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  1. I have this movie I seen some time around the late 90’s ealry 00’s when I was younger.
    The only bits I remember about the movie was that there were creatures under the ground trying to get to the people. They could feel when the people were walking on the ground and one part were in a basement maybe and the people from the town tried to hide in a light house to get away from them. Dont remember to much..

    1. I think you mite be thinking of tremors with Kevin Bacon. They were hiding on a water tower

    2. It wasnt any of the tremors movies. Its a lil town by the water it had a light house the people tried to hide in

  2. Okay i’m not quite sure on the name of this movie and its been stuck in my head for quite some time now..

    okay so its about this little boy that moves into this new apartment and hes outside in the snow and this little girl comes and talks to him. she ends up being like a demonish girl that kills the people that pick on the little boy or the ones he hates? idk and another scene is the boy is hiding in the apartment because this police officer is lookin for him and the girl kills the officer.

    at the end of the movie the boy and girl leave on a train but the girl is inside his chest.

    idk if anyone knows this movie ? if anybody could help me find this movie, it would be appreciated. thanks

    1. If its the original (Swidish, I think) movie then it’s “Let the Right One In.” The American version is “Let Me In.” They both or at least one should be on Netflix.

  3. I have been trying to find the name of this movie. It was an HBO late night movie shown around 1988-1991. It takes place in the desert. There is a couple who lives out in the desert. They have a jeep. Another guy, I think escapes from prison, and begins seeking out blonde women. The first seems to be an ex girlfriend, then next one is a woman who lives alone with rabbits that he has sex with then has this dark haired woman that starts running with him kill her. Finally he connects with the young couple ( I think they meet in a bar) and the couple brings them home to their house. Then the ex-prison guy takes the husband for a ride and leaves him out in the desert to die. The husband is a bit of a geek but his situation suddenly turns him into this surviavalist and he goes back to get the ex-prison guy. While he is trying to get back to his home, the husband runs across the trailer with the dead woman and rabbits in it, and takes a motor scooter to try and get back. Meanwhile, the wife is being “approached” by the ex-prison guy after dinner and she ends up having sex with him to spare her life. A travelling salesman knocks at the door, and the wife comes down. She answers the door and loosens a few buttons to reveal “help me” that she has written across her chest in lipstick. But the salesman is too busy staring at her chest and the prision guy ends up killing him too. Finally the husband arrives and there is a big fight scene and ex-prision guy and dark haired woman who was running with him are killed. Any ideas would really be appreciated.

  4. What is the name of that movie where a boy is on an island, like on the lost world in Jurassic Park, and like in the lost world the tiny dinosaurs appear but when they attack him instead of screaming he said at one point “ow that’s my spleen!” It’s really been bothering me. I’ve tried looking it up but I can’t find the title anywhere.

  5. Ok, I remember watching a movie in the 80’s (potentially early 90’s). All I remember is the climax where the main character (someone who is or looks like Kyle Maclachlan (Dune guy) is trying to escape this evil sorcerer (and maybe an evil sorceress) and this old guy (the caretaker/gardener/butler of the castle/fortress comes in to the scene shooting lighting (some power) from his hands allowing the main character to escape (or defeat the evil people). The caretaker reveals that he saved the main character when he was born by hiding him away from the evil person.

    I think it ends with the castle being sealed up and the main character (and maybe his lady friend) walking away in a normal looking street.

    I couldn’t find a Kyle MacLachlan film with a similar plot, so maybe it’s someone else.

  6. I’ve been looking for this movie for years and its been bugging me! I can only remember little parts of the movie….this man is in a cabin I think and well weird things happen and he goes crazy and pulls his eyes out and then he shoots himself through the mouth, then I remember little girls singing ring around the roisery

  7. This movie is a silent movie in black and white and all I can remember is this little kids a boy and a girl are best friends and the little girl moves away and later on when there all grown up they met again but the girl gets kiddnaped. …I remember seeing an ocean in the film too

  8. I’m trying to find a black & white movie from the early to mid 1960’s. The main characters are a boy and a girl, pre-teen. They love each other, but the grownups say they can’t because they are from different religions. One scene has a rather ornate church. In order to be together, they steal a small boat. It capsizes in a rushing river. The boy survives, runs home crying, “I’ve killed her” in what I thought was a British accent. However, my ear was not all that refined in those days and it could have been anything not Californian or Southern … what I remember most was the r in her was not pronounced. It turns out the girl was not dead.

  9. im trying to find this movie its kinda old

    in this town kids started getting this disease and a kid who came back from Africa weeks later caught the disease dont remember the name of the movie but it has the name “oil” in it.

    if anyone could help me find it, i would appreciate it. thanks

  10. I tried to see if this one was answered, but I couldn’t find it:

    Re: Movie 100: thanks to the details that were listed, plus what little I remembered myself, I think this is 13 Frightened Girls from 1963 (what a title!). It features some Asians, which I remembered too; it’s about girls in a European boarding school, and the protagonist Candace (known as “Kitten”) has an Asian best friend, and she gets involved in a murder mystery. One fan (on Clyde’s Stuff) mentioned that she stamps a letter with her cat’s paw.

    I can’t wait to locate this one to see it again; I probably saw it in the early to mid-70s, as a child…


  11. I have been looking for this movie about a special needs girl who is trying to find her father and eventually she finds him but he is working at a fast food restaurant and isn’t too happy to see her. She left from a mental hospital and she had sex with one of the other patients in the laundry room. That’s all I can remember.

    There another movie set in the 70s I think about these kids who do drugs and party all the time. In one of the scenes there’s a large lizard man that zaps one of the guys and the girls room is painted to look like the inside was outside and it was a whole mind trip movie.

  12. It was a very very old black and white American movie; I remember an aeroplane landing in an old Chinese city, quite possibly Shanghai? I think the aeroplane had landed to refuel. There was a scene where there were lots and lots of Chinese people running around, some were selling fruit, veg, meat etc. The Chinese men were dressed in traditional Ching dynasty attire and had shaven heads and pony tails. I have no recollection of what this film was called, but was fascinated by the scenes…

  13. I’m trying to remember a film (I think it was a foreign film) which was fairly new…

    I remember a few snapshots:
    *Two people french kissing really intensely (but not passionately, almost like robots) at a train station
    *some kind of monotonous utopia in black and white, which the main character finds really boring
    *a secret passage from a basement into the kitchen of a bakery (now in colour)

    I think the main character arrives by rail train.. or something? ARGH

  14. I was wondering about a movie it was set in this old woman’s house, the old woman died and her kids had came to the home for the funeral and will however something about their greed caused one of the kids to be killed by her mothers fur coats and another child and their bf or gf are having sex and the w oman bites the guys junk off later the dead mother comes back to kill the rest what is the name of this movie

  15. Hi, I’m trying to find a campy horror film.
    I watched this as a kid in the 90’s.
    It involved a bunch of college age kids going out on something like a spring break trip to a cabin.
    They went in to a lake and were playing on a floating dock in the middle when some kind of black goo from the water killed them all off slowly.
    I keep thinking Placid Lake, but I know that’s not it!!
    It was pretty campy and old, contained nudity. (Two of the young adults making out on the wooden raft/dock thing on the lake. I remember boobs. HAhaha.)
    I remember the one last person or two at the end almost makes it but the goo gets them just at the shore. (I think.)

    Anyway, I hope someone remembers this!

  16. i found name of one of the movies i have looking for,the japanese movie i saw in germany.Jesus in Bronze,the movie is in black and white and was played at a art house dubbed in german.it was made in the 1950s.that german beer 15 percent capital A.after three beers movie memory in color.japanese time period samurai days.Christians forced to spit on bronze Jesus statue part of a crucifix cross.any way whole noble family etc. crucified.the questions now remain.demon rape movie title?maybe a chinese person or manthat speaks and reads chinese familar with chinese movies or saw that milked powered boy on chinese tv.HELP?

  17. I’m looking for the title of a very old movie that I saw in my youth. I think it was black and white and released decades ago. Thought it was called Psychopath and starred a man with big piano teeth, maybe called John Strange or John Stange, but I could be wrong about that. All I remember is the guy with the teeth was pushing an elderly woman in a wheelchair down a flight of stairs. I also remember the man posing as his wife, maybe because she was dead. They were never seen together. Would love to know what movie this was, because I would love to see it again as an adult. Can anyone help?

  18. Im looking for an old, animated film.

    I remember very little of it except it’s about a boy who lives in a very strange world ruled by these giant people who are absolutely huge by comparison and have no hair. One scene has them sitting on thrones and the boy looking in. Another scene has the boy becoming lost and being dressed in bubbles by these pixie like creatures. It is not a kids film, and is exceptionally surreal.

    There is little to no speaking in the film, but I think it might be european. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

  19. Hi please help I remember watching a movie when I was younger. It was a bit strange and I’d say it was a little bit horror maybe. I can’t remember ugh except Michael Douglas was the lead character and there was a lot of weird people I think cult members. There was a scene with a lady looking after a little boy and she puts an egg on him not sure if it was a voodoo ritual or for protection. Then there’s a scene where Michael is in some place kind of like a warehouse I think he’s trying to get the little boy back because the cult took him or something like that. I really can’t remember more then that all I know is I really want to watch it again it was a fav of mine as a kid! Thank you

    1. It sounds like ‘The Believers’ – although Martin Sheen was the main character, not Michael Douglas.

  20. for movie 156, I think you’re talking about American Psycho (2000) with Christian Bale.

  21. I’m trying to find the name of a disturbing and well-written Indie/art film about a depressed housewife who finds solace in cleaning and polishing furniture all day.

  22. Trying to find the name of a film which is an army academy where they do rifle dancing or throwing not sure what they would call it but theres also ‘clap dancing’ in it… best description I can give

  23. Im looking for a movie i watched on SBS (a foreign movie channel) a few years ago.
    it started off with a happy family, two parents and one kid. however the child dies (i don’t recall how) and the family is distraught and broken because of that.
    while the father stays calm the mother has a complete breakdown and decides to go for a walk despite the fact that it is freezing at the time, here she finds her son alive and well and more then willing to relive happier times leading to them wandering around a frozen lake

    it is not until they both get to a super market that thing become eerie.
    the son wants to ride in one of those coin operated kiddie rides so the mother lifts him on a pays the price, as she does so customers surround her staring at the motives of this oddly elated woman.

    Its at this point that the camera focuses on the ride, revealing that it is empty and the mother has imagined the whole journey from the moment she left the house.

    of course i was young at the time and this perturbed me so i turned off the tv and went to sleep.

    i cant remember what language it was but it had subtitles and searching for it with Google would only bring up american movies with somewhat similar premises.

  24. I am looking for a movie where a crazy woman is chasing a van full of teens through back roads and in the woods. I think its because they flash their high beams at her(???) I remember that she catches them and they get away. Thats all I can remember about it. Hope someone can help.

  25. Looking for an old horror movie should be arround 80-90s.
    What i remember its about a women going to live in a block. There the neighbours drug her at some point and make a ritual on her.
    They put a huge bug inside her. I remember that the bug is comming out of her mouth at the end of the ritul.

  26. in a movie i saw that a man jumps & then goes inside the ground & comes back from another room ..saw that when i was a kid really want to see the movie any help…

  27. I was talking to my friend today about the old 2009 movie the collector, and…the majority of what I’d said isn’t from the collector and I would like to know where it is from. –Thanks

    Its a group of people locked in a house and they can’t get out.

    anyway, all the windows are boarded shut, when someone tries to open them stuff happens and there hands get crushed

    a young girl and some dude hide out in a room and then when the door opens they like nock over a fish tank (or some water source idk) and then they electrocute the floor, then some dead dude falls through the door and it was one of their friends.

    Most importantly and probably exclusive to this movie is theres a box in the house and it starts shaking so they open it, and a dude falls out, he says some stuff, and then crawls back in the box and locks himself in once more. pretty sure the dude in the box is from a previous torture house and is too scared to disobey and tells everyone they’re going to die.

    Sorry wall of text. but please help me find this movie.

    1. A young girl and some dude hide out in a room and then when the door opens they like nock over a fish tank (or some water source idk) and then they electrocute the floor, then some dead dude falls through the door and it was one of their friends. – This is from The Collecter!

      There’s also a red box with a guy in it in The Collecter.

      Try and look up The Collection, it’s sort of a number two to The Collecter :)

  28. Im looking for movie that came out in the 80s. All I remember is that it was about a guy who is a voyeur and he witnesses a women being killed. I think it turned out that the murder was staged and he realizes that the woman was actually still alive and that the murder was just an act.

    1. I believe the movie you are looking for is a film by the name of “Body Double.” It came out in 1994. You can find more info on iMDb.

  29. A boy receives a video game that takes place in his neighbourhood, in the game he plays as a serial killer but what he doesn’t know is that the kills happen for real. Please help!:)

  30. i’m looking for a movie that i watched years ago on HBO/cinemax, i just remember the ending where a character (or two? can’t really remember) was hiding in an old car, then from the distance, people with hammers approached the car and striking it until the person inside the car was dead. i think it was an european movie. thanks before!

  31. Hi! I’m looking for two movies acutally.

    The first one is either English or Irish and it was made before 2004. It was about two women who were friends. One of the women was free spirited and had a son, the other was an illustrator (or artist)who was married to this guy. The first woman got pregnant again and she never told anyone who the father was until she told the illustrator that it was her husband’s child during a dinner party. I think the baby’s name was Col (Cole?) and one of the final scenes was that the illustrator found lots of money in the couch that apparently belonged to the husband and set aside a large portion of that money for child support. Later the two friends had used the remaining money to bet on losing horses at the the track.

    The second is a bit harder as I only remember the ending. It took place in the southern US and there was this woman who was writing (or calling I don’t remember)to this guy. She was in jail for some reason but she wasn’t sad nor angry about it because there were a ton of books in the prison library and that she was going to read as much as she can and she was really excited to do so. She had a daughter and in the final scene the little girl was celebrating her birthday and she was going to blow out the candles while the guy the woman was writing to watched over her. I only remember that I watched it before 2003.

    Thanks in advance!

  32. There was this movie I watched as a kid like 20 years ago it was about this girls who might of had an imaginary friend. I’m not sure if he was imaginary. But she kept trying to get ride of him. I remeber a scence that was outside of a castle and he was trying to save her. Or they were trying to saVe some one. But the guy said the only way to be saved was to sleep with him. The girl seemed disgusted like she would never do something like that. But I think the ended up having sex I feel like part of the sceene he may have transformed into a bat or something it the only scene I vaguely remember. I think he looked funny or kind crazy with funky hair I thought it was drop dead Fred but I watched it and it wasn’t the movie I was looking for

  33. This is a movie I saw at party maybe two or three years ago. It was not very old then, probably made sometime in the early 2000. It was about a skater guy who had killed another boy by pushing him in front of a train. The entire movie is about how this crime, which he lies to the detectives investigating the case about, affects him and his life. The entire movie is basically silent or almost silent. It has a dreamy sort of an essence and I can basically only remember a sex scene that this kid has with his girlfriend. It was particularly striking because he’s completely emotionally detached. And right after the deed is done, his girlfriend immediately gets on the phone to tell all of her friends. That’s basically all I remember. There’s also a slight grunge atmosphere as there are several scenes under a bridge with teens abusing drugs. Anything would be helpful! Thanks!

  34. I have seen this movie a couple of years ago, about tree friends who are smuggling drugs by swallowing it. on their way to the order one of them dies in the car of overdose cause one of the bombs popped, so they drive across theborder with the excuse that the peson in the back is just sleeping.
    I forgot the name of this movie, but I remember it wa ag great movie,not that old I think 2001 or so …..
    I really hope someone can help me find it
    hugs and kisses
    love this site

  35. movie 136– sounds like it might what lies beneath with harrison ford and michelle pfieffer

  36. I saw the movie on the playboy channel/playboy tv in the 80,s/early 90,s . I remember the ending . This girl gives a guy some tea . he drinks some of the tea and asked if it was cat nip . they have sex then then both fall asleep . she wakes up and the man has become a house cat . I don’t remember the name im just wandering if anyone knows the name or where i can look . thanks .

  37. Does anyone know the name of a movie from the early 90s when a woman and her husband go to a island to try to capture snakes for thier venom. One day the husbad is bitten my a snake and goes into a coma so she must continue the search for snakes. While he is sleeps his partners are very cruel to her.

  38. ok so there’s this fantasy old film where it all starts off by a baby left in the forest and i think she was from wolves or whatever..so, this king finds that baby girl and takes it home raises her with his wife and he also has a daughter of his own, so as the girls grow the adopted one gets evil and has some power that makes her good at everything leaving the other nice kid look bad even though she’s good..ya i think its in series at the end the girl evil one turns into a dragon and the prince or the nice girl kill her and they get married.. please help me..i really wanna watch it again but dont know the name of it.thnx

  39. Looking for name of horror film. Think it was in 80’s about a couple who are dragged under their by pig faced looking creatures and they have to escape from that world. At end when they escaping they actually climbing out of their own bed. I know not much to go with but any one any ideas? Thanks.

  40. the movie I am trying to find is in the late 80’s to 90’s maybe. It opens in a school that has lockers outside. A brown haired girl talks to a boy who may be her boyfriend or who has a crush on her. She then becomes involved with a man who introduces her to drugs. She is taking a shower at his house or apartment when a higher level guy comes to talk to him. She comes out with her robe when the higher level guy opens her robe and looks at her body. He then proceeds to take her with him. He brings her to a house with more guys and a blonde headed girl. As she is being lead to his room the blonde headed girl is forced on a coffee table and is raped by those men in the living room. As the girl gets to his bedroom, he beats/whips her with is belt. Scenes I remember are after that she tries to but on red lipstick, he forces her to take a very hot Shower, the blonde kills herself in the bathtub writing free or maybe freedom on the bath tile, in the end the boy in the beginning comes to rescue her with officers. I would really be appreciative if anyone could name this movie that I have been on the search for, for years. Thank you.

  41. What is the title of the movie where a machine can give people memories and here, the leading man becomes a hero due to the machine. I think its betwween 2010-2012. Hope you can find it

  42. Years ago, I’m probably going back at least 15 years, I saw a “horror” film late one night. I quote “horror” because it may not have been, given my age it could have just freaked me out. I only remember smells bits and pieces. But I know the film was probably made around the late 80’s or (very) early 90’s.

    What I remember were four youngish people break down driving through very picturesque mountains in the middle of the day. The folks argue about what to do, but they decided to walk down the side of the hill/mountain. They are immediately stalked by an unknown force. It *may* turn out to be a witch or some kind of chrone. I also remember some, maybe two, people make it out of the forest while being chased and making it back to the car. When they’re being chased. I remember it looking like a Sam Raimi film, but none of his.

    I believe I found the film once before, but can’t remember what I found. The production value was incredibly low and the thing that scared me the most was that it took place during the day.

    Any thoughts or suggestions anyone may have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  43. I’m wondering what movie I saw once on tv maybe back in the early 2000’s. I don’t know too much just that a burglar breaks into this couples’s house in the middle of the night. I believe they end up wounding the burglar and the wife and husband proceed to get in some sort of an argument. The wife starts to feel symphony for the burglar and ends up having sex with him. It was very confusing and I don’t know what happens after. but if anyone could help me out it would be much appreciated.

  44. Dear All, Very interesting site! I saw a movie while in the Army in 1977. I assume that the movie was produced in the early 70’s. It was a horror movie about this boy who started killing people who did bad things to his mother. The butcher who cheated his mom gets his hand in the mill, the traffic cop who fined his mom is driven off the road, etc. The boy does all of this through a green gem/jewel and it is like witchcraft. When he starts killing the people there is a lot of church organ music. At the end of the movie the jewel/gem falls out of a window and lands around the neck of a cat. It must have been something like “Psychopathic killer” Please help, this has been haunting me for years…..

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