We’re ready to take suggestions and votes in the comments for our July Amazon Prime Weird Watch party, scheduled for Saturday, August 21 at 10:15 PM ET.

If you’d like to attend our watch party, then the important thing is to RSVP in the comments, where you can make a screening suggestion, or just say you plan to be there. As always, we’re looking for five likely attendees before officially scheduling.

Amazon Prime’s catalog of movies is larger (and less exclusive) than Netflix’s, and the lineup changes more frequently. Ed Dykhuizen’s availability spreadsheet is a good resource to check for Canonically Weird movies (look for ones marked “free w/ Prime” in the “Amazon” column). Or, do your own research and come up with a title from Amazon. Eligible movies will have a “watch party” button on their Amazon page. You must be a Prime subscriber; you don’t have to download an extension or additional software.

When the party is set to begin we’ll announce it in three places:

  • On this site (if you’ve signed up for regular email alerts via the sidebar you’ll also get a notice that way)
  • On our Facebook page
  • On Twitter

Make your nominations and/or RSVP in the comments below.


  1. A lot of movies that were available free on Prime last month are now paid only or require an additional channel subscription. I fear Prime Video’s short-lived golden age may already be over. The catalog is still larger than Netflix, however. I found High Life there, that may be a good watch: slow-moving so there’s time to make and read comments, but still weird enough to keep your interest.

  2. I’m happy with “High Life”, and will also toss out the slightly odd Scorcese/Cage combo, “Bringing Out the Dead”. Not the weirdest, but helped set me on my pathway here. (Killer soundtrack, too.)

  3. I’m ready for Capone.

    Sorry I missed last night, by the way. I’d forgotten that I was going away this weekend.

  4. John Paisz’ CRIME WAVE is one of the few movies I feel compelled to evangelize about… nice to see it’s on Prime

  5. If there are calls (and no objections) to move the date from the 21st to the 28th so Yves can attend, I would support it. And Bradley, agreed about CRIME WAVE’s quality, but it’s one of those that has been moved from the standard Prime service to IMDBTV, which means we can’t start a watch party with it. Feel free to suggest an alternative.

  6. So, this has gotten somewhat confused.

    Unless Yves comes back and asks to move the date (which Kelly and I are fine with), and enough other people are fine with that, we’ll go forward with the original date of 8/21.

    I count three votes for “High Life” and two for “Diary of a Chambermaid.” (I’m leaving off “Capone” since Yves is out). We’ll leave the discussion open through the weekend in case anyone else wants to RSVP and cast a vote.

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