From here on out, we’ll be changing the way we schedule Netflix and Amazon Prime watch parties. We’re going to take suggestions and votes in the comments and not using the public poll anymore (since to many people are casually voting and not showing up, diluting the votes of actual attendees). How this will work in practice remains to be seen, but we’ll muddle through it. If you’d like to attend our watch party, then the important thing is to RSVP in the comments, where you can make a screening suggestion or just say you plan to be there.

As always, we’re looking for five likely attendees before officially scheduling.

The first order of business is scheduling. Following our normal rotation, our next watch party would fall on July 3. Some people may have plans for July 4, however, so we suggest rescheduling for July 10 instead.

Also, we’re open to changing our regularly scheduled time. We’ve been doing Saturday nights starting around 10:15 PM ET, but if another time would be more convenient we’re open to suggestions.

The Canonically Weird movies on Netflix that we haven’t yet screened yet are A Clockwork Orange (1971), Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion (1997), Pan’s Labyrinth (2006), and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010). Feel free to nominate any of these, or ignore them in favor of other selections. Since we’ve rolled over into a new year, we could technically decide to watch something we’ve seen before (if it’s still on Netflix). For reference, the movies we’ve already screened are The Platform, April and the Extraordinary World, The Bad Batch, Skins [Pieles], Under the Skin, The Killing of a Sacred Deer, Enemy, A Ghost Story, Escape from the ‘Liberty’ Cinema, Between Worlds, Buster’s Mal Heart, The Aerial [La Antena], The Endless, The Wicker Man (1973)Murder Party (2007), I Lost My Body (2019), I’m Thinking of Ending Things (2020), We Have Always Lived in the Castle (2018), Cadaver (2020), Being John Malkovich (1999), Errementari: The Blacksmith and the Devil (2017), My Entire High School Sinking into the Sea (2016), Freaks (2018), Five Elements Ninjas (1982), Await Further Instructions (2018), and Come to Daddy (2019) .

To participate, you’ll need a U.S. Netflix account, a Chrome-based browser, and the TeleParty (formerly “Netflix Party”) extension.

Okay, now join us in discussion in the comments.


  1. So I hope the new procedure is clear enough. No more public poll, we’ll reach consensus on a movie schedule here in the comments. Still looking for 5 responses.

    First order of business: should the next Netflix Watch Party be on July 3 or July 10? I have a slight preference for the 10th but have no problems with the 3rd.

    Second order of business: I nominate Nic Cage’s Jiu Jitsu for screening. You may agree, or suggest an alternative. (I realize that always being the first commenter gives me something of an advantage in picking the movie, but we’ll work through it somehow.)

    1. This comment is my RVSP (for either the 3rd or 10th) and my vote for Jiu Jitsu.

      Have I done this right?

  2. I’m generally up for an “every” Saturday night kind of thing. Earlier would suit me better, but I believe there’s a semi-regular or two whose presence(s) would be prevented.

    As for the movie, I’m going to bring attention to “Mindhorn”, with the advisement that if you aren’t a fan of Boosh-style humour, you probably won’t like it. I quite enjoyed it, and it is pretty odd.

  3. I’ve missed the last two, but I should be able to join the next one if it’s on July 10. July 4 will not be possible for me, sorry.

    I remember seeing “Mindhorn” when it debuted on Netflix. This is probably the first time it’s crossed my mind since then! Wouldn’t mind seeing it again, but I would rather suggest “Jiu Jitsu” (assuming it’s still available).

  4. I will rsvp and nominate Homunculus (2021). I would also be interested in Mindhorn. Will there be a final chance to vote? I usually vote for more than 1, but not all, because that would be pointless.

  5. Hello, I’m RSVPing and voting for Homunculus. Nothing against Mindhorn or Jiu Jitsu, just have a thing for trepanning.

    I can do either date and any time.

    1. …’trepanning’ interest noted. *scribble* *scribble* *scribble*

    2. I love the mighty boosh so I wanna say mindhorn. At the same time I love me a bit of Nic Cage madness so I’m really torn here. Can’t we do a double feature??

  6. Jeez. As I count, it’s a three-way tie. I will selfishly break it in favor of “Ju Jitsu.” For our next Netflix party in August, “Homonculus” and “Mindhorn” will face off (along with any other titles you guys want to throw in).

    Seany, I think double features are too much to ask (we can barely get everyone together at one time for one movie), but I suppose there’s always the possibility of squeezing in a second Netflix show in July. For now, I’m thinking of just holding off until August, though. We will still have Amazon Prime show coming up on July 24.

    July 10 is the date. Mark it down.

    1. I’ll put my weight behind “Jiu Jitsu”, for what it’s worth. “Homunculus” looks good, but after heavy-moody “Midsommar”, I would prefer a Nic Cage movie with a gang over a smart movie.

  7. Thank you, but I’ve seen all of those already and own a few. Will be looking to see what else we can watch if the weather continues to be in the 100’s around here.

    1. Feel free to throw out whatever title you prefer in August, or join us later in the month if you also have Amazon Prime. And although I love summer weather, 100s are too hot, so I hope you’re back to more seasonable temperatures by then.

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