We have a couple of physical media items to give away, and we’re making it simple. We’re asking you to name a weird and obscure movie we may not have noticed that’s currently playing for free on Amazon Prime. But, since not everyone has Amazon Prime or cares to do research, that’s optional—we’re making the contest open to everyone. Simply make a comment below that you wish to be entered in the contest. (You may also make an Amazon Prime recommendation without being entered in the giveaway, naturally).

Contest eligibility rules: You must comment on this post informing us of your desire to be in the contest. Due to the adult nature of the prize, you must be over 18 years of age to enter. To receive the two discs, you must supply us with a mailing address in the United States. (Don’t publish your address in your comment! We’ll contact the winner through email.) 366 contributors are not eligible to win the prize. We’ll stop accepting entries this Sunday, July 26, at midnight EST. The winner will be chosen randomly from all eligible comments. If the winner does not respond to our request for a mailing address within 48 hours, we’ll email a runner-up, and so forth, until the prize is given away.

As for the prizes:

You’ll get Grapevine Video’s 2008 release titled Haxan. Please note, however, that this is not the usual public domain cut of the film, but actually the shorter Witchcraft Through the Ages version that was released in 1968 with an avant-garde jazz score and narration by . If you’ve only seen the canonically weird original, this is a different experience altogether.

The Prince Blu-ray CoverPlus, we’ll throw in a fresh Blu-ray copy of the newly-released homoerotic prison drama The Prince (2018), which currently has an 88% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Per the box cover, “The Prince is a deeply affecting exploration of masculine aggression, loyalties and desire.” Contains explicit scenes.  You can read more about the film and watch the slightly NSFW trailer at distributor Artsploitation Films’ The Prince page.

Both disks are factory sealed. That’s a weird double feature, for sure. It can be yours for the price of a comment.


  1. “I desire to be in the contest” I thought Putney Swope was up on Prime, but I might be mistaken. Doesn’t matter everyone watch it again and again!

  2. I would love to enter the contest. The movie “The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle” (2009) is available on Prime.

    1. I cannot follow directions well!!
      I would love to be entered in the contest.

  3. I would love to be entered. And this may not be all that obscure of a suggestion , nor is it a movie, but I recommend the 60s sci-fi show The Prisoner.

  4. What about “The Wild, Wild, World Of Jayne Mansfield”? A bizarre mondo film that was cobbled together from footage both before and after her untimely death, with an odd stand in doing a poor imitation of Jayne’s breathy tone. The narration is in the first person, as if the filmmakers didn’t know she had passed, until they tack a sleazy coda onto the end of the film.

  5. I had a Prime free trial last month and was pleased to see “Meet The Hollowheads” on there, but disappointed by the VHS-quality video. Still a great movie, though- holds up really well. Sharp one-liners and great world-building on a budget. I’d like to be in the contest, please.

  6. I’d love to be entered! Tideland is currently available on Prime I believe, and I highly recommend this extremely underrated Gilliam film.

  7. I’ll throw in a rec for “The Last Days of the World” (2011), a downbeat and existential take on the “end-of-the-world” story as a young sexual frustrated teenager embarks on cold, frightening nihilism as he listens to the many unusual things that guide him (arguably the most attention-grabbing being a tiny man) as the reality of the world is unclear and left for speculation. It’s uneven and it has a divisive response for good reason, but it’s worth digging out from its ultra-obscurity and gives insight to Eiji Uchida’s work, a forerunner of Japan’s independent scene that stylistically favors cynicism and sleaze.

    I would like to enter the contest if no such issue arises from me doing so.

  8. I would LOVE to be entered in this contest. I’ve actually never heard of either films, and as usual, browsing through this amazing website introduced me to more fantastically weird films.

    Also, Space Boobs in Space is available on Amazon Prime!

  9. My recommendation is Violence Voyager, which they fairly recently added to Amazon Prime. Not my favorite movie I’ve seen recently, but it’s definitely unique and interesting enough to recommend people give it a shot.
    And I would definitely be interested in entering the contest

  10. I would definitely like to be entered in the contest. I don’t have Amazon Prime, alas. I would recommend All the Vermeers in New York as a strange movie.

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