An administrative announcement, just so the review above makes sense: we have completed the List of 366 Weird Movies, which henceforth will be referred to as “Canonically Weird,” or “the Canon.”

As previously announced, we will be continuing to honor other films, at a slower pace; once officially confirmed, these supplemental entries will be listed as “Apocryphally Weird,” or “the Apocrypha.”  Therefore, Umbilical World counts as an “Apocrypha Candidate.”

We’ll be using this terminology from now on. You can consider all former “List Candidates” to be converted to “Apocrypha Candidates” automatically. Now we return you to your regularly scheduled weirdness.

9 thoughts on “APOCRYPHA”

  1. I’ll admit that referring to future entrants as such will take some time to get used to, but “Apocrypha” is a creative and completely accurate way to separate it from the official canon that I wouldn’t have suspected.

    On that note, the sidebar list of said “Canonically Weird” movies does not list Meaning of Life and End of Evangelion. I assume this is a holdover mistake from those articles being listed as Capsules initially, but it just stuck out ever since the two Caligari films were added onto it.

  2. There’s the added bonus that “apocryphal”, as an adjective, suggests something isn’t true. Be this subversion or bet-hedging, I’m on board.

  3. Apocrypha: The Adventure Continues…

    I figured something like that would happen. I have to admit, I was enjoying the suspense not knowing what would be on the other side of the curtain. And instead things keep going on just as before with minor changes. How weird. How… 366Weird!

    If you ever start a site called “366WorstMovies.com,” count me in.

  4. Cool! I can’t wait to see more new weird movies show up on this site! Also, check out my own “Weirdness Approved” list! I was planning on reaching 400 movies, TV shows and shorts for this list! Are there any weird movies that you think I should check out?

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