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  1. I’m looking for this movie that I watched about six years ago and it was pretty weird. A Korean lady was in lab with other people in a dream and she was fighting this crazy man and it was a pretty bloody scene and the man’s child self was there and as she was killing the man the boy was receiving the same wounds as the man was and the boy was dying so the lady put him in water and she woke up from her dream crying on a table while people watched her.

    1. I typed in what u said in google and came up with The Scary Dreams I found the full movie on youtube.

  2. What movie was it where it opens with a girl getting back home, and there’s someone tied up at her house and she kills them, and then she meets these guys, and she tied them up in a soundproof basement Becasue it’s a recording studio and she sets the one guy on fire and then the other is tied to a chair and she torments him and at one point sticks a too, through his cheek making him bleed, and then she has a party up stairs and she cuts up the one guys leather jacket to make a provocative outfit for herself.

  3. It was in black in white but the blood and the hero’s tie were shown in red. I think Morgan Freeman played the bad guy who was called Octopus. (Might have been Samuel L. Jackson.) There’s a scene where Octopus is making a minion and its just a foot with a head on it. Oh and Scarlett O. Hansen is in it. I think that’s her name…. I’m obviously really bad at remembering actors and actresses.

  4. Here is your weekly reminder/invitation to use our spinoff site I Remember This Movie instead of this thread for these questions. Since every question there gets its very own post, and there are several movie-remembering geniuses who hang out there, I believe you’ll find it to be a much superior choice for figuring out the name of your movie. I won’t close this thread but you may notice people seldom attempt to answer these here anymore. (The previous week being a slight exception.)

  5. What is the name of the movie when there are 2 girls sitting in a rollercoaster seat and then the lights go out and one of them go missing and then there is something about a guys that gets a whole in his stomach with a flashlight or something

  6. Here Goes nothing.
    I recall a tv movie that had a scientist who was called by the army? in the dessert where they found this forcefield/ dimension bubble. In this forcefield was a family that dressed old style clothes and couldnt see or interact with the real world. The scientist over time falls inlove with the young lady of the family. Ends up finding a way inside the forcefield. When he sees her and thinks that they have a connection, she ends up turning into a monster with razor teeth and eats him while the army watches from outside. The father of the family realising that someone has gotten in waves his hands and makes the forcefield/bubble disapear where they are never seen again.


  7. What is the name of that old scary movie where these high school kids find a old prom crown or prom dress in the attic.

    I took the pictures of the TV screen in 2002 and ever since I could not find the film. This guy lands in some kind of desert (maybe SW USA) and flies in yellow piper plane past some over-sized dolls in an abandoned amusement park and enters some weird ziggurat and there are some dolls inside. Someone is shooting at him later. If I could at least recognize the actors it would be easy to trace the movie.

    The film may be form the eighties, or even late seventies maybe, it is american and it was playing on cable.

  9. I remember seeing the movie I cannot remember before DVDs were made popular, so I believe it came out in the 1990’s. I do not remember the storyline of the film, but I do remember there being about three main characters. Two men and a beautiful blond woman. The three of them were either on the run or on a journey somewhere. One of the men was an artist and drew beautiful sketches, but I remember him having a broken arm in a cast and sling, making him unable to draw. He was a quiet man compared to his friend. One night all three of them stopped for the night, possibly in a hotel. The artist and the woman were left in the suite alone, while the other man went out. The woman went to go take a bath and the artist caught a glimpse of her through a crack in the door. When the woman noticed him, she was at first frightened, but when he told her that she was beautiful and that he wanted to draw her, she was intrigued. The artist rushed to find his sketchpad and had the woman position herself a certain way for the sketch. When he started to draw her he got frustrated that his broken arm wouldn’t let him make the pencil strokes that he needed, so he tore off his sling to free his arm. Imagination leads me to believe that once the artist completed his sketch of the woman, they kissed. And fell in love.
    Does anyone remember seeing a movie like this?

    1. It sounds like As Good As It Gets with Helen Hunt Jack Nickelson Greg Kinnear. All except the last part bc the artist played by Greg Kinnear is actually gay. Hope this helps

  10. Saw this movie in the 80s about a cave or something with people/alien looking with white hair and white eyes and they make a screaming loud noise. I hope someone can help me on here?

  11. All I remember is that they had white hair white eyes and made this screaming loud noise.

  12. Weird old movie about people/aliens in a cave or something and they all have white hair and white eyes and make a screaming loud noise?

  13. Anna’s movie about 3 friends on a road trip, one an artist with a broken arm, is As Good As It Gets with Jack Nicolson. Great flick, quite famous.

  14. So I don’t know when this movie came out or what it’s called but I remember that this little girl falls/get pushed off a cliff or something like that. Her family look for her and the guy who took her. (spoiler) It turns out to be a family friend and one day the girl’s sister isn’t feeling too good so he takes her out for icecream and she finds her sisters necklace in his car and she knows he killed her so he stops the car and chases her and they get to the same spot where the girl fell…. I can’t remember what happened next but I’ve been wondering what this movie was called since I saw it. another one I can’t remember the name of is a horror film and all I remember is one scene what a kid is wearing a mask so that’s who you’re seeing everything and the kid walks into the bathroom where a woman is in the tub, they then cut the womans arm and I’m not sure if she gets murdered or not but the next moment the kid and their parents are sitting on the coutch and talking to the police.

  15. Im trying to remember a movie where this girl was hiding from her own twisted father and mother in their own house in their attic, pretending to be a normal neighborhood child to a new couple that recently moved in to be their babysitter, only to seduce and drug the husband to sleep with her and tried getting rid of the wife, but the wife found out everything and busted her so in the end the couple moved away with their daughter and it was a happy ending

  16. Hi, is my first time here. I would like the name of the movie that talk about two brothers that look strange and people is scared of them I think one of them died or was killed the left one talk about their lifes to someone else. He said that people see bad things when they look their eyes. Another thing I remember is that he tried to revive his brother by covering him with bands and writing something in the bands. I will appreciate your help, thanks (:

  17. Please please please Find the name of the film I have been trying to find..it has been bugging me for year’s…… .there’s a girl in a room with newspapers all over the walls and windows, a man and a woman are keeping her in this room as a pet. Then the man comes in he has a strange wooden head, he gives her a plate of milk, he wants to marry her, she puts up a fight hits him over the head and his head cracks open and those childrens abc building blocks fall out his head and it spells ‘i love you’ she escapes through a tunnel where there are candles and fairy lights. And at some point in the film she is attached to the front of a car standing up on the back of a plank of wood.

  18. This is a tough 1. Weird old movie about people/aliens in a cave or something and they all have white hair and white eyes and make a screaming loud noise? Help please???

  19. I saw this movie in the 80s I think. A scifi movie about an inventor or scientist who told his wife or fiance not to go into the basement. When she does go in she finds completely empty except for. A large triangular shaped dark metalic object. It comes alive and traps her in the basement. I want to say the women was played by Jessica Lange or Kim Bassinger, but it could have been a nobody. Tho has been driving me crazy for years.

  20. Movie from early 80s or late 70s. Had mostly kids in it or young teenagers. Not sure what the plot was. The thing I remember is that there was a man in the wall or in a painting in the wall. The manhad a sword and was balled with a long braid of hair. I thing the man with sword helped the kids somehow . I think it was some sort of adventure movie. One piece of dialog I remember is at the end. A boy and a girl are saying goodbye because one of them has To go home to Santa Barbra…and the girl says “Santa Barbra bunch?”.

    Lol.that’s all I remember sorry. It may have been Disney or something.seemed like a kids show. I think I was 3 when I watched it in 1985 which is why I barely remember anything.

  21. I’m looking for a movie that I watched like 4-5 years ago. All I remember was that a lady was chanting and dancing around fire to the devil and accused a slave of doing it when asked about it. Than the slave was beaten for it.

  22. Here is your weekly reminder/invitation to use our spinoff site I Remember This Movie instead of this thread for these questions. Since every question there gets its very own post, and there are several movie-remembering geniuses who hang out there, I believe you’ll find it to be a much superior choice for figuring out the name of your movie. I won’t close this thread but you may notice people seldom attempt to answer these here anymore.

  23. I’m looking for a low budget creepy, stalker kidnapping horror movie where a man kidnappes a woman after stalking her. She ends up being locked in a cage and she tells the stalker that she likes chocolate cake so he goes out and buys some along with some other needs. I’m pretty sure I got this movie for around £1.00 but it was quite good. PLZ HELP

  24. I’m looking for this movie… I dont remember much. But I think a mother and her sons invaded a house or something? And one son poured hot water in a mans ear which caused him to become blind. And when he tried to kill them he accidentally ended up killing his wife/girlfriend? This is all I remember… Please help!!!!!

  25. Hiya, I have an extremely hard time trying to describe this to get results in google for some time now.
    I’m pretty sure it was on HBO in the late 90s so it’s at least that old or older.
    American, maybe a western/Texan setting cause I think it had a sandy/desert like setting.
    So it had these, hmm, anteater like man-eating creatures. Sorry, its been a while so the details are not really too clear.
    I think I remember a scene where they chased/cornered a couple(?) up on top of the bonnet of their car, made me kinda worried about what was under my bed! Lol.
    And I think there might have been a scene with a shotgun. Hahaha, sorry for the vagueness! Again, it’s been a long time, any help would be very much appreciated, thanks!
    It’s been a real puzzler.

  26. Does anyone remember an old black and white movie where there’s a specific scene with a prostitute on the beach with a black veil (beautiful woman) with young kids surrounding her?

  27. What’s the movie where the guy blindfolds the girl, then ties her to horses and they run and rip her arms and legs off

  28. There was a rat swimming (I think it was through an underground passage) and then when he got to dry land it turned into a man with whiskers. What movie was that?

  29. So… I’m looking for some movie that is not really popular. I think it’s drama, i watched it on HBO years ago. There is some blond girl, looking like a doll, got locked up by some fat older guy (maybe her father?) and later she was forced to work in bordel i think. I remember she had to learn how to dance and that they took away her mind. I know it sounds weird but I’m really curious lol

  30. Hello friends,

    I am looking for a lifetime movie I saw a few years ago on lifetime about a girl who meets this hillbilly, good-looking man and his friend, they take her on a ride but I think it turns into a hostage situation soon after. I know she eventually does have strong feelings for the man with the long hair. Scenes I remember are as follows:

    1: The main bad guy with long hair gets defensive because his cronie actually cracks a joke to the girl that they have kidnapped and he says to his cronie out of anger “you don’t get any pizza” because he felt he insulted her.

    2: The “cronie” apologizes to the girl about the wisecrack, explains that the main bad guy is trouble and they should ban together to take him down.

    3: Eventually the girl develops feelings for the main kidnapper, movie ends with the police as well as the girl’s parents are outside a motel while the kidnapper is holding the girl inside but they share a soft scene and he eventually realizes that he can’t hurt her because he loves her, he comes out with his hands up, they arrest him, the girl tells her parents that he’s not really a bad guy he’s just been hurt his whole life. If someone can help me find this lovely gem I would appreciate it. Much love

  31. All I remember is this alien monster walking around terrorizing the city killing people with beams from its eyes. They blow up. Cops kill it in a parking garage at the end. Might have been a TV series

  32. A late 1970’s early 1980’s movie, where an owner of an isolated house was ravaging women and feeding them to a crocodile. There was an actual scene where he used a rake to ravage her vagina. It looked like he was pulling apart lasagna. But it was her vagina. With a rake.

  33. Hello friends,

    Not sure if my comment came through last night, but I’ll give it another go.

    This is a lifetime movie I viewed 3 years ago and it revolves around a runaway girl who meets this hillbilly type with long hair and his buddy over at some bar, they take the girl along on a ride. I believe at some point it turns into a kidnapping. One scene I remember is the main kidnapper’s friend make a rude comment tot he girl, the main kidnapper gets offended for her and demands he says sorry to her and for punishment the friend gets no pizza. The friend apologizes to the girl and tell her that the main kidnapper is a really bad guy but later on in the movie she actually develos feelings for the main kidnapper. The movie’s showdown takes place at some hotel where the main kidnapper and the girl are surrounded by cops outside, out of love, he eventually lets her go, he comes out with his hands up, and the girl explains to her parents that he’s not really a bad guy he’s just been hurt his whole life. Throughout the film the kidnapper hilbilly had poured his soul out to this girl that he loves. I hope someone know that the hell the movie is I am talking about lol. I know it exists.

  34. Here is your weekly reminder/invitation to use our spinoff site I Remember This Movie instead of this thread for these questions. Since every question there gets its very own post, and there are several movie-remembering geniuses who hang out there, I believe you’ll find it to be a much superior choice for figuring out the name of your movie. I won’t close this thread but you may notice people seldom attempt to answer these here anymore. (2)

  35. So this movie is at least 5 years old I dunno, but these guys were in some building and one of the men looked in the corner of the celeling and this monster was there. So he opened his mouth to scream but it went into his mouth I think it had a wormy sluggish body

  36. Hey I also saw that movie with the guys in the buliding and the alien going into one of the guys mouth too, so if Yall could reply to me too, that would be great thanks!

  37. A comedy from the late 80’s or early 90’s
    I don’t remember too much but it takes place in the city were people are looking for this one guy with a weird name. They meet up with this crazy guy that tells them that he saw the guy they’re looking for in the river and then he says he was also in the river in the end he realizes that it was just a reflection of him and the other guy in the river.

  38. Hello everyone, there is this movie i saw years ago, i guess the movie was from late 80’s or early 90’s, it had a woman who I dont know what but I guess she is someone who interrogates every prisoner in that Jail and that meets a guy who also is a prisoner who has long black hair , good looking with good body, she eventually has an affair with him and has steamy sex with him, but i dont know anything else or the end, she has black/ brown hair, it would be of great help if anyone can track the name

  39. i can’t remember the name of amovie about a young girls saved a young boy in swimming pool and many years later they met each other again and fell in love

  40. Hi Guys,
    I am skeptical that anyone will know this movie, but here it is:
    This movie was definitely in the 90s. Could be early 2000s but more likely the 90s. There is this perverted man who kidnaps women (I think). He kidnapped this one young blonde lady and locked her in a box (or coffin like thing). She woke up trapped in the box with a walkie talkie, and he was talking to her as he was somewhere else driving (or in a plane). Then, there is another scene with the same woman, and he is putting lipstick on. She tells him he is sick (or something like that) and then he wraps her face in a plastic bag and chokes her to death. Later, he finds out about this FBI woman, and he wants to do the same thing to her. Later, she does come to his house (or whatever it is) and he gets a hold of her and wraps her face in a plastic bag and starts chocking her. That is all I remember…

  41. Another movie I would like to find is an old disney film about skaters, soul skaters. The soul skating group had one girl in it.

  42. Movie with kids whose parents died and has an older man taking care of them and the house falls apart and the man tries killing them by leaving them in a locked car on train tracks and there is a big sister who takes care of the baby and was a movie for families and took place during the Victorian times. I remember watching it in elementary school. It was kind of creepy.

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