We’re into the head-to-head elimination round of our irregularly scheduled annual March Mad Movie Madness tournament. The winner of this year’s contest will be elevated onto our Apocryphally Weird list. (High-placing losers may get extra editorial consideration, too.)

The contestants have been seeded 1-16 according to IMDB user rating. The four highest vote getters from the play-in roundRequiem for a Vampire (1973), Baba Yaga (1973)Relaxer (2018), and Exorcism Negro (1974)—have been rewarded by having to face off against the highest rated titles in the field.

You can see the entire field here. We’ll update results as they come in.

Vote for the film you’d prefer to be honored as apocrypha. If you haven’t seen both (which will likely be the case), go ahead and vote for the movie you’ve heard of, if you think it would be a good representative. You could even vote your preference based on the film’s reputation, or because the description of it in our review amuses you. We’re not checking up on you and wouldn’t judge your vote if we could.

You may vote once per day, until this round of polling closes at midnight EST on March 15. We’ll announce the results and set up the next round a week from today.

Links in the polls below go to 366 Weird Movies’ review, or to the film’s IMDB page if we haven’t reviewed it.

Get to voting!

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