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“Yeast”: Short film, intended as the second in a “dark trilogy” (the first, “Sour Milk,” was about a war between milkmen and postmen). This one is about a baker, addicted to smoking yeast, who decides to build his own Frankenstein-type monster out of bread. The director, “Elliot Gonzo,” has an art style (and bizarre temperament) very much influenced by illustrator Ralph Steadman. This appears to be a live action/stop motion short, however. Gonzo is looking to raise about $12,000 dollars for the project in the next 44 days. “Yeast” at Kickstarter.


Bloody Indulgent (2014): A vampire musical about a drugged-up blooduscker on the lam from revenge-minded strippers. Stars a former Backstreet Boy. Buy Bloody Indulgent.

Deadly Revisions (2013): A horror writer has amnesia and may be suffering from schizophrenia, etc. It got decent reviews from critics specializing in low-budget horror. Buy Deadly Revisions.

The Duke of Burgundy (2014): Read Alex Kittle’s review! Despite Amazon listing this hypnotic/erotic arthouse homage as a Blu-ray only release, the picture of the box cover clearly shows it is a 2-disc Blu-ray/DVD combo. You may want to query before purchasing, however. Buy The Duke Of Burgundy [DVD/Blu-ray combo].

Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films (2014): The makers of Machete Maidens Unleashed! bring us the next installment in their B-movie history survey with a look at the studio that brought us Lifeforce and The Apple, among other strange gems. Believe it or not, there is actually a competing 2014 documentary about Golam & Globus’ Cannon Films entitled The Go-Go Boys: The Inside Story of Cannon Films. Buy Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films.

A Plague So Pleasant (2013): After the zombie apocalypse, humanity has discovered the living dead are actually peaceful herbivores who don’t attack unless provoked. Made for under $2000, the IMDB synopsis describes it as “a surreal take on the zombie genre”; that seems a bit strong, from what we can tell, but it surely is “different.” Buy A Plague So Pleasant.

Twice Upon a Time (1983): The complicated plot involves two misfits who try to stop an evil ruler from releasing nightmare bombs onto the Rushers of Din. This seldom-seen animated feature is legendary for its unique, luminous cutout animation and for the fact that it was released in two separate dubs, one G-rated and one that is slightly more risque, leading to much confusion and controversy. Both versions appear on this first-ever DVD release (actually a DVD-R from Warner Archive, but despite the bargain format it even includes a commentary track). Buy Twice Upon a Time.


Deadly Revisions (2013): See description in DVD above. Buy Deadly Revisions [Blu-ray].

The Duke of Burgundy (2014): See description in DVD above. Buy The Duke Of Burgundy [DVD/Blu-ray combo].


Perdurabo (Where is Aleister Crowley?) (2003): On the eve of World War II a  man travels to Sicily to the abbey founded by , but finds the infamous magician is missing and his disciples are in disarray. shot this 45-minute movie in 2003 in preparation for a longer Crowley movie that was never completed, and has just released the Perdurabo footage for the first time on YouTube. Watch Perdurabo (Where is Aleister Crowley?) free on YouTube.

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