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Alpha (202?): Discussion begins. Titane‘s has a new movie in the works—but we know virtually nothing about it, as the plot is being kept under wraps. The producers describe it as “a new page in Julia Ducournau’s corpus that is both very consistent with the previous ones and entirely new in its tone,” which is… promising? Variety has the sparse details.

Altered Perceptions (2023): Discussion begins. Assuring us that it was written by a neuropsychologist, the synopsis of this lgbtq film describes a pandemic that causes males to hallucinate and a Trumpian senator’s conspiracy to scapegoat gays for the crisis. After two weeks in theaters, it’s on DVD and Blu-ray (no special features advertised). Also with VOD options. Buy Altered Perceptions.

Daaaaalì! (2024): Discussion begins. When we heard absurdist prankster would be making a biopic about , it quickly became one of the most anticipated titles in these parts. The good news is that it has been officially picked up for U.S. distribution by Music Box, with a theatrical release “later this year.” Announced by Variety.

It’s Such a Beautiful Day + “Me”: is touring his 2011 Canonically Weird, psychedelic animation about the life and death of a stickman throughout the year in major cities throughout North America, along with a new 20-minute musical animation, “ME.” A handful of venues are screening the equally enticing “World of Tomorrow” trilogy instead. More dates are being added. Check and see if it’s coming to your city at bitterfilms official site.

Katernica (2023): Discussion begins. Characters become trapped inside a cursed play in this British microbudget feature that’s heading straight to Blu-ray and VOD. The trailer gives off weird underground horror vibes. Buy or rent Katernica.

Megalopolis (2024): Discussion begins. Last week, the first teaser clip dropped for ‘s rumoredly bonkers satire Megalopolis, which suggests that may be able to stop time. Anticipation builds. Last week we were also blessed with a meaty interview with Coppola in Vanity Fair where he talks about this passion project.

She Is Conann (2023): Discussion begins. It’s Conann the Barbarian as you’ve never seen her before: in a time-tripping lesbian epic! Through with it’s theatrical run, ‘s latest lands on Blu-ray, with almost 90 minutes of Mandico short films as bonus content. Also on VOD (without the shorts). Buy or rent She Is Conann.

Time of the Heathen (1961): Discussion begins. After the bomb drops, a Bible-carrying drifter finds himself framed for murder. This post-apocalyptic obscurity was discovered and restored by the reliable Arbelos Films, who claim it “culminates in one of cinema’s most memorable, psychedelic, and unclassifiable endings.” It will have a short run at finer American art-house theaters through the summer before presumably showing up on Blu-ray down the line. Time of the Heathen official site.

“Unrecorded Night”: Discussion begins. Netflix continues to disrespect , as Lynch producer Sabrina Sutherland publicly reports that the streamer passed not only on the animated series “Snootworld” (as we previously discussed) but also on a live-action series titled “Unrecorded Night.” More tidbits from Sabrina: Lynch has more ideas to continue the “” saga, but no firm plans to work on them (or on anything film related, though he continues to paint and make music). Film Stage collects the evidence.


No guest planned for next week’s Pod 366, unless you include the return of Giles Edwards to discuss the week’s weird news and release. In written reviews, Shane Wilson drains another that Came from the Reader-Suggested Queue with the odd Polish fable Johnny Aquarius (1993); Giles Edwards gets up to some Hanky Panky (2023); and Gregory J. Smalley sees if he can learn anything new from the doc Dario Argento Panico (2023). Onward and weirdward!

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