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Film Festival Rundown (KC Int’l, New Directors New Films, The Overlook) https://youtu.be/EfjKadFGNqs?t=135

The Five Devils: https://youtu.be/EfjKadFGNqs?t=517

INLAND EMPIRE: https://youtu.be/EfjKadFGNqs?t=632

Stanleyville: https://youtu.be/EfjKadFGNqs?t=831

Flaming Ears: https://youtu.be/EfjKadFGNqs?t=1002

The World We Knew: https://youtu.be/EfjKadFGNqs?t=1160

Manbaby Interview: https://youtu.be/EfjKadFGNqs?t=1404

Tim Lightell’s Restaurant Recommendations in Chalmette, LA and New Orleans: https://youtu.be/EfjKadFGNqs?t=2064

Discussed in this episode:

KC International FilmFest (Mar. 26-29)

New Directors, New Films (New York City, Mar. 29-Apr. 9)

The Overlook Film Festival (New Orleans, Mar. 30-Apr. 2)

Manbaby (2020): Read Gregory J. Smalley’s review. Watch on Tubi.

The Five Devils (2022): A young French girl has family problems and a preternaturally developed sense of smell. Psychological thriller (perhaps?) that is earning occasional critical adjectives like “strange,” “bizarre,” and even “weird” (though more often it’s termed “magical realism”). The Five Devils official site.

Flaming Ears (1991): A wacky Austrian underground lesbian film from the early 90s set in the distant post-apocalyptic future (2700, to be exact). On Blu-ray from Kino. We’ve posted it before but here’s that crazy trailer for you once more. Buy Flaming Ears.

INLAND EMPIRE (2006): Read the Canonically Weird review! The Criterion Collection continues its conquest of the David Lynch catalog with the addition of what is indubitably his most surreal and baffling work. Buy INLAND EMPIRE.

Stanleyville (2021): Read Giles Edwards’ festival review. The absurdist comedy about five people invited to compete in a strange series of trials for a chance to win a habañero-orange compact SUV gets a Blu-ray (and VOD) release from Oscilloscope Laboratories. Buy Stanleyville.

The World We Knew (2020): There’s a surreal aura in the deserted house six crooks hole up in for the night after a job gone wrong. It debuts in its native UK on DVD this week (although it’s been available streaming in various places, including Amazon Prime’s Freevee, for a few weeks). Watch The World We Knew (with ads) on Freevee.


In next week’s written reviews, we’ll take on some underground weirdness as Giles Edwards considers Plan 9 from Aliexpress (2022) (a Tatar movie boasting the tagline, “You won’t understand a single thing) and braves ‘s psychedelic microbudget ZAPPER! (2023). By contrast, Shane Wilson‘s re-review of the deranged kiddie flick The Peanut Butter Solution (1985) is positively mainstream. And of course, the week will be capped by another busy Pod 366.

Also, we will be hosting more Weird Watch Parties this week! You can see the schedule in the sidebar, but we’ll reiterate here:

Saturday, Mar. 25 at 2:00 PM ET: Dementia (1955) on Tubi via Discord (free) (matinee screening)

Tuesday, Mar. 28 at 7:30 PM: Phantasm (1979) on Tubi via Discord (free)

Friday, Mar. 31 at 9:00 PM: Glen or Glenda (1953) on Tubi via Discord (free)

Onward and weirdward!

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