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Dr. Strange: A former surgeon becomes a master of the magical arts in the modern world. It’s being marketed as Marvel’s “weirdest” and “trippiest” movie, which it probably is—although that’s  a little like being the “funkiest” guy at a Donald Trump rally. We’ll have a review. Doctor Strange official site.


Army of One (2016): Based on a true story, this comedy stars as a deranged loser who believes he has been tasked with a divine mission to travel to Pakistan and kill Osama bin Laden with a samurai sword. The most intriguing thing here is the casting—besides Cage, it stars Russel Brand as God—and the fact that it has no advance reviews or marketing (suggesting it’s one of those “special” movies studios like to pretend they didn’t actually make). No official site located.

SCREENINGS – (Lincoln Center, New York City,  Sat., Nov 5):

“A Town Called Panic: Double Fun”: Indian, Cowboy and Horse return in two shorts set in the childishly surreal world of A Town Called Panic: “Christmas Panic” has C & I nearly ruining the holiday, while “Back to School Panic” has the mischievous duo invading a pig’s brain in an attempt to cheat on a class assignment. Part of the “My First Film Fest” series for kids that also includes some entry-level weirdness like My Neighbor Totoro, Where the Wild Things Are and The Dark Crystal. “My First Film Fest” at the Film Society of Lincoln Center.

SCREENINGS – (Specatcle Theater, Brooklyn, Sat., Nov 5 & Wed., Nov. 9):

Feherlofia (1981): Phantasmagorical, mythical tale of the human son of a white mare who must locate the entrance to the Underworld to battle dragons. An extremely rare screening of a Communist-era cartoon rarely shown outside of its native Hungary (but which is fairly legendary, at least among fans of trippy animation, nonetheless). Feherlofia at Spectacle.

FILM FESTIVALS – Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival (Buffalo, New York, Nov. 5 -11):

Here’s an under-the-radar film festival in upstate New York. It does have some credibility, however, with a couple of weirdish films we’ve seen crop up at other festivals (Bed of the Dead and Blood of the Tribades), plus a trash celeb in (introducing Attack of the Killer Shrews). Here’s a couple of budget weirdos for you:

  • Midnight Delight – “Cannabis friendly” comedy consisting of (scripted) conversations with a series of high-as-a-kite smokers. Trailer on official site. Screens Oct 8.
  • Outlaw 666: The Beast – Per programmers this is the sixth (!) feature film in a series they describe as a “surreal heavy metal stew.” Must be a Buffalo thing.

The fest’s biggest draw could be the Oct. 5 screening of Street Trash hosted by writer/producer Roy Frumkes.

Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival official site.


Suspiria (2017): Yep, remake fever strikes a Certified Weird classic. Italian journeyman Luca Guadagnino directs, Chloe Grace Moretz stars, Dakota Johnson and co-star, and will have a cameo. The better news is that a remastered version of the original is making the rounds (at least in Italy). What’s next: a remake of Eraserhead with ? More on the Suspiria remake at Indiewire.

IN DEVELOPMENT (crowdfunding):

Cult Epics package: In a declining DVD market, Cult Epics (the label that rediscovered the Certified Weird Death Bead: The Bed That Eats) is experimenting with crowdfunding to add to its roster of obscure, extreme films. Among the titles they are seeking to raise money for restoration/video production are Mondo Weirdo and Vampiros Sexos [AKA I Was a Teenage Zombading] (as described in Nico B’s Top 10 Weird Movies]. They’re also accepting pre-orders for a documentary on Bettie Page pin-up photographer Bunny Yeager; The Flesh, an erotic cannibal rarity by ; Moon Child, an adaptation of ‘s prophetic novel by In a Glass Cage auteur; and the obscure 1969 Dutch thriller Obsessions, notable for it’s co-writer—. There’s also a Cult Epics coffee table book in the mix. The array of rewards being offered—from Blu-rays to T-shirts to subscriptions for future Cult Epics releases—is bewildering, so check out the Indiegogo page for more information.

What are you looking forward to? If you have any weird movie leads that I have overlooked, feel free to leave them in the COMMENTS section.

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