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Quick links/Discussed in this episode:

“Guess That Weird Movie”: Jump to the game show. Play along as Giles Edwards describes weird movie posters and our panel of Terri McSorley, El Rob Hubbard, and Gregory J. Smalley attempt to guess them. If there’s interest, we may try this with readers as contestants sometime.

Late Night with the Devil (2023): Discussion begins. Read Giles Edwards’ Apocrypha Candidate review. It’s “The Merv Griffin Show” meets The Exorcist when a Halloween broadcast gimmick leads to a real-life demonic possession. In limited release now. Late Night with the Devil official website.

Lynch/Oz (2022): Discussion begins. Read Gregory J. Smalley’s review. This Blu-ray of the thoughtful essay film (recommended for most, essential to heads) includes an interview with doc director as an extra feature. Buy Lynch/Oz.

Problemista (2023): Discussion begins. An El Salvadoran immigrant navigates the whimsically Kafkaesque labyrinths of American bureaucracy. From A24, with . Problemista official home page.

Riddle of Fire (2023): Discussion begins. Per the programmers at TIFF 2023, Riddle of Fire is “a neo-fairytale that evokes the sensation of tuning into a late-night broadcast of an obscure and wackadoo children’s film from another dimension.” Riddle of Fire official site.


No guest scheduled for next week’s Pod 366, but Giles Edwards and El Rob Hubbard will hold down the fort discussing the week’s releases. Also on YouTube, Pete Trbovich gives you rare 366 coverage of a slasher movie as Weird View Crew celebrates 1981’s Bloody Birthday. In print reviews, Shane Wilson looks back at Suddenly, Last Summer (1959); Giles Edwards analyzes The President’s Analyst (1967); and Gregory J. Smalley takes in the 2022 doc Godard Cinema (along with glimpse of ‘s unfinished final film, “Phony Wars: Trailer of a Film That Will Never Exist.”) Onward and weirdward!

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