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  1. I’m looking for a movie that i watched in the late 90s that there was a grandpa or something living in the basement of a house i think and he was half dead and half not,not a zombie but like decomposing or something but was still alive and talking,he had some kind of dog that was decomposing but alive with him also,i think he had a son who knew about him that lived in the house that was normal,any ideas?

  2. what is the name of that 1980’s (90’s) sci-fi movie wher people’s faces turn into “SUNS” at the end?! Mainly the children turn into suns (faces) as a result of some “cosmic awakining” that takes place in the near future. Some humans “pass” on acepting this “awakining” and can only come out @ night when the SUN is down. I saw this movie once in 2006 & have not been able to find it since! Doeas any one out there know thf NAMEof this “under-ground/sci-fi” oddity??!!

  3. I’m looking for a movie about a woman that haunts the people who watch her die in the movie about her. This woman kidnapped children from her village and cut their eyes out to make them think that she was their mother. She was hanged. During the filming of the documentary of this movie, the actress playing this woman actually dies while acting out the hanging scene, this is the woman who haunts the people at the movie theater. Any ideas?

  4. I’m looking for a movie where the maid goes to work to help a dying old man at an apartment. She gets trapped in the apartment and finds out that the chairs and the tables are nailed to the floor so she can’t break the window glass open. At night it gets a little scarier and the dolls begin to talk to each other and at the end she eventually finds a way out of the apartment. The majority of the movie is her trying to get out. It’s some blonde actress as the main actress in the movie.

    Any help would be great! Thanks in advance.

  5. film about actress lost memory in accident, a man claimed that she is his wife , and she has to take care of his children

  6. This will be very vague – but maybe it may trigger something with somoene and they can help me identify the film:
    I have 2 brief memories of a non-english speaking film i saw 20 years ago late at night, shot in black and white. the first half of the film is a group of people in fairly modern times building a tunnel to get to somewhere. and towards the end they get through the tunnel and it is now set in medieval times and there is a battle with an old knight with a mustache and a giant/long sword. there is also a now a character with a monk/fryer hairstyle with a really big Adrian Brody-esque nose. the old knight somehow dies.
    thats all i really have, but the image of the knight and large nosed character has stayed with me forever.

    1. It sounds similar to “The Navigator: A Medieval Odyssey” One of the actors even has the big nose 🙂

  7. i need to know non-english movie mane where a female like to have sex in various ways like 1) scene has got the husband blindfold her on her and tie her up then let the girl brother in and hav sex together and later in another scene the girl also have sex with gays..pls i need the movie name badly. its a good b-grade movie with nice story situations in the girl life

  8. i need to know non-english movie name where a female like to have sex in various ways like 1) scene has got the husband blindfold her eyes and tie her up then let the girl brother inside and let him have sex together and later in another scene the girl get so excited tht she goes to a gay club and pay money to gays to have sex..pls i need the movie name badly. its a good b-grade movie with nice story situations in the girl life

    Pls send me the name of movie my id is nabdude2@yahoo.com

  9. The star (male) of the film walks in and visits his (maybe) sister’s apartment. She is married and has kids. She is pregnant and telling him that look with have real meat tonight and there is what looks like a sausage boiling in a pan. I think it takes place in the future. She is happy she is pregnant because the family now qualifies for a larger living space.

  10. I think this movie was late 70’s or early 80’s. All I remeber was that two people walked away from a bus up to a tower of some sort. Then they look back as the bus starts up and drives away leaving them stranded in the desert by this tower pillar whatever it was. I cant remember anything other than this one sceen. For thirty some years I’ve been wondering what that movie was. Can anyone Help?

  11. I’m trying to find the name of a movie shown to me in elementary school several times in the late 1960’s/early to mid 197’0’s. it was about a world with no sun only rain. Kids took turns in front of sun lamps each day at school. Once in a great while the sun would come out. Bully’s in school lock girl (?) in closet then the sun comes out and they forget about her and run outside. Flowers grow, kids run and play all the while girl is locked in closet with just a small amount of sun sneaking under door. Clouds come back with rain and kids all come back inside and remember girl. Let her out of closet and give her a flower.

    1. All summer in a day
      PBS television, children’s series “Wonderworks” 1982
      Based on Ray Bradbury story from 1954

  12. Anyone remember the title of a film which is about a white grown up teen who goes to highschool and gets picked on. once a lady pulled his dich in front of everyone. then he went to different school because this black prisoners helped him get cool and bad so he got expelled from the 1st school then becme popular t 2nd school.He gets a spider black tattoo. at the end the kids that hate him from his new school saw a video of the lady pulling his dick and becomes un popular again. i really wanna see this movie again, can you please help me find it.
    Thank You

  13. Thanks for the reply but non of it is the rite answer 🙂 as i remember bit of the story line its like a Elder Man founds a girl outside then get her home n get together then later she wants to have more sex but so she try different type of people like she goes to gays club offer them cash to hav sex with her around 4-5 gays surrounded then in the end it show tht again she goes to gays club but this time they tie her hands and hang on top so tht some old men put rod or sumthim in her vagina but before anythin happen her husband appears n save her.. 🙂 so c if u can get me the name of this movie – It can b french or spanish, italain have no idea coz there was subtitle in english..

  14. 1 more non-english movie a couple is married n happily enjoy life with some kid i supose .. then later on his wife is soo beautiful tht every one gets attracted to her so one time there b a party and he and his wife attend there so after a while the wife cousin brother tells her husband that if she wasnt my sister then i wud had sex with her..so then later on after party the husband take his wife in bedroom tie her hands and blindfold her on bed and let her cousin brother to have sex…she do enjoys it …sumthing like that the story goes.

    So help me with this movie as well if can it mite b 90’s movie.. !! but gr8 to watch sumthin different stories..

  15. im looking for a movie that had monsters in the tv set … i wanna say its a early 80 or 90s flick i just rember that the girl could go into there relm and they could enter hers i cant think of it . hopeing its a real movie

  16. I remember this movie where this video game came to life ithink a disney movie or something but it wasnt animated.

  17. Looking for a movie that played one night years ago, end of the 90s possibly early 2000. Couldn’t sleep one night and was flipping through channels and all I can remember was two girls ( I believe sisters ), one blonde the other brunette abandoned and drifting in a small boat or on a large plank of wood and ended up on the shore of a beach. Very dark, emotional type movie and may have had subtitles – Totally weird but the scene always stuck with me.

  18. Hi, I’m trying to find the name of a very old film in black and white.I am 56 and remember watching this as a child. I do know it had an old priest in it and he used to take care of young one’s It might have been a choir he wore of those long black cloak/frocks, and I thought the word Bell or Bells might have been in the title but i’m note sure, sorry its vague but I cant remember much more.

  19. Thanks for letting me post here Iv’e just been given the name of the film … its…. going my way

  20. Looking for the name of a movie, late 60’s maybe early 70’s, I saw when I was a kid. A blond girl and her parents are in a forest setting, a rogue bear arrives and kills the parents. She then grows up alone and wild in the forest.

    1. @Attrib ~ Mara of the Wilderness (1965)
      IMDb review excerpt:
      The title character, Mara Wade, is orphaned when she accompanies her parents into the wilderness. She winds up being cared for by a wolf pack. Years later, the grown Mara, now played by the lovely Lori Saunders, is still living with the wolves and running around in a fetching costume. She is found by a naturalist (Adam West) who is researching wolves, and they fall in love. They also face the threat of a nasty trapper (Theo Marcuse) who is after the wolves.

      Nobody expects a bear attack=O

  21. hello, i have been having this reappearing dream that i can swear is a movie i have seen. it is a scary movie probably late 90’s early 2000’s. it involves 2 men who are trying to invade a house and there is a family indoors and somehow the children end up in some come of nook on the top floor. i know the father dies but these 2 men continue to kill the entire family. i would really like to know the name of that movie
    thank you

  22. hello…..i have been looking for a movie for almost 3 years without any luck…..it was a movie i watched in 1990, in some weird cable channel….the movie started in the medieval age…..when a lord is visiting a local village, with a few guards, and a priest…..during his visit to the village, a spaceship lands on the village (yes….a spaceship)…and the door opens….somehow, i cant remember….they end trapped in the spaceship, and the spaceships start an autopilot trip returning to its homeworld……..cant remember the end…….

    I will really really thank anyone who can help me remember the name….my email is telbariel@gmail.com

    1. @Federico ~ That could be this very obscure sci fi/fantasy film:
      Star Knight aka El caballero del dragón (1985)
      IMDb review excerpts:
      1) Harvey Keitel plays medieval soldier Klever, who is keen to earn himself a knighthood and win the hand of the Count of Rue’s beautiful daughter, Princess Alba. Unfortunately for Klever, the princess is more interested in Ix, a mysterious knight who wears indestructible armor and commands a fearsome dragon. In reality, Ix is a visitor from another galaxy, and his dragon is a spacecraft. Klaus Kinski plays alchemist Boetius, who befriends the space traveller and helps him defeat Klever in both combat and love.
      2) The alien abducts skinnydipping Princess Alba but can’t make love to her because of his invincible spacesuit~even though the spaceship supports the life of the unprotected priest just fine at the end of the movie.


  23. I know its a long shot but does anyone remember a film like this? Comedy/horror 2 guys being chased around a library and a lighthouse was in this movie as well. They were being chased by some sort of monster. I remember it being hilarious. I saw this when I was aboutr 5 so I do not remember the title. It must have been released early 80s?

  24. Hi everyone…
    I’ve been looking for a movie with genre “drama” (and “war” perhaps) maybe made in 80’s to mid 90’s…
    I remember a bit of scenes:
    – a teenager boy separated with his mom in the crowd
    – the boy was found a coin in the empty pool
    – he starving and ate several oil paints from an empty house
    – he saw his mom on truck with so many people so he chasing her by a bicycle, but he unable to chase the truck speed
    – two man asked the boy what he ate to survive, and he show a small oil paint tube, then one of a man offering him a plate of food.

    I really appreciate for your help to let me know title of that movie, Thanks…

  25. I think I seen this movie in the late 90s to early 2000s but it’s about this white Soldier who dropped his daughter off at a bordering house (I believe). I think he was german but when he went to war his lost his memory and didn’t recognize his daughter. The daughter befriended this little black cleaning girl. When her father stopped paying. She became a cleaning girl. She told the little black girl about these Extravagant dinners and they dressed up. I believe there was a little mokey too. Well it was pouring raining and the girls were walking on a shaky board to get to the other house. One of the girls almost falls. The police was called and that’s when the man recognized his daughter. At the end he took his daughter and the little black girl home and they road away on the back of a horse and carriage. Please help! Any ideas?

  26. this movie was made sometime around 1977 and 1978.

    In this movie, it starts with a girl playing doctor with her friend, and she ends up losing her eye. she always wanted blue eyes, so as she gets older she begins killing people with blue eyes and taking one of their eyes.

    this has been stumping me for weeks please help!

  27. Can anyone please tell me the name of the movie, where the actress was in a vacation with her husband, there they met two criminal-a man n a woman,….later the two criminal trap the actress in her own house while the husband was left in the desert by the man villain and the villian returns to the house ….then there was someone on the door, She answers the door and loosens a few buttons to reveal “help me” that she has written across her chest in lipstick….I can’t remember the name of the movie..

    1. I had asked about this same movie. I have a little more info on it. It seems the villian has maybe escaped from jail. He hooks up with this dark haired woman, and then they go to a trailer where a blonde woman lives alone with these rabbits. He ends up raping her and then has the dark haired woman kill her. I didn’t remember the main female character was an actress. I did remember the villian takes the actress’s husband out in the desert and leaves him there to die. The husband comes across the trailer with the dead blonde in it, and takes her motor scooter to get back to the house where his wife is. In the meantime, the wife is cooking dinner for the two villans, and he comes up behind her and starts hugging on her. The actress ends up having sex with him to try and convince him she is on his side so he won’t kill her. There is a scene after the sex scene where he comments about knowing what she’s up to, and he’s “not that dumb”. But then the dark haired woman calls up to him and tells him to get down there quick. He comes down then the scene you remember happens. I think it’s a sales man of some sort. The actress comes answer the door and has help me written across her chest in lipstick. But he’s too busy looking at her chest and the villian pulls him inside and ends up killing the salesman. I saw it on HBO in the early 90s. Maybe that helps some to jog someone’s memory?

  28. I know its a long shot but does anyone remember a film like this? Comedy/horror 2 guys being chased around a library and a lighthouse was in this movie as well. They were being chased by some sort of monster. I remember it being hilarious. I saw this when I was aboutr 5 so I do not remember the title. It must have been released early 80s? I would really appreciate if anyone could shed some light on this for me please.

    1. Oh my God thank you so much I have just watched the trailer on you tube! No way I have just remenissed about watching this when I was 5, thank you so much your a star!! Thank you.

  29. I was watch a French scary movie with a friend. it’s about these two girl who go and visit one of the girls family, and then this creepy guy in a van start to come and kill the family, the mom and dad die. The girls get away and are chased for a while. Anyway they finally kill the guy, or so the girl who was visiting her friends family thought. In the end it turns it the creepy killer was the girl and her a agitation ( the girl killed the family.). You find by the girl realizing it.

  30. There was a movie I watched as a kid in the 90s. What I remember is that it’s about a serial killer whose way of killing women is pushing them out of windows.
    The movie shows him going into a relationship with a woman and he eventually pushes her out of a window too, but she hits a ledge and doesn’t die, but goes to the hospital instead.
    I think she has some memory loss and the guy comes back to kill her. I believe the movie ends with her pushing him out the window which kills him.
    Does anyone know what movie this is?

    1. @Eureka ~ Falling for You (1995 TV movie)
      starring Jennie Garth, Costas Mandylor
      IMDb review (edited):
      There’s this crazed psycho who’s got it in for pretty blonde chicks, whose way of murdering them is by throwing them out of the apartment windows of the high-rise buildings in midtown Manhattan that they live in! … Meg Crane becomes the killer’s latest victim, thrown out of her ninth-story apartment window only to survive … Suffering from loss of her short-term memory, Meg has forgotten what Paul tried to do to her and later strikes up a romance with him, though now he calls himself Eric.


  31. ok so for the past two years iv been trying to fiure out what this damn movie is that i havent seen in at least 7 years its a 90s movie i think about a guy and girl who are trying to put there souls into other peoples bodys(yes like the skelition key) theres somthing about a book i think and some blood and the ending has it to where the guy and the girl are by a pool and i think the girl was the boy who was suppose to b taken over but wasnt and attackes the guy ut wat im talking about let me know. btw it was a weird movie thanks.

  32. The movie I can’t find the title to involved a wolf and a woman who had some sort of ranch.
    I remember the woman and her son (or nephew?) having a conversation about him leaving for an extended amount of time, after which he does leave (pretty sure he drove off in a pick-up truck). Later, the woman becomes worried enough to ride out on her horse to check on something (the fencing or her animals?). She somehow manages to emergency dismount her horse (I think it spooked and threw her) and ends up at the bottom of this river bed with a broken/sprained leg/ankle with a wolf that is trapped in a snare. It goes on for a while about how she finds a way to keep her and the wolf alive on what few supplies she has. Fast forward a bit and the guy comes back, and realizes she is missing. In the end they find her and she writes a book about her time in the wilderness with the wolf.
    Or something like that. It’s been a long, long time since I saw it. Wasn’t cartoon or animated.

  33. I saw a movie years ago, probably around 2006 on sky movies (it probably was out a lot longer not too sure) and i can’t remember the name its so annoying.

    it is a normal movie but with animated, miniature creatures kinda punk/viking type creatures that look like small humans but with weird faces (NOT the borrowers -.- )
    Main character, he has blue hair.

    First starts off when their in their own world with a race. Cant really explain it seeing as it was ages ago ;L
    but basically they enter our world somehow and have to go to the old author that actually wrote the book they were out of? or go to him to ask how they can get back to their old world. Pretty much all i remember but it was an awesome film and i can’t find out what its called.

  34. maybe it was a dream or something i watched in kindergarte (i think it takes place in space or watever) where there are like races or tribes or civilizations of people who wear only a certain color for their people, yellow or only red or only blue and a yellow dude falls in love and gives a red girl a yellow rose or vice versa and it it isnt allowed, i watched it in the 90’s but maybe it came out way earlier

  35. I just remember a few details and one scene.
    It was a teenage movie probably made in the 90s-early 2000s and the main character climb up the social hierarchy at his high school. the only scene I distinctly remember is that the main male character has sex with a popular girl at one of those stereotypical high school parties. When they start having intercourse however, it’s incredible painful for her and he has to stop.

  36. Does anyone remember this show where you get older (might be younger foggy memory) as you climb up a flight of stairs? Probably an episode of the twilight zone. It’s from probably 10 years or so.

  37. I remember watching a movie when I was younger (90’s) about a normal girl living in a normal world but then she somehow ends up in another realm or something. while she is there she meets a guy who turns out to be a wolf! I remember a scene when she pets him and he shudders and says go with the fur or something close to that. she is also trying to be stopped by bad people….that’s about all I can remember ):

    1. Could it be the 10th Kingdom? It was a mini series not a movie, but there is a part where where the girl, Virginia, is stroking a wolf’s tail the wrong way and he tells her to “go with the fur” ?

  38. Hi!
    I want to know a movie’s name.

    I don’t remember very well, but it’s about a blonde little girl. She had a cat and her father worked with radioactivity’s stuff. I remember to little girl with her cat’s skeleton. Somebody knows this movie? Thanks.

    (Sorry, my english is too poor)

  39. Looking for 2 movies i saw as a child. the third i recently found was arcade (1993)

    anyway, The first movie all i can recall. was there was some guys that looked like ninjas were after a girl who they thought had some flower or rose i think for immortality. one of the Quotes from them were WE ARE NOT NINJA. (this part is fuzzy)-> girl gave fake flower to ninja boss, she breaks it in the end.

    Second movie. 3-4 people trapped in a “Killer Car” one guy decides to run out and away and wires and tubes pull him back and under the car he dies…. cant remember anymore.

  40. I am looking for a black and white film, where the lady spider-webs men up in her basement and then turns into a spider towards the end of the movie. It is not Curse of the Black Widow. Any assistance would be appreciated.

    1. the black widow aka ?actor Tony Anthony hero blonde male.its in color you may have watching a black and white tv.the two eyed color Dr.Quine ? medicine woman actress I believe stars in it.

  41. help me please i want to remember the name of the movie
    it is about a girl she was wearing a red dress and she had a weird brother but he covered for her when she was grounded and she wanted to go to a school party and she got a crown
    she had a tree house and a fat blonde friend .. i can’t remember more 🙁

  42. Hi everyone…
    I’m looking for a movie maybe made in 90’s:
    a bunch kid, one of them named Billy (about 5 years old boy),
    he was climb a water tower (maybe) and fell down inside it
    then another boys help him (the scene in some kind near forest).

    Btw, thanks to Brian Douglas for helping me out before.

    1. Is it The War (1994)? There’s a scene with a water tower like you described? and a little boy called Billy?

    2. Catherine:
      Yeah, a water tower perhaps,
      Little boy (Billy) he using jacket and a winter hat,
      that what I know so far… Do you have any idea?

  43. it is a story or myth.I’m not sure.There’s a creature in a pit.When you give it meat,human whatever it eats and gives you jewels.You can’t see creature just there’s something in deep of the pit.There’s a short movie i watched, a horror movie.That is why i need to learn this story,so i can find the movie.In movie girl sent a dictionary by basket and send it to pit.Girl and creature talk by notes.She sent it a goat and in return Monster sends golds,jewels.Whatever i need to learn this story/myth thing.Thanks!

    1. @Berkem ~ It’s possible that this has been answered, but I haven’t encuontered it yet. This could be a repeat.

      Amazing Stories (TV anthology series)
      starring David Carradine and Kyra Sedgwick
      IMDb review:
      Dora and her stepfather Calvin live in the desert where they run a ‘Last Chance’ gas station. They don’t have much money, and Calvin is an ill-tempered man, scolding and commanding Dora all the time. He’s digging a well, hoping he’ll strike water so that the situation will improve. One day, as he is digging, Dora prays to her late mother for help. A few moments later, Calvin comes up again and says that something strange has happened: The ground disappeared beneath his feet. They let down a lamp on a long rope to see how deep the well is. Then, a very strange thing happens: Someone or something is tugging at the rope and, when they pull it up again, it has been replaced with something different~something of great value.


  44. The film I can’t remember the name of was some kind of cult sexual fantasy piece shot in 60s-early 70s?. I liken it to a Price’s “House on Haunted Hill” spin-off due to the central plot in which select persons are invited to a haunted house. Except the guests engage in quite a bit of nudity afaic. I think the actors/actresses had British accents, and the haunted house resembled more of a large castle. Anyway, I had this film queued on Netflix and watched it on DVD. Maybe someone out there knows it!

  45. Hi, I saw this movie about five years ago, I think it’s from the 90’s or early ’00s… it’s about a guy who lives and works in a film museum ( I think it’s Istanbul but I’m not quite sure) and he meets a girl and they fell in love but everything happens inside the museum, I heard somwhere that it is an homge to Cinema Paradiso movie, anyone knows? I’ve been searching for it ever since I watched it.

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