We’ve collected all ten nominees for 2012′s Weirdest Short of the Year together in one place, for ease of voting.  Just click “continued” for a mini film-festival of weirdness. And be sure to vote for your favorite! (You can cast a vote once every 24 hours). Polls close February 24 at 1:00 PM EST.

A special thanks goes out to Cameron Jorgensen, 366 Weird Movies under-appreciated shorts Czar, who discovered most of these films through his own research.

Click below to view all ten nominees and vote for your favorite.

The Alchemy of Light (d. a dandypunk): A world of perpetual luminous mystery.

The Boundaries of Life and Death (d. Saskia Kretzschmann): Based on an Edgar Allan Poe quote, this animated short explores the connection between life and death.

The Broken Flute (d. Robbie Johnstone): A father mourns his son’s disinterest in following his footsteps playing the recorder.

Crown (d. AG Rojas): A group of kids occupy an abandoned house, and invite middle-aged guests over for some newfashioned recreational drug use.

Grounded (d. Kevin Margo): Hallucinations of a spaceshipwrecked astronaut.

I, Pet Goat II (d. Louis Lefebvre): A strange and controversial collaborative work by various visual artists, animators, musicians, and even dancers.

Logan’s Run (d. Gero Doll): Logan skips through a chaotic, neon world.

Parasite Choi (d. Damien Steck): The only remaining human on Earth stumbles through a lifeless desert.

Sick Leave (d. Jake Fried): Worlds of ink create and uncreate themselves before your eyes.

Solipsist (d. Andrew Huang): A colorful experimental film about connection and separation.


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