So Casey Affleck gets a Most Conventional Actor Oscar for mooning around New England looking like he got served a bad bowl of clam chowder, but when he does an entire movie with a sheet over his head with eyeholes cut out watching Rooney Mara eat a pie, he doesn’t even get a sniff from the Academy? Cast Jennifer Lawrence in any old romantic comedy as a quirky pixie who reinvigorates some dude’s shattered love life and they toss nominations at her sight unseen, but let her act in just one Biblical allegory where she gets her face stomped in by a bajillion rowdy houseguests, and suddenly she’s not good enough for a Most Conventional Actress award? So what retreads did the Academy of Arts and Sciences see fit to nominate for the Most Conventional Picture Oscar of 2017? This year’s movie about a white high school senior fretting about her future? This year’s Stephen Spielberg/Tom Hanks/Meryl Streep snoozer? This year’s historical reenactment society drama (two of them in 2017, and they chose the exact same subject)? This year’s gay romance movie? This year’s movie about a kidnapped Amazonian lizard man who has sex with a mute woman while on the run from Commie spies? (Actually, maybe they were awake for that one).

Yes, the Oscars are a joke, and everyone knows it. You, my friend, aren’t content with the same-old same-old, new wine in a familiar old glass. You want weird in your movies. The Weirdcademy Awards are for you, the moviegoer whose friends roll their eyes and sigh loudly when you suggest buying tickets to a Polish killer mermaid musical.

Although the editors of 366 Weird Movies select the nominees from the pool of available movies, the Awards themselves are a naked popularity contest and do not necessarily reflect either the artistic merit or intrinsic weirdness of the films involved. The Weirdcademy Awards are tongue-in-cheek and for fun only. Ballot-stuffing is a frequent occurrence. Please, no wagering.

The Weirdcademy Awards are given to the Weirdest Movie, Actor, Actress and Scene of the previous year, as voted by the members of the Weirdcademy of Motion Picture Arts and Weirdness.

Who makes up the Weirdcademy? Membership is open to all readers of 366 Weird Movies. The rules for joining the Weirdcademy of Motion Picture Arts and Weirdness are as follows. To officially join, locate an official online ballot (such as the one below) and hover your mouse pointer over the radial button representing the choice of movie you would like to see win any award in any category. Then, simply depress the left button of your mouse to make your selection. Selections made using the right mouse button will be disregarded, and you will be forced to reapply. If your application for membership is approved, a dot will appear next to your choice. You are not done yet, so continue reading. To be certified as a voting member of the Weirdcademy, at some point subsequent to making your selection, you must navigate your mouse button to the box marked “vote.” Now, again depress your left mouse button to confirm your membership as a voting member of the Weirdcademy.

(Vote as many times as you like, but only once per day, please. We’ll keep voting open until March 4 at 12:00 Noon EST, so we can announce our results before the Academy Awards and steal their thunder).

There is no requirement that you’ve have to actually see all the movies in any category before voting.

Be sure to also vote for Weirdest Short Film of the Year. To watch all five nominees and to cast your vote, please click here.

Without further delay, we unveil the nominees for the 2017 Weirdcademy Awards below:

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