Sometime after midnight, when one would expect the President of the United States to be either resting up for a big day or burning the midnight oil prepping for a diplomatic meeting, Donald J. Trump was apparently cruising the Web, and came across a site that rubbed him the wrong way:

Trump 366 Weird Movies tweet

What prompted this attack against a small-traffic, niche cinema website devoted to surrealist and cult cinema, fields in which the President had previously shown zero interest? Apparently, it was an offhand comment by leftist commentator in his review of Suicide Squad that drew the Preisdent’s ire:

Trump 366 Weird Movies Tweet

A few minutes later, after cruising the site a bit longer, the President chimed in with another, unexpected criticism:

Trump 366 Weird Movies Tweet






The President was, of course, referring to the 1989 Bo Derek vehicle where she plays the trophy wife of ghost Anthony Quinn, who wants Bo to kill a younger man so he can possess his body and have sex with her again, and also advises her in corporate negotiations:

A weird movie (though not a very good one), but where does this have a bearing on the point at issue?

Naturally, all tweets were deleted within half an hour of posting. Fortunately we were able to save screenshots to prove that this bizarre rant did indeed occur.


  1. What’s funny is that based on this brief clip, it appears that Donald Trump is a better actor than incredibly stiff Bo Derek!
    Also, other than a movie called Tyson vs. Spinks (a walk on cameo perhaps) the All Movie Guide lists “Ghosts Can’t Do It” as only the 2nd movie in Trump’s filmography. Could hobnobbing on a movie set with Bo and having a part with actual lines in the abysmal “Ghosts Can’t Do It” been responsible for feeding Trump’s camera ready narcissism, a CATALYST that set him on the attention whore road that lead him all the way to the presidency?

    Director John Derek has more than his wife to answer for!

    #sad #terrible

  2. Well done. I was totally convinced of this, and even sent this to a couple of friends. Sadly, this is way more believable than it should be.

  3. The bad movie podcast We Hate Movies did an episode on Ghosts Can’t Do It. It sounded… bad.

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