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This year’s TCM “festival” has no physical presence—it’s more like “regularly scheduled programming”—and is screening no canonically weird movies. Still, there are a couple of curiosities on offer that may be of interest to those who have access to these channels.

  • SF Sketchfest table read of Plan 9 From Outer Space (1959) – Comedian Dana Gould assembled a cast of comics (including MST3K‘s Jonah Ray and Baron Vaughn) to do a table read of the script; followed by a screening of the original. On TCM, 8 PM ET, 5/7.
  • let me come in (2021) – presents eleven minutes of decayed frames of the partially lost silent Pawns of Passion (1928), presented with a new score by composer David Lang. Set your DVR because it comes on at 3:15 AM on TCM, also on 5/7.

TCM Classic Film Festival homepage.


About Endlessness (2019): The fourth part (not a misprint) of ‘s “Living” trilogy finally reaches these shores. A couple floating in the air watch over melancholy, absurdist vignettes. Available in select theaters and everywhere on VOD today. We’re on it. About Endlessness official site.


Crimes of the Future (2022?): If that title sounds familiar, it’s because it has been used before, by in 1970 for a one-hour experimental feature that has been reviewed in these pages. Now, more than 40 years later, and six years since he last directed (Maps to the Stars), the 78-year old Cronenberg remakes his low-budget sci-fi thriller about killer cosmetics on a grand scale, with , , and Kristen Stewart attached. Croney’s later films have lost the pervasive weirdness (and the grotesque body horror) of his twentieth century work, but here’s hoping this return to his roots hints at a return to form. More info via Indiewire.


Deep Blood (1989): Teenagers hunt a shark that is actually a Native American spirit, or something. “Oh the Horror!” says this cheapie is “a  special, unwitting kind of terrible that actually works because there’s a weird, demented heart beating at its center.” Buy Deep Blood.

Donnie Darko (2001): Read the canonical entry. It’s that time again: time for the annual home video re-release of Donnie Darko! This time it’s been remastered for 4K Ultra and includes a 100-page hardcover book of interviews and critical essays, along with a poster and collectible postcards. One Blu-ray houses the theatrical cut, another the director’s cut, and numerous special features, most of which are presumably available on previous releases, are spread throughout. Buy Donnie Darko.

“Home Grown Horrors, Vol. 1”: Three movies from auteurs with imaginations bigger than their budgets, marketed to lovers of the weird. The ad copy says Beyond Dream’s Door (1988) “blends elements of surrealism, mystery, and grotesque and violent horror set-pieces” and describes Winterbeast (1992) as “[a] film which truly justifies the term ‘unclassifiable’… Loaded with surreal dialogue.” Fatal Exam (1988) looks like a mere slasher, though. Currently only available directly from Vinegar Syndrome; we suspect a wider release through regular retailers should follow.


This section is starting to fill out again, mostly thanks to Alamo Drafthouse, but we have some other contributors, too. More should join through the summer until we hopefully return to normal before the end of the year.


The Double (2013): Read the canonical entry. Yes, you’re seeing “double,” as two s fight for the hand of one in a dystopian netherworld. Listed as “leaving soon.” Watch The Double free on

WHAT’S IN THE PIPELINE: Lots going on here this week. We’re still looking for one more nomination for our May 8 Weird Netflix party: chip in your suggestion here. You’ve also got through this weekend to vote for the classic summer blockbusters Alfred Eaker will cover this summer.

And speaking of Eaker and blockbusters, next week curmudgeonly Alfred brings you a bonus complaint, as our resident film masochist recently inflicted four hours of Zack Snyder’s Justice League upon himself and is dying to talk about it. Sticking with the mainstream theme, Giles Edwards whets your appetite for LeBron’s Space Jam reboot with a look at the 1996 original (which somehow found its way into our reader-suggestion queue while we weren’t paying attention). But don’t worry, we’ll still bring you some weirdness when Gregory J. Smalley checks out About Endlessness (see above). Onward and weirdward!

What are you looking forward to? If you have any weird movie leads that we have overlooked, feel free to leave them in the COMMENTS section.

4 thoughts on “WEIRD HORIZON FOR THE WEEK OF 4/30/2021”

  1. I am bored. So made a list. Not sure what the criteria is for the In Development list and some of the last production statuses are a fair way back. Hell if I know how weird or not they seem. Just went off of directors but anyways here we go…

    Cat’s Cradle (TV Movie). Noah Hawley listed as writer on Kurt Vonnegut Jr. novel. After Hawleys Legion tv series this could be interesting. Pre-prod 2019.

    Constantin. Peter Greenway. Post-prod April 2021. October 2021 release.

    Dragon. Brandon Cronenberg. Script 2017.

    Earwig. Lucile Hadzihalilovic. Post-prod December 2020.

    Eisenstein in Hollywood. Peter Greenaway. Pre-prod Nov 2017.

    Enter the Drag Dragon. Lee Demarbre (Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter). Filming Jan 2021.

    Fordlandia (TV Movie). Werner Herzog. Pre-prod 2018.

    Freak Shift. Ben Wheatley. Pre-prod 2017.

    Ghost Dog 2. Jim Jarmusch. Treatment Nov 2017.

    Incroyable Mais Vrai (Strange but true/Incredible but true). Quentin Dupieux, post-prod March 2021.

    Infinity Pool. Brandon Cronenberg. Script May 2019.

    Innocent. Hooroo Jackson (Aimy in a Cage). Pre-prod April 2020.

    Inu-Oh. Masaaki Yuasa. Filming June 2020. Release 2021 Japan.

    Junkie Heroes. Adam Rifkin (The Dark Backwards). Pre-prod Sep 2020.

    KIMI. Steven Soderbergh. post-prod May 2021.

    Les Italiens (TV Series). Nicolas Winding Refn. Production unknown Nov 2020.

    Lucca Mortis. Peter Greenaway. Filming Jan 2021.

    Madres Paralelas. Pedro Almodovar. Filming March 2021. Release Spain 2022.

    Malware. Richard Stanley. Script 2018.

    Metropolis (Mini-series). Sam Esmail. Optioned back in 2017 but would be interesting to see what Esmail would do with Metropolis though.

    On a Half Clear Morning. Bruno Dumont. Completed and for release in September 2021.

    Orbital Era. Katsuhiro Ôtomo. Announced July 2019.

    Riget Exodus (mini-series). Lars Von Trier. Sequel to Riget. Filming March 2021.

    Skinny Dip. Frankie Latina (Modus Operandi). Turnaround 2017. Hopefully one day sees the light of day. “They took her bikini, they took her boyfriend… now she takes revenge”

    Slide. Bill Plympton. Filming April 2021.

    The Flamingo Thief. John Lee. Script Sep 2020.

    The Face of Horror. Anna Biller. Script Feb 2021.

    Bluebeard. Anna Biller. Script 2018.

    The Fox. Dario Russo (Italian Spiderman, Danger 5). Script Jun 2020.

    The Head Gardener. Peter Greenaway. Script Jan 2021.

    The Island of Dr Moreau (mini-series). Richard Stanley! Will he actually get it made this time?. Script 2018…

    The Other Me. David Lynch is executive producer. Post-prod feb 2020.

    Unrecorded Night (tv series). David Lynch. Pre-prod april 21.

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