We’re ready to take suggestions and votes in the comments for our July Amazon Prime Weird Watch party, scheduled for Saturday, July 24 at 10:15 PM ET.

If you’d like to attend our watch party, then the important thing is to RSVP in the comments, where you can make a screening suggestion, or just say you plan to be there. As always, we’re looking for five likely attendees before officially scheduling.

Amazon Prime’s catalog of movies is larger (and less exclusive) than Netflix’s, and the lineup changes more frequently. Ed Dykhuizen’s availability spreadsheet is a good resource to check for Canonically Weird movies (look for ones marked “free w/ Prime” in the “Amazon” column). Or, do your own research and come up with a title from Amazon. Eligible movies will have a “watch party” button on their Amazon page. You must be a Prime subscriber; you don’t have to download an extension or additional software.

When the party is set to begin we’ll announce it in three places:

  • On this site (if you’ve signed up for regular email alerts via the sidebar you’ll also get a notice that way)
  • On our Facebook page
  • On Twitter

Make your nominations and/or RSVP in the comments below.


  1. I’ll nominate Uzumaki, John Dies At the End, and Catch 22, but I really want to watch Violence Voyager. There are a lot of good one’s on Prime right now, so I’d be down for most anything.

  2. Gonna slide in here with a seconding of “Uzumaki”. Curious as to how they do the twist on screen.

    1. Brand spanking new, just out, you all must see “Sky Sharks”. I was part of the Kickstarter that put this out there and I just received my special copy in the mail. I expect “Sky Sharks” to make all the rounds – SciFi Channel, bad movie conventions, etc. It’s about a german scientist who created a way to make sharks fly, and they’re going after planes around the world piloted by Nazi zombies. Lots of gore and short bursts of nudity. Look for it near you soon….

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