) with her lowering on his face for an oral job. during that night the stalker enters the house, but the girl kills him by hitting him in the head with a golf club. when she wakes up in the morning she realizes that she actually killed the young man, but ignores the fact and leaves the house like it never happened. towards the end of the movie she gets back home, where the dead body started to stink. while she rolls the body in a carpet to make it stink less, the stalker enters the house. she tries desperately to escape him, but eventually gets caught and dragged on the balcony, where he wants to hang her with an electric power cord. during this final scene it is revealed that it was herself doing the hanging, and the stalker was imaginary.

    so, anybody has any hints? the movie was well played, it didn’t have a b-movie feel to it, but still the looks of a cult movie.

    1. here is some help its a German movie similar to twilight zone.

  36. Sorry, got the dates wrong in previous post.

    Approx 1967-68. Film had a child chost named Melissa (possibly Melissa Gray). I think the film was British and black and white.

  37. Late 60s or early 70s, scifi/surreal/fantasy; somebody at a machine that looks like a drill press, working on a butterfly; doesn’t really do much to operate the machine, but steps out and back, and slowly waves arms, in a sort of dance. Not much dialog; weird sound effects.

  38. 1984 or so, medieval movie:

    Invading knights/soldiers/enemies approach and interrogate fellow:
    “They went south. Toward Aquitaine.”
    “Then we go north!”
    (aside) “See? It’s always best to tell the truth.”

    “Where did she go?”
    “She flew away.”
    “[something like] You’re lying!”
    “No, it’s true, she flew away.”

  39. Trying to find out the name of a tv movie watched during the 80’s. May have been an after school special? It was about a older teen that left/ranaway from home and she was harrased and helped by a young cop. They eventualy fell in love by end of the movie. Was a cute love story but the title was wierd. Any help would be great and solve a mystery for my sister and me.

  40. when i was like 10 i saw a fantasy movie about a girl and a boy they love each other and they meet again years later in dreams with help by magic and then every time they sleep they wish to dream about each other and i think they have to do something to meet in reality ..

    Please help i want to see sooo bad this movie again, i have been searching all the time but never found anything

    1. Hi
      When I was younger I saw a movie, I think it was scandinavian. It was about a boy who was bullied, there came a circus to town en the boys gets friends with a boy from the circus, actually the boy from the circus is a girl, but she don’t want anybody to know about. What I Aldi remember is that she had a mountainbike and she rode off Stairs to impress the bullies. And Also the girl was misthreated by the boss of the circus. I hope someone knows the title.


    2. i think the movie you’re looking for is “Somewhere in Time” but i’m not sure

    3. there is also another movie in which the man dies at the beggining and gets into heaven, falls in love with a girl and they get back to earth, where they have to meet by the age of 30 i think. but i can’t remember its title

    4. @sabina ~ Here’s a possibility, but it’s a very old movie:
      Peter Ibbetson (1935)
      starring Gary Cooper, Ann Harding
      IMDb synopsis:
      Architect Peter Ibbetson is hired by the Duke of Towers to design a building. Ibbetson discovers that the Duchess of Towers, Mary, is his now-grown childhood sweetheart. Their love revives, but Peter is sentenced to life in prison for an accidental killing. Mary comes to him in dreams. and they are able to live out their romance in a dreamworld.

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