Every year we promise to get the previous year’s Yearbook out sooner, and every year it ends up debuting sometime in the middle of the following year.

This year, we actually did it. Here it is, fresh and weird and ready to strangen up your Xmas:

Cover for 366 Weird Movies 2019 YearbookBesides being out on time, there are a few format changes to this edition of the Yearbook that will hopefully increase the already inestimable pleasure you take from each annual:

  • An advance peek at the top 10 weird movies of 2019, before the year is even over!
  • 80 reviews of 2019 releases and re-releases, plus coverage of innumerable (that means we didn’t bother to count them, right?) film festival favorites (and less-than-favorites).
  • Reworked and improved reviews and features.
  • Exclusive interview with and production designer Dario Mendez (Luz) (not available online).
  • A brand new availability grid showing where the streamable films are streaming (not available online).

As always, the book is available either in trade paperback or Kindle versions. The print version has a few more images; the Kindle version has an expanded availability grid that also shows you if a movie is streaming on Tubi or Kanopy. (It also has the advantage of coming free if you have Kindle Unlimited subscription).

All profits derived from your kind purchase will go towards paying our hosting costs. As always, any leftover monies will be wasted on G. Smalley’s relentless and desperate pursuit of hedonistic excess: an ocean of hazelnut-infused bourbon, a parade of cheap floozies, and impulsive weird movie purchases that leave him feeling physically spent, but empty and soulless. Good times!

4 thoughts on “THE 2019 YEARBOOK IS HERE!”

  1. And like good bourbon, that “Luz” interview was aged in a mohogany book-case for over fifteen months.

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