Based on a nightmare, and likely the cause of many more, “The Cat With Hands” is an eerie blend of live-action film and stop-motion animation. Given the goosebumps Robert Morgan has caused with this three-minute short, one can only wonder what he would be capable of with a full-length film.

6 thoughts on “SATURDAY SHORT: THE CAT WITH HANDS (2001)”

  1. wuaoo… q buen trabajo de terror q ficcion tan espectadora hizo muy bn su trabajo
    bastante ingenioso q hace q podamos ver los animales con el sueño de covertirse en humano

    1. Are you dismissing it unwatched as uninteresting because it’s described as a horror (film), or did you watch it and then decide it was uninteresting? Yes, it’s a horror (based on a nightmare), but it falls more neatly into the same genre as Poe and Lovecraft than Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees.

  2. Thanks for this one…really liked it…!!
    Can you suggest other works of the same director or similar ones…??

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