With Netflix parties all the rage in this season of quarantine, we bring you a modest proposal: how about a 366-based Netflix party of our own?

If you’re not aware, the Netflix party is an app via a Chrome extension that allows a group of invitees to simultaneously watch a video on Netflix, while chatting in a window.

It requires:

  • Access to Netflix (U.S. version only—everyone will be watching the same stream)
  • A Chrome browser on a desktop or laptop (apparently mobile is not supported yet)
  • The Netflix Party extension (available here: per the developers, you may want to wait until tomorrow to download the latest version,  1.7.7, which fixes a major bug)

We’re just floating the idea right now, but it might help to create a sense of community on 366. If successful, it could become a regular feature.

But what we want right now is suggestions for what to watch. It must be something in Netflix’s catalog. It could be a Canonically Weird movie, a list candidate, or something altogether different and unexpected. Weird (or at least pseudo-weird) would be best. We suggest limiting ourselves to individual movies rather than series, but we’ll bow to the consensus.

We’ll also need to know what time is convenient. We feel like most 366 offerings play best around midnight, so our preference would be starting at 11:00 PM EST on Saturday night.

G. Smalley will throw out the first suggestion: The Platform,  a Snowpiercer/High Rise style social satire that probably totters at the edge of weird without diving off the deep end. It’s gotten good reviews, and is something we might not investigate without a special excuse.

Feel free to add other suggestions (and best times for you to watch) in the comments below. If we get enough interest and nominees we’ll set up a poll, and schedule a time. If not, nothing was lost except the real estate this post takes up on the front page.

Chat logs may be posted, if they are amusing.


  1. This sounds great and I would LOVE to participate. 11pm on Saturday would be fine, but may want to consider a matinee, since I believe there might be a lot of weekend late night streaming parties going on on the weekend.

    The Platform sounds great! I would love to see it.

    As an alternative, I’ll toss out Swiss Army Man.

  2. I would try to join in, and that time seems reasonable. I’ll suggest I Lost My Body or On Body and Soul, two other Netflix originals I’ve been meaning to watch.

  3. I may have another suggestion after further research (merely typing “weird” into the Netflix search box was not terribly helpful), but I know that “The Ballad of Buster Scruggs” has been recommended to us for review.

  4. What a great idea. I hope you all enjoy the experience. I don’t have netflix so I will not be joining you.

    This whole connecting weirdos reminds me of the “glory days” of the internet. Hope it gains momentum.

  5. I’d love to as well, from Lisbon Portugal! I’m a Dansh-American weirdo who has been a great fan of you and your writing. This is the place I go to find new films, not just weird but everything.

  6. Indiana here. I’m in. It’s a bit long probably and not super wierd as Bollywood goes, but throwing out Bahoobali for a future watch.

    1. I’m about to put up the poll so this might not make it, or it might be added late, but… for clarification, do you mean Bahubali 1 or Bahubal 2? I think 2 is more famous, and you don’t have to have seen 1 to enjoy it. If it doesn’t make it in this poll maybe we’ll have another Netflix party.

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