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  1. I’m blanking on trying to recall a movie I watched a few months ago…

    I don’t remember if it was a Spanish film. I believe it was.

    It had to do with a guy thinking someone was living in his house. At the beginning, it made me think of When A Stranger Calls. Then it took a different twist…

    The guy ended up stalking a girl and then living in HER house. He lived there, undetected, watching her like a voyeur. Kind of creepy.

    I remember a confrontation and then he left. Or they THOUGHT he did…

    The ending was weird…some dead body in the basement…I have no idea…my brain is muddled.

    Does anyone have any clue what this was called? Google, as usual, proves no help.

  2. Hi, I have been trying to remember this movie…now I think it was foreign because it sound as though they spoke Spanish but it was not clear so it could have been Portuguese. Anyways, the movie is about a guy trying to get back to his love in another world or dimension. In the movie it looks like it’s set back in time..in London or something and it begins in the city and above the city you can look toward the sky and see another city upside down over it!! it was the most cool thing ever! Does anyone know what movie I am referring to? I would be so grateful if someone knew!!! I really would like to finish looking at it. It is very creative and interesting!

  3. I saw this movie probably 10 years ago for only a short time. It involved 2 young boys and a girl on a dirt road. One boy takes a plank of wood with a nail in it and proceeds to beat the other boy with it leaving him laying on this road bloody and very injured. I have had this image in my head for 10 years and have always been searching but can never seem to find the movie! Does anyone know the movie i am referring to i would really really appreciate it!

  4. I saw this movie years ago about a teenage girl who had a crush on some guy and wanted to get with him. Her, the guy and a group of friends went out and got traped in this underground place and one by one they started dying. It was the guy and the girl left and she all along had the key to escape but just wanted to be with this guy???? I think it’s a thriller or horror .. What I remember it was a good film but I can’t remember the name..

  5. Ok, never mind…I wanted to figure out the name of it so badly that I discovered it! The name of the movie I inquired about is “Upside Down” with Kirsten Dunst. Anywho, I think everyone would appreciate this movie for it’s imagination and graphics. Thanks!

  6. I’m looking for a movie it’s about a guy who wants to kill his wife. He cut the breaks, he try to bring down the funnel and so on.

    1. I have been searching for a movie at least i think it was a movie that i saw my parents watching when i was probably aroubd 5-6 i vaugly remember the Husband killed his Wife by cutting her breaks. I have been trying to find out where this came from for years im 19 now so it would be cool to finally know lol!

  7. Does anyone know the name of this movie:

    It is a about woman who killed her husband. And she want to kill her lover too. Her and her lover had a car accident. And lover ended up in coma. When he woke up he could not remember anything, even his face. Later some detecetive discovers that woman said to doctors to change her lovers face into her dead husband. She gave him her husbands identity too. Later lover starts to remember everything. And she want to kill him, but she dies in car accident…something like that. It could be from 80’s

    1. does any1 know the sexy movie were guy meets girl at bachelor party then meets her again some time later. been searching for years

    2. I believe the movie that you are looking for is called “Shattered” and it is from 1991 and it stars Tom Berenger

  8. I saw this black and white film not sure if it was foreign (maybe French). It starts with a man getting a beer and complaining to himself how his wife never let’s him drink. He meets with his wife and they go on a long car trip. They get in a fight and she decides to continue on train. He goes to a bar and gets drunk. He meets a strange man there and gives him a ride to the middle of the woods. There they get into some kind of fight. I can’t really remember. Later the man (the protagonist) wakes next morning on the side of the road. He is somehow informed that his wife is in the hospital because she was raped in the train by that same strange man he met at the bar.
    I would really appreciate it if anyone remembers. It’s been driving me crazy. Thank you.

    1. That rings a bell; I think I saw that film at the cinema I worked at…. My memory is amazing…. I didn’t even google anything you described…. I remembered just as I opened google… ” was it called red light…? ” & voila, it was…Red Lights… I had not recalled that film till this moment…I’m looking for a film myself, hence why I’m here… A quite insane film… Anyway, you may have found your answer since you posted this a few years ago…but still…I recognised the details immediately…. Yes, it was French! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Lights_(2004_film)

  9. i’m trying to recall a movie where a little boy comes across a little girl who is crying. I believe it’s French. She’s inconsolable and won’t stop being sad. He then asks her if she actually likes being sad. She’s a bit chagrined. At some point the girl’s dress changes from blue to red or vice versa. Help!

  10. I’m trying to figure out a movie. I forget what it is about, but it has to do with aliens. All I can remember is that there is a cave type place and there are some people that are about to get disected in the cave, but then they are freed. I also remember a part where some girl is in a bunker and there is a cure or something, and they end up blowing up the bunker or the cure, I can’t remember. And at the very end of the movie, the girl realizes that her boyfriend was actually an alien, and she is pregnant with an alien baby. I think it was in a spaceship where she realized this.

  11. I saw a movie on the Independent Film Channel (IFC) about 6 years ago and all I remember is one scene where the father accidently kills/mangles his daughter’s dog in a hunting trap so he cuts off the mangled lower half of it’s body and replaces it with a the lower body of a goat or sheep (I can’t remember). The dog comes back to life for a short while to walk a couple steps but then dies shortly after. The movie looked like it could have been made anywhere from the 1970’s to the 2000’s. Could someone find out what this movie is called, I have been searching and wondering for years! Thank you!

  12. i actually have three different movies i want to know about.

    1) it’s a late 80’s/early 90’s movie i believe about martians that crash land on earth on holloween in a small rural town and the kids save the day, returning the aliens home. it was definitely a comedy.

    2) a horror film. the only scene i remember from it is where this guy dressed like a texas oil executive is attacked by a creature that looks an awflul lot like the ones from “Critters”. anywho, the guy ends up choping it in half (with a pair of hedge shears, if i remember right) and just when he thinks everything is ok, each half forms into a new whole and the guy is attacked and killed by the new two creatures.

    3) another horror, of which i only remember the ending scene. everything is supposed to be alright, the main character (a young woman/teen) is sitting in a bedroom on the bed across from the closet. her co-survivor (a guy) leaves the room, but returns almost instantly only to find she has disappeared. it is then revealed that the creatures from the movie have sucked her into the closet where she is traped there within the shadows. as the camera fades, the woman is pounding on a “force field” and screaming out the guy’s name, but because of the nature of the shadow world she now is in, he can’t hear or see her. this one i believe is from between 2000-2010, but could be wrong.

    1. thank you, catherine. you were right about they, but not with the last halloween. i remember it definitely being a full length movie, not a tv special, and the martians were rubber costumes, not animated. i also recall that one of the characters had a voice like jack nicholson, but i seriously doubt it was him.

    2. OMG! that’s it! that’s the one! i just read the title, and knew that was it. thank you so much! now i just need to figure out that last one. thanks again. that’s been wracking my brain for years now.

    3. ….who are you? i swear, i have never met anyone who has been this good. i mean, you just blow my mind! thank you for all your work. Munchies is indeed the one i’m looking for. i have another one, if you don’t mind, for my brother. he is looking for a movie in which a kid travels back in time to medieval times. he remembers the kid plays soccer, and there is a scene in which he talks to the natives about hygene, telling them that germs are tiny demons trying to get into their bodies. not a whole lot to go on, so if you need extra info, i’ll ask him.

    4. Actually, think I might have it, is it A Kid in King Arthur’s Court? It matches it closely, except the kid plays baseball rather than soccer?

    5. so Catherine seems to be great at figuring this stuff out so If you don’t mind me directing my question towards you, I’ve been looking for a movie and I can think of a couple scenes but I don’t know if they’re from the same movie, I remember the main character(s) being chased through a junk yard by some monsters or aliens and as they are running one of the aliens jumps out infront of them I believe he had white hair and his head reminded me of a skull, another scene I remember i believe took place near a bench and one of the characters finds this “instrument” and it plays some song and I believe he said “it looks like something you would buy out of a comicbook” he might have said cereal bos instead, later in the movie his friend or girlfriend is injured or dying or something and he plays the song from the other instrument on his keyboard I believe. if you or anyone could help it’d be great! I saw it when I was young in the 90’s and it looks to be 80’s – 90’s I also have another memory but not sure if it’s related, I remember a cave in a desert on another planet and the scene cuts to the interior and the main villain is there I think and he has a skullish head

    6. The skull-head makes me think He-Man, but it’s been a while since I’ve seen it so I’m not sure if it matches all the details?

  13. i have been busting my head trying to remember the name of the movie i watched in 2010. i don’t know the exact year of release but i’m preety sure it’s after 2004-2005. it’s about a guy that lost all of his money, stuff, house paying to watch people getting tortured. afterwards he was spending days in internet caffees trying to find adress where these people were tortured and i remember it was some house in woods where some midget guy lived and below the house was huge lab where he got tortured and killed himself.

  14. I saw a trailer for a movie just a few years ago and it popped into my head and I can’t remember ever seeing it released nor can I recall the title of it. It’s done in a hand held camera style like every other movie nowadays and involved a young guy dating someone over the internet he had not yet met. He and his friends travel by car over some distance to the woman’s house for them to finally meet and the main character runs screaming from her house upon entering. That’s all I remember. It intrigued me and I completely forgot about it but I don’t think I ever saw it released. Can anybody help with that?

  15. I watched a movie when I was a kid. It had to be in the 90’s unless its an older movie? But that’s when I was a kid.

    The villain is a blue cat with a bow tie (i think) and I think there was a mouse who was trying to stop him. Well whoever was trying to stop him was small and when he went into the cats like mansion or house he fell into his wine cup and passed out after discovering something vital to the plot.

    It’s a cartoon and idk what it’s called. I think it was in a forest?

  16. I really hope someone can help me with this..

    I am wondering what the movie is called where the main character which is a guy, has something to do the next day and its very important. The night before, he goes to a party. A guy who is trying to stop him from doing whatever it is he has to do the next day and hires a very hot girl to bring him in the basement so the main character thinks he is going to get lucky with this girl, but really, she just brings him down there into the sex room and ties him up. I cant think of anyone who is in the movie. I just remember about the party and the girl tying him up. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated

  17. Animated movie or short. Early to mid-80’s.. maybe older VHS. Only part I can remember were two lovers trying to escape these aliens that captured people, tossed them into egg shaped prisons on flat train cars or wagons; and then as those were driven though bridge shaped devise. Robot or cyborg drones looking exactly the same marched out.

  18. Looking for a sci-fi film that could be a TV movie but I don’t think so. What I can remember is:

    • Fairly low budget but could be anything from mid 80s to early 2000s, though my guess would be mid 90s.

    • It’s set entirely on a (cargo?) spaceship possibly travelling to Earth.

    • Some sort of issues with the ship that leads to them running out of air/supplies.

    • A number of the crew are killed accidentally/possibly murdered. Every time one dies there was a scene with a body being ejected out the airlock.

    • Eventually there are two remaining crew after the others have been killed, one male one female. They only have enough supplies/oxygen for one to survive the trip so draw straws. The loser is injected with what is thought to be a lethal drug only to wake up to find that the other decided to put them in the ships freezer as a way for both the chance to survive despite the risk being very risky.

    It could be a British movie and there may have been a red tint the the spaceship lighting but I’m not sure on these points.

    1. I’ve been trying to remember / find out the name of this film for YEARS! I remember watching it really late at night when I was a teenager. I thought it was older than the date-range you suggest, but I can’t really remember well enough to be certain.

  19. Wonderful site!

    Looking for a recent film (I think) in a dystopian scify setting… Everybody has to cycle, you pay food with the credits you cycled… A black guy falls in love with a girl with a nice voice and pays for her ticket to enter an “idol” or “Brittains got talent” inspired competition. The jury think she is too boring as a singer but she is offered a job as a porn actress and to his dismay, she accepts.

    He’s broke and disappointed cycles for a while, saves up all his money and buys himself another ticket for the talent show. He enters the “got talent” competition and threatens to commit suicide on stage and gets his own tv show…

    A few more “hints”
    The movie is very low budget and British I think.
    His room is completely covered in tv-screens.
    Noone is allowed personal possessions, all you can do is customize your avatar.
    You have to watch commercials you have to pay to skip them…
    A broken food vending machine appears a couple of times in the film…

    Hope someone here can help me out!

    1. Hi, you’re thinking of a British mini-series called “Black Mirror” and the episode you’re looking for is called “Fifteen Million Merits” I watched it last year it was brilliant!

    2. This is actually a t.v. show called “Black Mirror”.
      It’s weird as hell, and i believe that was the second episode of the first season. Hope this helps!

  20. I vaguely remember peeking out from behind the couch in the early 90s and saw what I think was a movie or perhaps it was on tv… It was a sex scene in which the females were dressed in red robes and the one male was in a blue robe maybe? The female was being forced to be “mated” by the male by laying her head on the abdomen of the other woman with her shoulders between her legs while the other woman held her hands (both women facing up) and the male took his place between the female’s legs thus giving both women pleasure. It brings me to believe that it was either a sex cult type of film or possibly polygamy?

  21. Movie 102 reminds me of the 1982 “Forbidden Zone”
    Movie 115 might be a long shot as some of it doesn’t match up but maybe “Flowers in the Attic”?
    and Movie 156 reminds me of the cult classic “American Psycho”
    Hopefully one of these is right!

  22. Hi, I saw this movie about five years ago, I think it’s from the 90′s or early ’00s… it’s about a guy who lives and works in a film museum ( I think it’s Istanbul but I’m not quite sure) and he meets a girl and they fell in love but everything happens inside the museum, he watches the girl but she’s already has a boyfriend but then they hook up and stay in the museum, I heard somewhere that it is an homage to Cinema Paradiso movie, anyone knows? I’ve been searching for it ever since I watched it.

  23. So im looking for this movie its pretty old i watched it when i was little it was about a lady rat who lives in this mans house and they fight till they fall in love. Ive been looking everywhere and i cannot seen to find it if you can help it will be apprenticed immensely

  24. OK maybe a long shot here.
    i was a little kid and i only watched the begining of the film and i had to go to bed. It was mid 90’s but it may be bit earlier.
    As i said i only caught the beginning of the film. A man was suppose to be meeting someone. possibly his gf or wife. and i think he was hit by a car. When her arrives in the place were dead people go he cant beleive he is dead and they tell him that there may be a way for him to go bk. after that i remember him running off and they’re tryin to call him bk but he dont hear them an thats about all i watched.

    1. I remember that. it was that he was suppose to be reborn but didnt allow himself to have the amnesia medicine.

  25. Ok since this worked so great with my first inquiry I’m going to try again.

    This girl is turned into a zombie and to keep herself from attacking her boyfriend she mutilates herself in a sewer with anything sharp she can find (she’s pretty much naked of course, well top for sure because I remember breasts) I think it’s Night of the Living Dead but there are so many of them I really can’t be sure. I’m thinking it was made in the 90s though… Sound familiar to anybody?

  26. Early to mid 90s a kid is out doing something and finds a cave entrance covered in golden apples goes into cave and finds a depiction of the a man (the god atlas)when he touches the figure it comes to life and the god comes out of the stone in modern day he was in the stone because of Medusa the kid takes him home and so on. I so the movies when i was a kid between 5 and 12 years old i was born in 85 i just remember it being a good family flick and want to find it for me kids any help would be awesome thanks josh

  27. i saw the movie when i was a kid, the plot had something to do with a kid that found a cave and at the entrance there where a lot of golden apples. when he went into the cave he found a depiction of a man (the god atlas) on the stone wall. when he touched the wall the man came to back to life after being in stone for a long time because of Medusa it takes place in modern day. and the film is from the late 80s to the early to mid 90s i was around 12 or younger and it was a family movie. all help is greatly appreciated. i just remember that it was a good movie and now i have kids and i think they would like it. thanks again Josh

  28. I remember seeing a very strange, most likely direct-to-video, horror/sci-fi movie when I was younger. A group of friends pick up a crate and are instructed to hold it until an unknown party retrieves it from them. The main characters are upset about how the deal is going down but take the box back to their place regardless. They eventually open the crate even though they were told not to and discover an alien creature with a rather phallic tail. I believe one character rationalizes that the alien is a type of monkey.

    The movie continues with the alien either killing the characters, or convincing them to kill each other or something.

    Eventually, in the end, only a single person remains. She and the alien creature have some sort of strange alien love scene. I don’t recall it too well; most likely I blocked it out of my memory.

    Any help to finding the name of this movie would be appreciated. I feel like the name is something like, “The Box”, “The Package”, “The Crate”, etc. but I could be wrong.

  29. I saw this movie at least 10 years ago, maybe more. In this movie a guy is in the castle of another man, kind of being held hostage. The man who lives in the castle drugs the other guy’s wine every night then takes him to a large mirror, cuts his finger and then wipes the blood on the mirror and he can either go into it or something comes out of it, i don’t remember which.

  30. I am trying to find this movie. It involves a priest who is trying to save his daughter from a woman who is lesbian. Well, this lady ends up getting the priest’s daughter in a trance and makes the girl participate in an orgy with her and there are snakes around. In another part of the movie the girl is riding on a horse naked on the beach.

  31. There was this movie I saw like 4 years ago, It was a family of a woman and a man and a little girl.. a bunch of men broke into the house and tied up the mother and father and one man almost tries to rape the mother but he sees the little standing there and he walks over to her and it seem like he took her but the screen goes black and goes to another scene.. thats all i could remember..

  32. i can remember just bits and pieces. i think a guy kidnaps a girl (not sure if she was kidnapped) they end up in a desert and they fall in love and at the end the guy gets tied up to a cactus and hurts his back really bad trying to get loose. the actress is right at the tip of my tongue she has blonde hair and blue eyes and her jaw is kinda square….i used to watch this movie when i was younger. thanks for any help. also if you think u know the actress name, with that info i can find the movie myself. thanks to anyone that helps 🙂

  33. I’ve watched this movie when I was like about 13 or so. It’s about a man who pretends to be jesus and gathers up some young teen followers and tells them they have to murder in his name or something.. I remember a part where there is a woman pregnant on the floor in a house and the teenage girl says she wants to cut the baby out of her stomach.. The image has been in my mind ever since, I liked to know what its called!

  34. Hy i’m looking for a movie, it’s a comedy, the guy hate his wife and try to kill her. It’s from 80 or 90’s he cuts the breaks of the car, try to colapse the smoke stack on her and so on.. any ideea?

  35. I had a dream, and when I woke up, I’m sure it’s a film. I thought it had in a young Leo DiCaprio, but I can’t find anything.

    There’s two lads and they do something to get into trouble. They’re running away and try to hide in this woman’s house but they accidentally kill her. I think one of the lads may get injured and I’m sure he dies or gets caught. The other tries to hide out, but is spotted by an older guy. The young one threatens to kill himself, I think by jumping off a cliff, but the older guy talks him down and wants him to hand himself in.

    I think it’ll be 90’s film, American. Please help, I’m going crazy trying to think.

  36. Hi! I am looking for the name of a short film about (spoilers, of course) a guy with severe social anxiety who can not look into people’s eyes – and falls in love with a girl who wants him to look into her eyes to prove that he loves her and (spoilers) he does and dies, thank you!

  37. Hey everyone, I remember watching several old films (probably disney films) around 1 year ago and none of these were animated. There’s one about a short-haired girl who likes baseball (There’s a scene where she throws rocks between the sections of a train as it speeds pass) and developes a friendship with this foreign boy. There’s a part where she defends him from bullies at school I think and there’s also scenes of them playing near a small grave.
    Another movie had a family of 3 girls and mother who hired foreign (Mexican maybe) people to work one their farm fields. One of the girls developes a liking towards one of the workers. Some douchebag guys also like that girl and tries to flirt with her but fails and eventually hit the foreigner with his car as he was drunk.
    Another movie had a boy discovering an injured/young bird(Eagle?) and takes care of it with the help of a strange old man on a mountain who was an animal expert and had a small personal zoo up there. They heal the bird and let it fly and it didn’t come back. Near the end of the movie I think the bird came back for a visit.
    The last one I vaguely remember a boy with a small bird (crow i think) and I don’t remember much of this but the crow likes shiny things and stored his collection in a tree trunk. The boy and his family eventually found it during a snowy day and found his mother’s long lost piece of jewelry (Necklace?).
    Sorry for the ambiguity, any help would be greatly appreciated 🙂

    1. Best Friend a android young woman helps young man but no emotion or the three laws not Disney.Second movie by Sun Pictures(now new name)low budget family entertainment.last movies yes Disney,you got 2 movies eagle story and a boy on wheelchair cured when his pigeon comes from cross country contest

  38. Hi all.

    I’m looking for a movie title (like duh)

    I’ts a movie about gun control, and the effects.

    I believe it starts with a man who’s wife and kid get killed during a store robbery and he fantasizes or dreams about what would have happend if everyone would have been carrying a gun.

    You see the robbers coming into the store (again) and noticing everyone, even a dear old grandma packing a .357, having guns and the flee the store.
    Ultimately it spins out of control and people start to shoot eachother for the slightest things.
    And there was a kid wearing a dual holster and revolvers on the hips fancying him to be a cowboy.

    If anyone knows the title of the movie, please 🙂

    1. the movie short is pro gun control via and a addresses the commandment You shall not commit murder.man wishes he had a gun to stop bad things.wakes up in at the gate of Heaven.Comments if he had a gun he wouldn’t be here.the angel then tells him no he’ll be in that other place.i saw this short on religious tv channel station now closed.sorry don’t know tittle

  39. There was a weird movie I remember watching when I was younger. I remember a man and his pregnant grlfriend/wife went to a house in the woods where his mother lived. I remember the mother outside the house and her tongue went through the house and in between the pregnant womans legs to try and do something to the baby. I know its an older movie I just cant think of the name. Help!!

  40. This is going to sound funny but here it goes.

    Back in the early 90s i remember watching a movie where a guy has to cut someone or something up because it’s possessed. He was burying it in the backyard in a blue tarp when someone comes to the house. While he is with the person the hand is reanimated and he is forced to put the hand in the toilet to prevent it from getting out while the visitor is still there. The movie itself may have been from the 80’s i want to say it was a cheesy horror or not incredibly scary as i was quite young and remember laughing.

    1. Good movie but not the right one .. Idle Hands came out in 1999. I watched this between 1994-1996.
      I don’t think the movie focused on the hand, only for that scene. He was putting it into a tarp possibly even a garbage bag i can’t remember if it was a monster or a human i just remember that he had to hide the hand so he threw it in the toilet and had to keep it from getting out.

    2. Did you try evil dead 2 comedy/horror I remember a possessed hand scene but its been a long time since I last saw it not sure if I remember it right

    3. Not evil dead 2 either – you are correct about the hand in that though

      i dont think i’ll ever figure out what movie it was i’ve been stumped for years lol

  41. I really want to know the name of this movie, it was probably shot after 2003, its setting is modern day in a suburban area and it has a lot of details that make you ask yourself what is real and who is crazy but mot in a scifi way. Its about an artist who doesnt really have friends other than one guy at his work, he eats alone, and is kind of a loner. Then one day he ets a woman at his work, they hit it off and they start eating together (they eat lunch inside the grounds of the work but outside of the office). After a while he trlls his friend about the girl and his friend tells him hes neer seen her (i think his friend was the boss or something and they worked in what appeared to be an office). His friend decides to invite him and his girlfriend over to his friend’s place but for some reason she cancels and his friend is kinda like “is she even real” (here you start doubting yourslef about what i real). At some point of the movie the girlfriend comes ocer to the protagonist’s place (here is where the artist thing comes into play) he draws her and then she poses naked and he paints her. He also has a sketchbook with painting of her but he asks her not to see the final drawing. He also has a closet which je asks he not to go into. Ffw to ending, she looks at the final drawing and shes kinda freaked out, he yells at her and rages because she looked. He talks to his friend amd is screaming “I DID IT AGAIN!” with his hands all bloody then his friend calms him down by saying that this always happens (refferimg to the girl situation), that he meets a girl that the friend never meets and then kills her for whatever reason, then he points out that the blood is actually paint. After this, the protagonist decides to go home, looms at his closet and leaves with a garbage bag. They skip over to his friend and hes getting a call about a girl that never went home, at this point he realizes she was real and the protagonist killed her. They skip over to the protagonist and hes in a bus like hes never coming back. They were all white and the title is something like “Cycle”

    1. I don’t know if you found the movie yet, but this sounds like Spiral. I just asked the question on Reddit because I couldn’t remember the name either. 🙂

  42. hi,
    i remember a movie that was with a man that was wearing a half face metal mask which a gang throw him a stone as he was driving and had an accident which he left there for dead. then he was in a secret place with a woman which she was treating him his wounds as he become vigilant and started fighting crime. he was driving a black car which it had a series of lights just at the frond bumber. anyone remember which one is it?

  43. HELLLPPP!!! This movie is about a lady with black hair who is capture by a bunch of cannibals. The people in the city are pretty much savages. They burn people on the end of some long thing and then feed them. The “king” had a man in a leather mask as a pet. His girlfriend or wife or whatever ends up being killed by the black haired lady. I remember at the end, the girls being chased by the savages in a car and kills them all. She then goes back to rule the city.

  44. i seen this movie about a lady that had witch like powers that turned fruit like banana and apple into a dick and pussy so if u sucked on the banana the guy felt it and if u ate the apple the girl felt it. then the witch gave her husband a pill to fuck her a lot and it didn’t wear off fast enough and he cheated on her

  45. I’ve seen the movie as a kid, but I can only remember two scenes from it:

    Scene one: A trucker dude finds a mirror, it is pitch black. He attempts to touch its surface, but his hand goes through into another dimension or something and he grabs stuff in there, pulls out a laser gun. But then his hand gets grabbed by a daemon or something and he is pulled through the mirror you only see blood splashes and he is gone.

    Scene two: Some portal opens and there are a few demons or something coming out of this pitch black mirror portal thingy. They kind of remind me of the mechanical monsters from never ending story 2.

    So, anyone know this movie? Probably some weird scifi horror b movie.

  46. A movie dealing with parasitic bugs. Its at least 8 years old I think. I remember that it had bug like things crawling into people and killing them I believe and I remember the ending very well has a main character driving away and a giant bug thing showing itself in the back seat.

    1. Still no word on this /:
      I feel like it was a sci fi movie or short film,
      it might have been aliens instead of bugs, but
      the end was definitely either the king or queen

  47. A movie where this guy is trapped in a house, being tortured by cult like antagonists, pretty sure they worship satan, he gets free and stabs one with a swiss army knife, his friend ends up coming back for him (it may have been a trap party which lured them there in the first place), he hits the main atagonist with a huge lifted truck, the guy who was trapped in the house then gets into this truck and drives over then reverses over the body repeatedly, afterwards the pile of bloody tissue moves or talks showing that it isn’t dead and that’s the end of the movie. I may be off on a few details but that’s what I remember.

  48. HELP i was born in 1995 i think i saw the movie when i was in Elemntry school so idk it was fantasy kinda anime but not really at the begining i remember it was in a woods or rural village the main guy was a archer of some sort thats all i rember from beging than as the movie progreses there was a big fight between a army of talking boars/pigs that fought against humans who had older guns kinda like flintlocks. another part of the story is at some point of time they killed this king of the forest like creature looked like a giant walking goat they chopped its head off and tried taking it away please help me i neeed to know the name.!!!

  49. I got 2

    1. Okay I saw this move about 6 or 7 years ago, all I remember is this man and woman driving to a warehouse or factory where they are watching this weird cultist fight which involved a naked woman surrounded by a ring of naked men and she starts fighting with them or they start punching her, something like that.

    2. Was from the 80s about a dance team, all I know is there was a rape scene

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