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Blood Tea and Red String at Alamo Drafthouse NYC, 11/8

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The Brainiac (1962): Discussion begins. Read Gregory J. Smalley’s review. Recently released as part of a Mexican horror box set, this creature feature with an unforgettably bizarre monster can now be purchased on Blu-ray separately, with audio commentary and other extras, from Indicator.  Buy The Brainiac.

Fugue (2018): Discussion begins. ‘s followup to mermaid horror The Lure was a psychological thriller about an amnesiac woman that was largely overlooked on release; it’s now on Blu-ray. Buy Fugue.

Ghost Nursing (1982): Discussion begins. A crazy-looking obscure Hong Hong B-movie involving an adopted ghost, triad gangs, black magic, and a fireball that turns into a fetus. Currently a Vinegar Syndrome exclusive, it should show up at other retailers down the line.

Mr. Kneff (1991): Discussion begins. The title may be unfamiliar, but you might know the movie: Mr. Kneff is ‘s recut of his 1991 art-house flop Kafka, which was about discovering a Kafkaesque conspiracy in pre-war Prague. The new version is twenty minutes shorter and silent. Word is it may appear on a box set down the lien together with a new edit of Schizopolis and other early films. Having previously played only at the Toronto Film Festival in 2021, it officially premieres in the US November 9 at Nitehawk Theater in NYC, with Sorderberg in attendance.

Open (2023): Discussion begins. A couple experiments with an open relationship; the female dates an ex-teen idol and hallucinates that she is a member of an 80s New Wave band. Publicists compare it to The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World; in theaters somewhere this week, streaming from Nov. 7.


Next week’s Pod 366 guest will be (The American Astronaut). In written reviews, we go musical, as Shane Wilson reviews the avant garde kind-of music video La cicatrice intérieure (1972); Giles Edwards opens his mind to the new New Wave musical Open (2023); and Gregory J. Smalley previews Dicks: The Musical (2023) (will he act like one of the title characters in reviewing it?) Onward and weirdward!

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