We will tentatively schedule July’s first Weird Watch Party for Saturday, July 9 at 10:15 PM.

Currently, we can only confidently stream movies from subscription sites Netflix, Amazon Prime, or, (technically) Hulu for our watch parties., which allows streaming Tubi and YouTube free content, is a again a possibility, but it is now asking for a $10 yearly subscription, followed by (if I am reading this correctly) a 3-month waiting period after signing up. They also appear to have a temporary “free summer streaming promotion” up right now; sounds good, but I don’t know when it ends and I’m suspicious of the service given the bad experience last time. You can suggest Kast/Tubi selections but we also need to have a back-up from another service ready in case they flake again.

If you’d like to attend our watch party, then the important thing is to RSVP in the comments, where you can make a screening suggestion, or just say you plan to be there. When making your nomination, simply comment with “I think we should watch Weird Movie on Netflix” or “How about Weird Movie 2: Electric Boogaloo on Prime?” You can also pitch in as to whether you prefer the afternoon or evening time slot.

When the party is set to begin we’ll announce it in three places:

  • On this site (if you’ve signed up for regular email alerts via the sidebar you’ll also get a notice that way)
  • On our Facebook page
  • On Twitter

Make your nominations and/or RSVP in the comments below.

If you would prefer an afternoon showing to an evening one, let us know. In general the evening screenings have been better attended.

Add your input in the comments, please.


    1. I am fully supportive of both these fine nominations, and plan on being in attendance.

  1. I’d watch Let the Corpses Tan if Tubi is an option, but I’ll suggest The House on Netflix as back-up.

    And since I don’t like the sound of those Kast policies, I’ll continue to suggest you consider Discord as an alternative. (I have a server I never use if you want to try it out with minimal effort; let me know).

  2. “Let the Corpses Tan”, if we can; and I’ll throw my weight behind “the House” as back-up.

    Jarvis Cocker voicing a frazzled rat is something to share.

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