We thought we’d pass on this interesting idea for a contest to our readers.  The winner gets their laugh or scream featured in an actual independent horror film, complete with a screen credit.
Every Scary Movie Needs At Least One Great Scream!

The producers of The Funny Man want 10,000 of them! We are inviting fans from all over the world to submit their own madcap, blood curdling, maniacal scream or laugh for a chance to be featured and credited in The Funny Man movie.

The Funny Man is a psychological horror thriller in the vein of Psycho, about an attractive young woman named RACHEL who offers a struggling bipolar comedian a ride home. Unfortunately, her simple act of kindness is rewarded with more than just a few harmless jokes.  Before the evening ends, RACHEL finds out that the comedian has a psychotic and extremely dangerous “twin brother” who derives pleasure from wearing a creepy sponge-like mask and video-taping his victims.

Participation is easy. Simply upload your best bloodcurdling scream or maniacal laugh to your favorite video sharing platform such as Vimeo or Youtube, then visit The Funny Man fan page on Facebook and post a link to your video on The Funny Man comment wall.  The window of opportunity is open from now until June 25th, 2011.  The scream or laugh that receives the most appreciation in terms of “likes” and comments by other fans will be featured in our movie.  It’s that simple! In addition to seeing your actual scream or disturbed laugh in our movie, the winner will also see their name in the films credits and receive an official IMDB film acting credit.

Post your scream or madcap laugh video on The Funny Man Facebook page here:

For more information about “The Funny Man” visit the official blog here:

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