In The Item, the chick, the fat guy, the mustache guy, and Dan Clark pick up a mysterious briefcase in a scenario that was intended to evoke Pulp Fiction as made by . The result, instead, is a 2.7 IMDb rating. Pete soldiers on gamely, with some herbal assistance.

(This movie was nominated for review by Val Santos. Suggest a weird movie of your own here.)

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2 thoughts on “WEIRD VIEW CREW: THE ITEM (1999)”

  1. You’re pretty much dead on – ya gotta put something on the resume when starting out, and in the 90s, that pretty much meant anything Tarantinoesque, being the Flavor of the Moment. This plays like intentional parody of Tarantino aesthetic applied to an homage of SEVEN FACES OF DR. LAO. Probably really funny in the moment, but not designed to have a long shelf life.

    Interview with the director (who went on to a career in kids tv, so perhaps this was a purging) at Ain’t It Cool News back in 1999 – this was made with money from The Henson Company!

  2. Damn, double chopsticks. I’ve only heard it spoken of, never executed. That was so Tarantino-esque, you would’ve just landed a three-picture deal in the mid-90’s.

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