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Our Kick Me Interview and discussion with Garry Huggins

Kick Me Facebook page

Kick Me interview with Filmmaker Magazine

Kick Me Trailer (mildly NSFW)

The Doom Generation director’s cut (1995): Discussion. Read Gregory J. Smalley’s review of the original. Director has remastered his nihilistic teen flick and restored a number of scenes that were cut (probably for being too offensive), but will it make a difference? Briefly screening in a few theaters (mostly Alamo Drafthouses), with a Blu-ray almost certain to follow. Indiewire article on the restoration.

Keane (2004): Discussion. Read Pamela de Graff’s List Candidate review. Keane is a gritty NYC-set return for t to the exploration of mentally illness that he mastered so well in Clean, Shaven (1993). Grasshopper restores and reissues it on Blu-ray. Buy Keane.

“Wings of Disaster: The Birdemic Trilogy”: Discussion. Read Alex Kittle’s Birdemic: Shock and Terror review. All three of ‘s Birdemic disasterpieces—full of animated gifs portraying deadly attack birds—are now available in one handy box from Severin (including 4.5 hours of exclusive bonus content). The latest, Birdemic 3: Sea Eagle, is also sold separately for Nguyen stans who already own the other two. Buy “Wings of Disaster: The Birdemic Trilogy.”


“100 Years of Warner Brothers: 25-film Blu-ray sets”:  Discussion. To celebrate a century of filmmaking, Warner Brothers is releasing four volumes of 25 Blu-rays each, themed as “Vol. 1: Awards Winners,” “Vol. 2: Comedies, Dramas and Musicals,” “Vol. 3: Fantasy, Action and Adventure,” and “Vol. 4: Thrillers, Sci-fi and Horror.” Of particular interest to us are Vol. 3 (which includes Pan’s Labyrinth) and especially Vol. 4 (which contains 2001: A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange, and Natural Born Killers). The links above will allow you to both buy the set and, almost as importantly, see what films are contained within.


Please join us tomorrow night for the  near-midnight, unofficial-but-authorized US Internet premiere of Plan 9 from Aliexpress (2022), an experimental “trash” feature from Russia boasting the tagline, “You Won’t Understand a Single Thing.” We begin at 10:15 PM ET on our Discord channel. You can always see our screening schedule in the sidebar, but as a reminder the next offering after that is Reality (2014) on Friday, Apr. 14 (‘s birthday!) at 8:30 PM ET.

Next week’s Pod 366 guest will be (of the FP series, and a new upcoming project he’ll be talking about). In written reviews, Amy Vaughn describes Q. Dupieux’s Power Rangers-ish lark, Smoking Causes Coughing (2022); Shane Wilson takes on another that Came from the Reader-Suggested Queue with The Mysterians (1957) (a vintage tokusatsu that would make a decent double feature with Coughing); Giles Edwards goes ahead with today’s pod subject, Kick Me, ahead of its Panic Fest date next week; and desperately pleads that you will read his Give Me Pity! (2022) review. Onward and weirdward!

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