Our March Mad Movie Madness tournament marches on with the final part of the round of 256. Things should get a little cleaner and easier to manage from here on out.

You can see the results and progress of the tournament here: (note that this link is just for viewing results. You must vote using the forms below.)

Today’s spotlighted matches: cult movie run-off Carnival of Souls vs. Wild at Heart; The Trial  vs. Werckmeister Harmonies (we honestly have no idea who will win between these two black and white classics); and (so sorry!) a death match, as Heavenly Creatures  goes head-to-head vs. Meet the Feebles. We told you these were going to be tough, and the choices will only get harder as the tournament progresses.

Part 1 of the round of 256 is complete: results here.

Part 2 (voting ends Mar 13).

Part 3 (voting ends Mar 14).

Part 4 (voting ends Mar 15).

We’ll start the round of 128 on March 17.

You may vote once every 24 hours.

Get to voting below!

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