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  1. i remeber an old movie dunno the date but i recall some of its story or i remember this form a dream not sure but anyways here it goes, a remote village i think a hero who dies or becomes one of the creatures at the end,the creature are small n deformed n eats flesh n i think they are dying out comes out of the ground only during night time

  2. Little critter type things and it’s trying to get a little girls hand hanging off the bed while she is sleeping. Dad comes in and steps on it thinking he stepped on an Easter egg

  3. I saw this movie on Netflix about a year ago. It was placed in a carnival kinda . this girl was not born human she was evil. But she somehow got a chance to be a human . she got to move in with a family who new she wasn’t human . I think.and she always has these nightmares about the carnival. And at the end of the movie she has to fight all these evil things off . to save her family .can some one help me . she has an evil side that isn’t human . and a good side that is human.

  4. Saw the movie when I was young, on captain usa or something, may be aI hammer film or a Euro film.young blonde women and her boyfriend go to stay in a home of this woman who is a vampire and the blonde woman keeps having really elaborate dreams about the woman. In the end the vampire woman perhaps named Camilla is impaled on a fence and the blonde woman has an internal monologue about how Camilla will live on in her.

  5. Hi theirs a movie I remember seeing when I was a kid but have a very vague memory of it must have been in the 80s I think maybe 90s
    All I remember is a girl driving on a long road not going anywhere same road for ages and getting tormented by a man which I think was a demon or devil then in a hellish room and she burns books to destroy him??

  6. I remember some parts of this movie I saw in like 2005-2006 I used to always rent it from block buster, the movie cover was a bunch of kids standing in front of a yellow jeep type car, all I rememember from the movie itself was the kids building a treehouse in the woods and some lady loosing a necklace in the woods and then finding it and the kids where like ghost busters I think.. I wish I remembered more

  7. I remember watching this movie as a kid. It started out with a teenage boy riding a skateboard, and he stole a CD. He was caught by the cops, and had to go on a little plane with this teenage girl somewhere…I can’t remember. Probably a juvenile detention center would be my guess. Anyway, this Native American man is flying the plane, and it ends up crashing. I remember the Native American man ends up dying later and the girl and boy bury him in a pile of rocks. Then at one point the girl gets bit by a snake, and the boy has to suck out the venom. Then he builds a raft to go down the river to try to find help, and she hallucinates that she has to find this certain plant or flower, I think, to save her life. That’s about all I can remember. Can someone please help me? This has been driving me crazy for years.

  8. I remember watching a movie in the 90s where theres 3 friends (i think) then somehow theres this freaky guy wiped like a goo on 1 of the friends it turned him into a monster then the other 2 friends (boy and a girl) also wiped goo on them and it made them into 1 person. (sorry for my bad english). i hope someone replies 🙁

  9. Looking for the name of the movie that was about a family that moved to a new home and new town…. I want to say that there was some kind of music box and or radio that the child find and/or listen to ..they had a child and the child kept drawing a big circle around two little circles over and over again… Towards the end of the movie they find out that what he was drawing the whole time was these two kids that were murdered by a cop from the town and wrapped in plastic and hidden in a cave in the woods down near the water near their new house trying to communicate with the child about what happened to them and how the cop killed him please help thank you

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