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From director Eric Michael Kochmer, producers Jonathan Haloosim and James Anthony Cotton, associate producer Maria Olsen, co-produced by the We Make Movies collective and MOnsterworks66 comes Way Down in Chinatown, featuring Lisa Loring, “Wednesday” from the original “Addams Family” TV show.

“The team who put this film together certainly succeeded in their mission if it was to leave the viewer disturbed.” – Stuart Hine

Click to purchase the Way Down in Chinatown DVD
Click to purchase the Way Down in Chinatown DVD

THE STORY: Playwright Victor Mitchum and theater director Jessica Mitchum work exceedingly hard at creating new and innovative work for the theater. As they venture into their new dark musical, “Apocalypse Tomorrow” (inspired by Leadbelly’s “Goodnight Irene”) they suddenly find themselves seduced by the underworld that is being created to preserve the few.

Annie, an elusive temptress with the voice of a worm-like angel, slithers her way into Victor’s soul, causing a rift in his marriage to Jessica, who is equally lured by an ominous mirror image of herself, (Mara). Both of the possessed protagonists descend morally before they are compelled to walk downtown and face the underground theater, and themselves, for possibly the last time.

Way Down in Chinatown is a surrealistic horror film in the same vein as Eraserhead and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The film can be classified as a black and white, Expressionist noir. Influenced by Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, Jean Luc Godard’s Alphaville, and Rainer Wener Fassbinder’s Veronica Voss, Chinatown takes elements from all these classics and melds them into a catastrophic delight to watch.


“…avant garde at its finest… there really is no middle ground with this film. Either you love it or you hate it. I say enjoy it for what it is.”
– STEPHANIE NETT, Midnight Reverie

“…as original a sci-fi thriller as you’re likely to see… It’s a polarizing film, it’s one that you will love or hate but whatever your reaction it’ll get the grey matter working harder than any movie you’ll see this year.”
– JONATHAN BAXTER, Knifed in Venice

“Think film noir add a dash of Sci-Fi throw in some disturbing scenes in the style of Eraserhead mixed with a squeeze of A Clockwork Orange and you have WAY DOWN IN CHINATOWN.”
– MOLLY GORE, Kensington Gore”

“Surreal, impressionistic, and irrevocably bizarre, Kochmer’s artistic approach to the eccentric is reminiscent of a David Lynch expose.”
– DAVE GAMMON, Horror News

“To be honest with you I can’t really say what this flick is about. And I’ve seen it twice already!”
-TOMMY SORDERBERG, The Flick Fanatic’s Companion

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 DVD available now. Video-on-Demand coming soon.


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