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  1. Several years ago I saw this film. It would have been in the80’s or early 90’s. Basically this teenage boys father married this very attractive, young, woman and there is increasingly strong sexual tension between the boy and his new stepmother. I remember that the family was at the dinner table, and the boy had managed to slip off his stepmother’s underwear without anyone noticing. Later, the stepmother went into the kitchen and they had sex.

  2. 80’s or 90’s movie where this red headed man is picking locks or has a key and attacks woman. He lurks in the shadows. I think at the end they end up in the garage and he is killed….

  3. Trying to find the name if a old movie about 2 male teens moving into a a house that has alot of secrets,and magic,in the movie they find out their ancient ancestor(a old man)has been.living there forever protecting it it was on sci fi channel I believe

  4. Late 80s or early 90s movie, a young girl shot her mothers boyfriend in defense, she ended up in an all women’s prison where there were sex scenes between guards and inmates. At the end of the movie, the inmates had performed some kind of show for family, her boyfriend was there to watch and had given her a rose(s)

  5. I remember seeing a movie back at 2002 or 2003, the hero has blonde hair and he kept running until he felt from stairs or someone pushed him, I don’t remember it so well beacause I was a child back then , anyways, I hope I know it’s name because I remember that I enjoyed it a lot and liked the hero :)
    Best regards

  6. Help! I’m trying to remember a foreign film (possibly French?) where a car thief goes to jail and his victim falls in love with his wife . There is a creepy stepfather and the new lover is very genteel and has a home in the countryside. The shocking scene is where he slaps the woman in the elevator when she admits to a tryst with the husband . Also the word “troglodyte” is used.

  7. Hi guys
    I’m looking for a movie I saw on tv years ago.. I just remember it’s about a strange girl that didn’t quite fit in with the rest. She had short blonde hair if I recall correctly. She worked in a kind of factory and wore grey overcoats at work. Think it had a bit of a futuristic setting.. In the movie she ends up taking a man home to her dingy apartment and everything about it is different and strange for that time. I think she still had a lot of plants inside the flat.

  8. Ok so I remember watching this movie about this weird dog thing. It had spike like things all over it. I only remember two parts which was when it was in the grass & was watching these people have a party & when it had got in the house and it was looking in the dryer. I would really appreciate it if I found out the name of this movie

  9. This may be an indy movie and filmed in the whole FP camera “Chronicle” style but even then I should be able to google it up but i have been fully unsuccessful. I think I saw this movie at home in the last 5 years..it cant be much older than 10 years old probably less than 5 years old though..Ill give my basic synopsis: Its starts out a college age or teenage guy and his friend go onto a houseboat or boat (his “weird” uncle’s i think) which is moored at a swamp deep in some woods and they open a box or hatch and the find this is not a real boat at all but an entrance to an abandoned looking secret underground tunnel or base/bunker..one of them is foolhardy and goes down into the hatch and starts exploring the underground bunker with a lame flashlight. He goes all the way down into and finds there are rooms and supplies but finds at least one room with strange equipment. While he’s down there he starts getting the impression he is not alone and maybe in danger so he high tails it outta there. He take something with him though, a metallic gadgety ball. When they leave the house-boat they try to figure out the device and take it to they’re nerdy friends lab or garage and things get wierd at first the ball is unresponsive but someon flips a switch activating a powerful machine connected to the device by a large cable(s). and this seems to also activate the “alien” device I don’t remember what all effects it has but it seems to resonate with power. They start gettign scared of it after that but one of them is obsessed and against the groups advice tries to power it up again. I may be wrong but I think it took out the power to the area briefly at that point..I think one of the guys is knocked unconscious. It seems like after that they eventually figure out how to power it back up using a huge amount of makeshift cables strewn about the laboratory, but it seems like some government type agents are now looking for them and maybe were alerted by the power outage (I could be imagine-orizing the whole power outage thing though, but I’m pretty sure at some point the boys go on the run from an agency). I seem to remember it ends with them returning the device to the basement and they actually captured or thought they captured the “alien” that was down there.( I think it too came out of hiding to retrieve the device they took.) Not sure if it happened in the movie but I’d say that eventually the guy who owns the secret entrance/houseboat comes around and resolves everything and warns the guys that they don’t know what they’re dealing with. Somehow he shuts down the entrance and or burns the boat. I know the memory is full of holes but I just hope some of this rings a bell to someone and can point me in the right direction, about this movie (Its a movie not a tv series or special I’m pretty sure of that.) Sure facts These are guys that are the main characters, they or one of them goes into a secret tunnel/bunker entrance hidden in the disguise of a houseboat in the middle of a swamp/woods lagoon. Something or someone is down there but he manages to pull out a strange device.. They take it to a lab or workshop and activate it and it has bizzare and unpleasantly powerful charged effects. I does something to one or more of them but don’t recall what. It sounds like “Chronicle” but its not even a rip off of “Chronicle” although it is part of that whole “shaky camera” genre, in some or all of the movie’s scenes.

  10. Ok, so I remember seeing Thia movie, with the girl, she was some kind of superhero, when she saved people, she would have them show her their boobs or kiss them, I was really young when I saw this movie about 10 years ago. She wore a costume with a mask, I taught it was spider girl or something, she could fly I think, and there was lots of showing of upper body parts, I can’t remember the name for the life of me, no matter how hard I try, please help

    1. I saw this movie years ago on IFC where a man was killed I think and then his spirit was flying around this really colorful city at night looking in on people he knew, it was really cool, but I can’t remember the name to save my life.

  11. I saw it on tv as a kid so probably a movie from the 90’s. Extremely sexual … I can only remember certain scenes … There is a married couple … The ‘bad guy’ I think had blond hair about shoulder length … Anyway the ‘bad guy’ has sex with some woman hot wax is involved … He’s not fully naked … He’s standong at the edge of the bed … There’s a scene where I think he tried to kill a woman by putting a light into the hottub or something … In the end the house is on fire the main girl is bloodied and her husband sits beside Her as they watch the house burn

  12. Anybody know a movie where a mom leaves her boy in the woods and he finds her years later in the future and shes just a silhouette of a women

  13. I’m looking for the name of a movie where a little boy with redhair draws a picture for his parents and gets put outside of the camper and then grows up and works in a egg factory and he has a fish that later in the movie goes out the window and he had found a metal bowl like thing in the junkyard and he eats cereal out of it and at the beginning after he grows up he eats a whole egg, and toward the end he has to save a girl she’s put in a fridge that’s chained up and his boss is the evil villain who put her in there.

  14. A movie that has several troll like creatures that bite people’s hands and feet if they are hanging over the edges of the bed and then tie them up. Also they throw a cat into a fan and kill it

    1. Well There may be other movies with house trolls, but I’m thinking your talking about Cat’s Eye a Steven King movie wherein at the end The cat kills the last troll by hurling it into a fan. SO IF I’m right you maybe have it backwards about the fan and also the trolls were not attacking hands and feet but stealing the breath of a baby the cat was trying to protect. SO either its Cat’s Eye or a different troll movie.

  15. I never saw this movie but I remember a trailer where a group of people are trying to deliver a girl with demonic possession somewhere. She was locked in a cell type transport. If I am remembering correctly they couldn’t speak with the demon. Please help.

  16. We are looking for an older movie which is futuristic and the prisoners rebel and come after the bad people in an armored wagon they created and the main girl in love with the bad boy gets shot in the neck with either an arrow or an axe. It was quite a grusome movie, but we can’t remember the name of it!

  17. I vaguely remember watching a movie when I was younger, 1980s, can’t remember the plot but it was either about rival gangs or zombies or both. At one point a naked girl is bound to a table or something in an abandoned building and is being assaulted by a group. They begin to bite her breasts- like take big chunks out of them.

  18. i am looking for a movie not animated cartoon movie a movie was late 80s or 90 when a kid had a fear to cross over the bridge with a bike seen’s troll chassing him do u know a movie like ath

  19. Please Someone help with this.

    It was a movie with a lot of young looking characters and they all randomly exploded one at a time at the end. Also there waas a lizard from space that was killing them?…I think the movie was similar to something like “teenage wasteland?”

  20. I recall this movie with a man went into a morgue but was actually a woman in disguise. She then proceeded to copy the appearance of a dead woman that had blonde hair with a blue dress by looking at a photo and body. After she then left the building disguised as the dead woman

  21. whats the movie where a woman is being stalked/ or doesn’t like the guy (can’t remember) and shes got one little girl, and he shows up to the little girls party, and starts playing with the kids in one of those little tiny plastic kid houses and makes fake cookies out of play doh

  22. 1960’s movie about daughter being pregnant and parents hiding her during pregnancy then pretending that the mother is pregnant and raising daughter’s baby as their own. A tragedy of some sort happens a few years later, when the daughter is tired of having to pretend that the boy is her ‘brother’, and reveals to everyone that the boy is really her son.

    So i randomly saw this film a while back that boggled me now for days. I saw it when i was 8 or 9, now its really vague to me but i want to watch it again
    As far i remember, the movie is comedy i guess. Its like the movie “Movie 43”. Short films within a film.

    So there was this puppeteer, he loves his puppet so much. Then one day he found out that his wife was cheating on him, using that puppet. He caught them having sex (wtf)

    Another part was, it was in a hospital there was this surgeon, who didnt care that he left an instrument inside his patient then he didnt bother removing it before he stitched her up.

    Help me find that film. That is all i can remember

  24. I’m looking for a show, well at least i think its a show. Where a little girl was drinking from a water hose and kids around were making fun of her. She turns around said something. Then she faints and a man i think her grandpa or father picks her up. Next thing she’s like a teenager, naked and staring at her hands as if it was a new body. They man says something like you a 11 years older? Or couple a years older. Then at another part she was taking a shower and she faints a friend of hers helps. Her name is ki… sounds key. I really need help its been stuck with me since i was 12

  25. I remember this movie where this little girl runs away or gets lost and she has this little magic friend helping her, but there’s a witch that tries getting her that disguised herself as her mom. It’s driving me crazy

  26. The movie I’m trying too remember was about a girl in high school that had a portal to another world in her locker I think she was a witch or something

  27. There’s this movie where this guy and girl where stuck in a cold vent and they had to get naked and lay on one another for body heat

  28. so I have been trying to find a movie I saw as a kid. I had this magic door, maybe in the attic that a boy went through to get to this other world. at some point in this world he meets up with several characters including a talking boxing kangaroo. no it is not kangaroo jack. been driving me crazy cause I can picture the movie but can’t remember the title to find it again. it was all live action

  29. What’s the movie with a creepy gaurdian angel looking after a little girl and he watches her little sister drown in a river or lake?

  30. A post apocalypse type movie where society lives behind a huge wall and a bad@$$ woman goes out with a team for some mission and they find a bunch of crazy zombies or barbarians that do this huge circus thing at night and then there’s crazy racing through the desert trying to kill each other later. The new mad max trailer reminds me of it but idk what it’s called

  31. Society behind wall + badass woman = doomsday.
    Excellent Neil Marshall flick

  32. Looking for a title to a movie I saw when I was a child which would be around early 90s maybe mid 90s. The only scene I remember which has stayed in my mind for many years is the scene of a man crawling underneath a table with a tablecloth and seeing tombs everywhere. Help me figure this one out can’t seem to find it anywhere on google

  33. A movie that starts as a top view of a green hill, a giant monster with horns chasing a man and woman, later kills them and their faces show with others on it’s body.

  34. Umm… This was like years ago, but the movie(/it was an anime movie) was about the world being invaded(?) by a lot of robot/alien/ghost (something..) but most people seemed to just be continuing their regular lives..(mostly showing highschool kids) but one of the main character(the boy) had a friend with one of those things.. The he met a girl – then he lost anarm in a battle.. And (also the thing was help in the battle.. Actually i think the thing ATE his arm…)(the thing’s still friendly though…) then i don’t remember anymore… Please help.. This actually had something to do with my past…. :(

  35. Ok so I saw this movie on Netflix about a year or so ago and I can’t remember the name of it. It was like some cheap, underground film. Obviously low budget. But anyways, this man shoots himself in a field and his daughter is kidnapped from her home and is taken to this guys house and kept in a closet for awhile. I can’t remember much but there are some weird scenes with the guy humping a doll shot in black and white. Eventually the girl gets older and they develop more of a relationship and he lets her live in his house not just his closet. I don’t remember if they have sex but I do know he asked her a few times through out the movie if she was a witch and towards the end of the movie she was given the opportunity to escape but she doesn’t and I guess falls in love with him. And I think there were some flashback scenes where she was a young girl and had like a boyfriend who said he would marry her or something.


  37. It’s where I think there is a genie and the only scene I remember clearly is when a, or these, kids hide in a sofa and a black panther walks by. I’m not sure but I think there is like magic in the movie or it MIGHT be in the title. It’s been bothering me. I used to watch it as a kid so it’s a little old. It was not made in the 2000’s, I know that much.

  38. The movie was about a young girl far from home, she had short blonde hair. The only scene I remember was her struggling on a cliff with a shiny piece of jewelry, while two men were chasing after her! This movie is animated.

  39. In which girl slipped in bathroom and smashed with glass door and big piece of glass cuts her neck

  40. Trying to remember the name of a movie where this young guy meets a girl I think in Vegas and she’s dressed as an angel I think they’re at a bus stop or something….not sure anyway he eventually falls in love with her. Starts seeing “signs” that he should find her and sees her name everywhere and I think he even hears a song playing with her name in it maybe a Rod Stewart or Neil Diamond song. Thank you for your help.

    1. Parts of it sound like “Can’t Hardly Wait” with Ehan Embry and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Jenna Elfman is the angel the song is Mandy by Barry Manilow but he was chasing after Jennifer Love Hewitt.

  41. I remember seeing a movie from the mid nineties. It was a beast last film about a bunch of young adults who snuck into a vacant city home. Each of the couples were having sex throughout the home and the group was partying together. somehow members and started being killed. I’m not sure if it was by a member of the group or if the home was haunted. At one point in the movie I remember there being a dirt bike inside of the hallway and it being driven down the hallway and tearing through the corpse of one of the females.

    I thought I remembered the owner of the motorcycle being Ethan Suplee but I cannot find anything resembling this movie in his filmography

  42. I’m looking for a movie made in the 80’s I think. I saw it as a kid in the 90s. The plot is that this kid finds a hole in some woods. The hole talks to him telepathically. He brings people out to see said hole and pushes them in. I think it’s aliens in the hole. in The end a female friend of his pushes him in. Please help been trying to find this out for years.

  43. What’s the name of the movie that’s based in older times, a woman ends up going nuts and murdering a couple of people in the hide. Strangling one of them very graphically. The other victim may had been stabbed.

  44. There is a movie that I have been trying to figure out the name for years now. I hope somebody can help. I was a kid when I seen this movie so its kind of a blur. The movie was VHS and from the 90s or before. It starts off showing a group of kids at a huge house. A man lives in the house. To the town he is know as “the beast” he never leaves his home. I’m not sure how it happened but the kids and the man became close that he would even leave his home and go places with them. One day he and one of the kids (girl) were going for a walk. They walk on a wall that is also a waterfall and a lake of water below the man kept telling the girl to get off but she didn’t. Then she fell off the wall. (I think she died.) The man fetched her out of the water and carried her to town (almost every older person still hates the “beast”) when he got to town everyone assumed that he killed her. They didn’t let him explain himself. They all crowd him and then the next scean is just of a rifle getting shot. All the kids are sad because the man is nowhere and they believe he got killed. Now I’m not sure if all the kids go to his house or just one but they go and find that the man was there and looked great because before his face was messed up. He plays the piano and then leaves with a young lady his age

  45. Hi i really need help to find the name of the movie
    it should be an 80’s low budget thriller movie since i saw it on the late 90’s, here’s what i remember:
    -at the beginning of the movie the protagonist visits an asylum and meets a man that claims that insects tell him secret stories (he doesnt buy it, but looks intrigued), he also meets a woman
    -he soon start fighting a secret organization which leader has magic powers and wants to kill him
    -the girl helps him awaken his powers and tells him that he is kind of the chosen one and his magic powers would be stronger than anyone’s
    – he fights the leader and when the leader magically crates an pistol he magically put the pistol on his hand to defeat him
    – in the end of the movie both the protagonist and the woman are patients in the asylum and he pick ups an insect and claims that it’s telling him an history
    it was a really weird movie but i watched it as a kid and ill really like to watch it again so please, ill appreciate your help.

  46. Okay so I saw this movie when I was like 8/9 so I don’t remember much but I remember snippets, like a woman trapped in a castle somewhere, meets a guy in a field and this guy turns into a bear, I think she has a daughter? also there’s a scene where a lot of people are having dinner on a long oval table and they’re all drinking wine and the girl and guy poison someone? Idk I’ve been dying to remember what movie this is

  47. I am looking for a movie I watched in 1999 or 2001 I was very young. A group of friends go to a house and the one draws pictures of her friends but there gruesome and about death. One is her friends she drew with her head on a platter wrapped in her guts. Which later in the movie she goes missing and find the silver platter. And the guy behind it was so fascinated by the drawing he had to create them. He had no skin he had torn 8t off because he drew a picture of himself with no skin. I was only 6 when I saw the details are fuzzy but I can’t find it

  48. Western, James Stewart. He is on a ridge and after fending off an attack he stops his fellow shooter from shooting the enemy in the back as they run away. The fellow shooter asks why and Stewart says ” if you don’t just know why, then I don’t think I can explain it to you.”

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