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Corner Office (2022): Discussion begins. Read Giles Edwards’ review. This mildly surreal John Hamm-led satire gets a DVD release this week (no Blu-ray). Buy Corner Office.

Venice International Film Festival: The world’s oldest film festival, Venice is still one of the most prestigious movie events of the year, although it is now in direct competition with the much larger Toronto Film Festival (currently raging). Like Cannes, Venice’s tastes tend towards the vino e formaggio crowd, but they always scoop Toronto for some adventurous high-profile debuts. Like these three, which will all be worth tracking down in the coming months:

  • AGGRO DR1FTDiscussion begins. ‘s new project is an action-packed video game on film starring rapper Travis Scott.
  • Daaaaaalí!Discussion begins. is back again for his second film of 2023, a surrealist biopic of surrealist icon .
  • Poor ThingsDiscussion begins. highly anticipated adaptation of  Alasdair Gray’s novel about a woman who is revived from the dead, but with a fetus brain. It won the Golden Lion despite looking quite weird.

Venice International Film Festival official awards announcement.

Walkabout (1971): Discussion begins. Read Eric Gabbard’s review. Nicolas Roeg‘s debut film about the titular Australian aboriginal coming-of-age ritual takes its turn for a 4K UHD upgrade from the . Buy Walkabout.


We don’t have a guest scheduled for next week’s Pod 366, but we will talk about the TIFF slate, along with other new releases. In written reviews, Shane Wilson takes out two that Came from the Reader-Suggested Queue with a double feature of “The Fool and the Flying Ship” (1991) and “Mouse Soup” (1993); Gregory J. Smalley looks at Astrakan (2023); and, Giles Edwards preps for Daaaaaalí! (above) with a look at Mary Harron’s more conventional Dalí biopic Dalíland (2022). Onward and weirdward!

6 thoughts on “POD 366, EPISODE 37: LANTHIMOS’ LION”

  1. Oh-ho, glad I checked! I’ll have that review in your hands by Sunday evening, boss.

    If we ever get a chance to chat with Mr Dupieux, we need to be sure to ask him, “Why six A’s?”, and not five or seven, for his latest film.

  2. Also Godfrey Reggio (Koyanniquatsi) is making another film called Once Within A Time and looks that it could be eligible for the Weirdest tag

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