We’re late again… so sue us.

366 Weird Movies 2013 Yearbook Cover ImageWe’ve been publishing the Yearbook since 2009, but the cover design of this 2013 edition counts by far as the most professional-looking wrapper we’ve ever sent to print. While I have of necessity improved my sense of graphic design, the main credit for this stunning improvement goes to , who not only let us use his drawing for the cover art, but also spit-shined my original concept so that he could show it to his artist friends without embarrassment.

Speaking of G.B., you will find an interview with him as a Yearbook exclusive bonus, along with a director’s statement from  on his latest film (Gallino: The Chicken System) that was not previously published online.

This year’s page count is down to a slim 120. This is a deliberate choice; there was too much filler in previous episodes. The current edition will take up less real estate on your bookshelf while providing the same amount of insight as previous Yearbooks. You do not have to pay any extra for the more concentrated film criticism you’ll find in the latest edition; we’re keeping the price at a weirdly affordable $6.99.

We think the ad copy speaks for itself:

Covering everything bizarre in cinema, from art house surrealism to next-generation cult movies to so-bad-they’re-weird B-movie atrocities, 366 Weird Movies has been meeting all of your weird movie needs since 2009 with a combination of sly humor and serious insight. This is our annual Yearbook covering all the weird movies released and re-released in 2013, from “The ABC’s of Death” to “Zeta One”, with over 45 full-length reviews, extensive supplemental listings, and exclusive interviews and director’s statements. If it’s weird, and it’s a movie, and it’s from 2013, and 366 Weird Movies covered it, you’ll find it here.

You can buy the 366 Weird Movies 2013 Yearbook from Createspace (our preference due to higher royalties) or from Amazon (where it can often be found on sale). Don’t forget that it’s also available (for a mere $2.99!) in a Kindle version (although the content differs slightly, as two reviews appear in the print version that are not in the e-book).

All profits derived from your kind purchase will go towards paying our hosting costs. Any leftover monies will be used to fly the 366 Weird Movies staff out to Cannes (but not for the film festival; we just want to hit the beach).

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