3 thoughts on “SATURDAY SHORT: LOVE & THEFT (2010)”

  1. I have one question about short films, what separates a short being in Saturday Shorts vs. one being a candidate. Destino, Meshes of the Afternoon, Un Chien Andalou, Street of Crocodiles, Lucifer Rising, Prometheus’ Garden, & Cat Soup are shorts, but they’re on the list.

    1. A Saturday Short is just one of the shorts we post every Saturday as a fun feature, nothing more. A Saturday Short is also technically eligible for consideration for the List, but as you noticed only a very few shorts can make it–they are at a disadvantage compared to features.

  2. Wow, what a trip! Clever stream-of-consciousness imagery and the music partners perfectly. The sudden introduction of color was a nice surprise, too; you really begin to appreciate how it enhances our lives. I’m not a Bob Dylan fan, so the title and song it’s an homage to (according to the YT description) doesn’t really work for me. Apart from that, two thumbs up!

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