We’ve collected all ten nominees for 2011’s Weirdest Short of the Year together in one place, for ease of voting.  Just click “continued” for a mini film-festival of 2011 weirdness.  And be sure to vote for your favorite!

A special thanks goes out to Cameron Jorgensen, 366 Weird Movies under-appreciated shorts Czar, who discovered most of these films through his own research.

Chicken – Part 2: Resurrection (d. Black Milk Productions): There’s something strange about this short film about diners sharing a chicken dinner, and it’s not just that the quartet is made up of two guys with leprosy, a harlequin, and a Nazi with a mustache, monocle, and cleavage.

Judy’s Smile (d. Rob Parrish): Choice narration alters an educational hygiene film to turn it into a man’s lament over his lifelong abhorrence for his sister’s smile.

Laugh Years Light Trax (d. Freakcast): Audio and video of laughter is dubbed, tweaked, and distorted until it becomes the substance of nightmares.

Mound (d. Allison Schulnik): A community of creepy clay people smile, conjoin, hold hands, and dance to “It’s Raining Today” by Noel Scott Engel in this eerie featurette.

The Piano (d. Matthew Brown): A beautiful, high-intensity piano duet comes to life, and the performers of the piece become the victims of its story.

Salma (d. Martin Sand Vallespir): An animator uses weirdness to protest the issue of unexploded ordinance.

S-Bahn (d. Markus Neidel): Strange creatures ride the subway in this mix of animation and live action.

Snowballs (d. ): Features two characters in Native American inspired clothing, and, not surprisingly for Korine, white trash.  CONTENT WARNING: This short contains some profanity.

Strife on Mars (d. Gibby Goo Bop): An overly-enthusiastic, sandal-wearing, peace-loving, tree-hugging entity presents his first ever music video.

This Moment Is Not (d. Larry Carlson): A monotone soundtrack and the heavily reverberated insights of a mystic.


2 thoughts on “VOTE FOR THE WEIRDEST SHORT OF 2011”

  1. That was a blast watching all of those (all the ones I hadn’t already seen, at least). I had to go with Snowballs, since I think it really was the weirdest overall, but Strife on Mars gave it a run for its money. But This Moment Is Not is the trippiest. And Laugh Years Light Trax is probably the most disturbing. If this had been a vote for which was best… I would have been pretty torn between Mound & S-Bahn. Both awesome.

    Kudos on all the great shorts year round. Keep up the good work, y’all!

  2. Fortunately, even though there was a shortage of weird, full-length films in 2011, there didn’t seem to be one in shorts.
    I went with Snowballs as well. I always have huge expectations for Korine, and somehow he delivers. It wasn’t an easy choice, though.
    Kevin brings up a good point. These could all win in different subcategories of weird.

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