The past couple of years, we’ve released our annual Yearbook in time for Christmas shopping season.  (We changed our calendar year to run from November to November—December is usually a light month for weird movies anyway.) This year, we’re just a little behind schedule, but (fingers crossed) we should still have a print version ready for late stocking-stuffers.

366 Weird Movies 2021 Yearbook KindleBut if you can’t wait for the print book, or actually prefer digital, here’s a link to buy our Kindle.

This year’s copy will be shorter than ever—with a corresponding price drop. Like a fine but weird whiskey, we’re always trying to concentrate our flavor into higher and higher proofs of weirdness. We’re devoting lots of space to the top contenders, including re-releases, and hoping the snappy, ultra-brief capsules for the also-rans will help keep the focus on the most promising films for you to check out. Don’t worry, plenty of our choices are still super-obscure. You’ll also get:

  • An advance peek at the top 10 weird movies of 2020, before the year is even over!
  • A primer on the many releases of the Neon Genesis Evangelion series.
  • A previously unprinted transcript of our interview with Undergods writer/director .

All profits derived from your kind purchase will go towards paying our hosting costs. Any leftover monies will be wasted on our staff’s relentless and desperate pursuit of hedonistic excess, in a vain attempt to momentarily blunt the nagging feeling of purposeless and presentiment of doom that is the constant unwelcome companion of all thinking creatures. Enjoy!

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