366 Weird Movies brings you a new DVD giveaway contest! With the Weirdcademy Awards coming up, we thought we’d make this an awards-themed contest. Now, we started awarding the Weirdcademy Awards for Weirdest Picture, Actor, Actress, Scene and Short in 2010. Your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to nominate a movie/short/actor/actress/scene for a movie from a year before 2010, and post your choice in the comments below. For example, you might say, “I nominate the bit in Eraserhead where the lady in the radiator stomps on the giant sperm creatures that fall from the ceiling as ‘weirdest scene’ of 1977″ or “I nominate as Weirdest Actress of 1966 for Persona—or, was that ?” There are many, many obvious choices, and you don’t have to be clever to win—you just have to show that you’re paying attention. We’ll index the responses and pick a winner randomly using from all entries that meet the criteria.

As usual, please observe the following eligibility rules: to receive the DVDs, you must supply us with a mailing address in the United States, and you must not have won a prize from us in the past six months. If you don’t meet those qualifications you can still participate for fun, but let us know you’re not in it for the prize. We’ll be closing the contest Monday, February 20 at midnight.

Our prize is once again provided by  Artsploitation Films (distributors of the Certified Weird Der Samurai). This is a factory-sealed DVD, not a used review copy. The movie is The Devil Lives Here [AKA The Fostering], a 2015 Brazilian horror film based on local folklore. From the box cover:

THE DEVIL LIVES HERE Cover“Candyman meets Brazilian mythology in this terrifying tale of demonic spirits, black slavery and the group of young people terrorized by what they have unwittingly unleashed. Three teens visit their friend at his remote family farmhouse. Bad timing, because every nine months, a vengeful evil takes over this ancient house, which is this exact day the teens gather. What was supposed to be a night of scary stories and fun becomes instead a violent, bloody descent into hell.”

You have your instructions, now get to it!


  1. I nominate Randy Quaid for his unnerving performance in Parents especially the close ups of his rather red face that filled the screen.
    Robert Segedy

  2. I nominate Dan Akroyd for 1991’s weirdest actor with his portrayal of Judge Valkenheiser and Bobo in Nothing But Trouble. Not the best, but he went full weird for that film.

  3. I nominate the Stella short “Searching For Santa” for weirdest short of 1998. Mostly because I’m surprised none of the Stella Shorts have made it onto the weirdest short film list yet.

  4. I nominate “Hausu” for the weirdest movie of 1977, in particular the scene where a piano eats a girl, or the one where a chandelier eats a girl, or the cat-spewed blood ocean, or the watermelon scene, or I guess pretty much any scene.

  5. I’m not eligible for the prize, but I still want offer a nomination for REJECTED as Weirdest Short of 2000. Just a perfect blend of goofiness, outrageousness, and madness.

  6. Although I don’t qualify, I nominate Deborah Harry for Weirdest Actress in her role as Nikki Brand in Videodrome, as she burns herself a third nipple, morphs into a lustful TV box, and disappears from reality altogether.

  7. I nominate the “12′ Penis Maypole Dance Number” from Lisztomania as the weirdest scene for 1975. Roger Daltrey (as Liszt, wearing an Alice in Wonderland-esque blue and white dress) enters an enormous vagina, slides down a tube and emerges with a grotesque fiberglass erection, singing and strumming his harp like an electric guitar. He is alternately worshipped, ridden and be-ribboned by a host of former lovers who then lead him to a willie-threatening guillotine operated by a cigar-chomping Russian countess dressed as a bat.

    Nearly every scene in Lisztomania is utterly bizarre and some may argue that other scenes are stranger, but the phallus maypole puts this one on top for me!

  8. I nominate Janet McTeer as Weirdest Actress of 2005 for her manic performance as Dell in Gilliam’s wondrously strange Tideland. Dell is a bipolar wicked witch whose gonzo religious fervor fuels her special type of taxidermy.

  9. Movie: Mind Game (20040

    Short: Cat Soup (2001)

    Actor: Nicolas Cage , Vampire’s Kiss (1988)

    Actress: Isabelle Adjani, Possession (1981)

    Scene: The bar scene in Calvaire (2004)

  10. I nominate 2001: A Space Odyssey for Best Picture 1968. Simply for being one of the greatest films ever made and still managing to be weird.

  11. Susan Tyrrell:Forbidden Zone (1980) – Queen Doris of the Sixth Dimension / Ruth Henderson. Queen Doris: Tell me… Tell me how you loved… King Fausto: I loved to feel your nipples harden when I caress them with my fingertips.

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