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We received enough requests to help people remember the names of movies based on brief memories that we decided to start a page dedicated to the concept. Here is the page feed: it may be a good idea to grab it if you ask a question so you can check for updates.

As a heads up, I find that the badmovies.org “What Was That Film” board can be the best place to ask these sorts of questions, particularly if the film your looking for is in the horror or science fiction genres.  It may be a good idea to ask there as well.

Some idea of when the movie might have been made is helpful. If you saw it in 2005 then say so so we won’t suggest movies made later. Remember, something like “I saw it when I was six” isn’t that helpful because we don’t know if you’re 16 now or 60!

In August 2012, we cleared out the “solved” movies to save space on the page (thus explaining the gaps in the numbering) and also took away the first 50 unsolved movies (thinking that if no one’s found your movie by this point, it’s not going to happen, and you’re probably not checking anymore). If we removed your unsolved movie please feel free to ask it again (and I’ve archived the unsolved movies on my personal hard drive).

From kostas. He says it’s not Novo (2002). Natasha suggests there is a movie with a similar premise called 00:01 (or 12:01), but if this is it the porno part seems unlikely.


Someone has the same day again and again (AND NO ITS NOT Groundhog Day!) The film ends on a park and was a kind of soft…porno!

A mystery from blue. It’s a short from the 1960s or earlier and I think it’s going to pose quite a challenge.


Hi, I’ve wondered for years what the heck it was that I saw-any suggestions appreciated!
It was back in the mid to late 1960′s, when I was between 7 & 10 years old. I think it may have been part of a short film festival that was a special event at the Pacific National Exhibition (a local summer fair) that my Grandmother always took me to. I’m sure it wasn’t a full length movie. It was a dark, grim story which I believe may have been about a little girl wearing old-fashioned clothes and a doll. I think it was in black and white and possibly silent as well. (?) The scene I remember the most is the doll being lost or abandoned at the bottom of a cliff at the edge of the sea. I think it may have been thrown over the cliff by the girl, landing on the beach. I seem to have a memory of it falling through the air as well as it being on the beach. The scene was filmed looking down from the top of the cliff where there was an ornate iron railing right along the edge. I know it isn’t a lot to go on, but the image of the dark sheer cliffs and the small white doll on the black beach has stayed with me for most of my life. It would be great to solve the mystery…

Another mystery from Gary. Shoot… I thought I had this one for a moment but then I realized the date is way off. Ping! stars “Incredible Hulk” Lou Ferrigno as a dogcatcher—but it wasn’t made until 2000. Can anyone think of a similar movie from the 70s era? Addendum: Movie 109 below may be the same film.


This was probably in the 70′s, too. It’s about a boy and his dog. The dog gets picked up by a cruel and very muscle-bound dog catcher. The kid spends the movie trying to get his dog back (which he does and the bad guy gets his in the end). I don’t remember much else but that the dog catcher was huge like a body builder. I showed this as an ARMY projectionist decades ago. Anyone remember this movie?

Kayra needs help finding a silent film with a bald winged man. It could be The Bat (1926) or The Bat Whispers (1930) but I don’t remember any tinting in those. ppok suggests “Harpya, ” which is a good guess—it’s not an early silent movie but it’s done in a similar style.


I remember seeing a film, an early silent chaplin-esque one, with a bald winged man/creature in it. the chaplinish guy was trying to run away from it, then the mist on floor would become red and we’d see him losing his arm. later, his whole lower body. does anyone remember something like that?

“Pamela” has a toughie but she does have a link to help out:


Can anyone provide info on the film used in this music video for the band This Heat (“Not Waving”): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJ5LgJPNMzY
A title card appears near the beginning that says “The Island of the Dead,” but I can’t find anything about this film online. It’s quite surreal and is made to look like it was made in the silent film era, but I suspect it was made more recently, perhaps as an experimental or student film.

Another toughie from Lyss D. A. Coleman suggests that this ” sounds like an adaption of Ray Bradbury’s short story ‘There Will Come Soft Rains,’ maybe from the television show ‘The Ray Bradbury Theater’?” The only problem with the RBT suggestion is Lyss thinks it wasn’t in English, but the source material could be correct. There was a Soviet adaptation of “There Will Come Soft Rains” in 1984, but it was animated, and Lyss didn’t mention animation; it’s still a possibility. Matt also believes it’s the Soviet “There Will Come Soft Rains” and provides a link to a clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LNHYz89sNc.


I saw this short film, maybe about a year ago. I have no idea how old it is, when it came out, or what language it was in, but it definitely wasn’t English. I really have no idea. It was very dark. It’s a science fiction. It takes place in a future, dystopian scenario. These machines are basically running peoples lives for them. They wake them up, they wash them, they dress them, they feed them, they do everything possible for them. Except, the people are dead, and they must’ve been for a long time, because all the beds and chairs are filled with ash, ash shaped like people. They were all long dead, but the machines keep running. It was so disturbing, I loved it so much, but I can’t find it for the life of me!

Gee says Teresa’s movie is the British miniseries Gormenghast.


I am looking for a movie that aired on tv, it is English and really colorful. It might be fantasy and I remember that the title is the same as the main character. I just remember this scene where there were two old women who the main character somehow killed and they were up in a tower sitting in chairs already dead for days. I think he was trying to kill the entire royal family or something.

From Matt A. My long shot suggestion is Pit and the Pendulum (1991). A better suggestion is “Sword and the Sorcerer (1982, stars L. Horsely, S. MacCorkindale, R. Lynch, R. Moll).  Yes, the new recruits get caught sneaking in; yes they’re in prison–helplessly watching Eliz. have tongue torn out (she kills herself rather than provide leverage).  One of my fave “sword and sorcerer” flicks___Shannon”


I have a movie I saw on tv in the late 80′s/ early 90′s. I’ve been trying to find for years. It was a Fantasy-esque film (swords and all that). The once scene I remeber is this band is goinh to try and snek into the villans stronghold. The next scene we cut to is a jail cell where we see many of them imprisoned. Someone drags in a woman and a man from the band who have both had their tounges cut out for not telling who sent them. The executioner type tells the guy in the cell that if he doesn’t tell him who sent them he’s going to flay the woman alive. The prisoner says nothing and the camera focuses on his face as the executioner kilsl the woman. The man who had his tounge cut out tries to fight back but gets killed by the executioner type. This is the only part of the movie I can remember…

From lilbrowncat. Can someone help with a B&W 1960s American movie about a disease that wipes out the population? A. Coleman suggests The Last Man on Earth.


60′s American black and white film about a disease in the wind that wipes out large chunk of the population. Vague memory of our hero witnessing his wife wake up as a zombie…..please help!

Kirshark is looking for a pre-1984 experimental movie:


I’ve been trying to figure out a movie I saw as a young child for years and years. Rented it in Manhattan in the early 80′s (’82? ’83?) but don’t know the release date. However, the soundtrack as I remember it was pretty experimental (Liquid Liquid reminds me of it) so I think fairly contemporary to its VHS release. The film consisted entirely of a white background and variety of multicolored, fantastic creatures flying by, occasionally with little visual jokes (for example, one holding a banner that says “Hi, Mom”). Sometimes there were mutterings or other vocal cues but they were muffled and indistinct background noise. I recall it being fairly long (not a short film).

PlayV is looking for the title of a demon-possession movie set on an island. Matt A. is “almost 100% certain” he’s thinking of Stephen King’s Storm of the Century.


I saw this movie when i was a kid and i can’t remember it’s name: it was about an island, i think the action took place in summer and all of a sudden a heavy winter came, there was a murder, an old lady was killed in her house, covered in blood, the police had no clue and i think there was something written with blood on the wall or i’m just confused, anyway the bad guy was an old man possessed by 7 demons, the ones that jesus sent into 7 pigs from a possessed man, and they were back and wanted to make all of the people on the isle suicide by jumping into the water one by one, also when the man was laughing he was showing demonic fangs. The people were hiding in the church so he couldn’t do anything to them, but when all the kids were asleep he entered into their dreams and was holding their hands and was flying with them. He wanted one of the kids to come with him and if the people wouldn’t decide which one he would release the hands of the kids and that would kill them so they decided which kid to go by drawing lots and it was the child of the main character. In the end the man was gone and everything was fine on the isle. The main character was walking in a city outside the isle and saw the man with his child and the child laughed and showed the same demonic fangs as the old man and the movie was over.

May searches for a movie about a man who kills (?)  lover by hitting her with a hammer in her sleep.


I watched a movie years ago and it was about a woman with two daughters. Her daughters are grown up in their 20s. The mother meets a man and him and her seem very happy and she loves him. And eventually he kills her in her sleep or just injures her by hitting her in the head with a hammer. The actor, i think, had long-ish brown hair. Thats all I know.

Natasha has extensive memories of a sketch/anthology film full of ironic stories, but no name to go with the memories. Can someone help her?


I’m looking for a movie that I’m pretty sure was set in the 90′s. It’s made of various sketches, all of them starting with the name “Lost in….” something. In one of them, a midget falls in love with a woman, but she’s in love with a guy who’s not a midget. The midget then cuts off his rival’s legs, and shows up in the woman’s doorstep on top of his legs, so he’s of average height now. She’s moved by this, and the sketch ends with her pulling up her skirt and showing him she wears prosthetic legs below the knees. I’m pretty sure there’s no dialogue in this sketch.

The other sketches I remember are:

Two guys meet in a hotel lobby, they make a bet, and the prize’s a Ferrari. One of the guy wins, but the other leaves him with a toy car. There was also one where some people are waiting outside a theater to see an artist that’s a Master of Disguises, and only later they realize that the artist was there all along, disguised among them (no dialogue on this one too).

In the last one, a guy wakes up after a night of heavy drinking, and finds out his wife left him. He gets pissed off and calls her, and it takes a while for him to realize that she didn’t leave her, he slept in the neighbour’s instead.

Marie is looking for what she’s pretty sure was a French a movie about a girl with no friends. matchstickman suggests In Your Image: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0307343/


So, it might be a french movie (certain 95% it was) and it was about a family with one young girl. The girl didn’t have friends at school or something like that and I remember her mother trying to invite some girls from school to come to her birthday party. Then I remember at her birthday party that the girl at some point started screaming. Not much after that comes back except that her mother (and I think her father too) were confined in some kind of asylum, they must have gone mad or something. Maybe her mother killed herself in the end. Also, the mother was blond.
That’s what I remember, I must have seen it more that 5 years ago.

Stephanie is looking for a full-length “The Little Match Girl” adaptation that starts with a Gypsy caravan.


My nanna had it on video/dvd (I dont remember) in about 2002/2004. It started with the girl and her grandmother in a gypsy caravan, then her grandmother, whilst in the caravan, rolled into a frozen over river and died. then the girl went on the have her story in the city selling match sticks. For the life of me, I cant find it! And no one can remember what it was called/who it was by/etc!

Krissyleec wants the title of a movie about a witch in a tree stump. Matt is sure this is from the miniseries “Tin Man” and advises to go to “http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tin_Man_%28TV_miniseries%29. Ctrl + F on the link I gave you……Then put in the word hand, read that sentence and voila, I’m amazing.” (P.S.–he is amazing).


There were two sisters playing in the forest. They went inside the trunk of a tree and there was a witch in there. The sisters held hands and they glowed. The witch couldn’t hurt them. Then the sister ran away and the other sister was taken over by the witch.

iamaries03 seeks the name of a movie about a perfume that grants a girl psychic powers.


I’m looking for a movie about a girl who found some magic perfume or something of the sort, and she sprayed it on herself and when she did, she was able to feel other peoples emotions or what they were feeling when she thought about the person. There was a scene where she was thinking about her boyfriend, and he was cheating on her and having sex, and she felt all of the sexual tension and emotions of the boy while he was having sex with someone else.

casjacobs simly remembers a film featuring cutout animation:


I recall seeing this on television when I was very young sometime during Christmastime, but I don’t seem to remember anything Christmassy about it. It was in an animation style very similar to Terry Gilliam’s Python work, but the cutouts were hand-drawn, not lifted. One scene involved two bumbling people climbing up a slope inside a cave. At the top of the slope, there was the face of an old man in stone. The two characters fell down the hill. Another scene involved two old people talking inside a sort of flying saucer type vehicle. It could teleport, I believe. Wow, writing this down, it sounds really crazy. I hope these bits might jog someone’s memory!

James is looking for an anime featuring multicolored eyes. Matt suggests Kaze no Stigma: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rURt0l_QCz8


I’m looking for an anime movie. At the beginning there a girl/boy priestess with multi colored eyes. I think the eyes are red and blue, and her village is attacked by somebody, they drop down in crates and burn the village to the ground, in 1 scene there is a ring of fire and the boy/girl uses some kind of wind power to escape. There is a desert scene when he/she hides with a guy trying to protect her but then tanks roll up from the desert and manage to capture them or something. After being captured their taken onto a ship where a rather muscly guy harvests their eye power into crystals and after that he stabs himself in the eye with the crystals to gain his/her power.

Whatwasthatfilm is looking for a movie from the 1990s or earlier with a naked man being served at a feast.


SOLVED! (The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover)

Shannon is looking for an anthology film with a segment where a boy trades in his parents. judas beast says it’s “Children’s Zoo” from the 1980s incarnation of “The Twilight Zone”–I think he nailed it!


Does anyone remember a short movie that was on Twilght Zone or Amazing Stories movie? It has a 8-10 yr old boy sitting at breakfast and his parents are fighting. The boy reminds his parents that they would both take him to the zoo or something. When they get there, mom and dad are sent to a waiting area. The boy goes in and looks down a hall filled with displays of parents in different backgrounds. He looks and finds one couple who looks normal and nice and chooses them. On the way out he sees his real parents in a new display begging him to take them back. The boy just walks out with his new parents. It has more short stories or movies after that. Like the Twlight Zone The Movie.

Melissa seeks the name of a murder mystery movie from the 80s or 90 where a pair of guilty women escape punishment. Rob M. suggests “Mortal Thoughts (1991), directed by Alan Rudolph, starring Bruce Willis and Demi Moore.”


…it goes somehting like this…a woman’s husband was killed/murdered and her and her best friend are telling the cops the story, proving their innocence. They get let go and then it talks about how it really happened and they actually killed him. It was an older movie…80′s maybe 90′s?

Dana Xu is looking for a silent movie featuring a socialite in a car crash.


Silent movie from the 20s/30s where a young socialite kills herself in a car by hitting a tree at the end. Saw it on HBO in the 90s and its been haunting me since…

anika remembers a movie with a wolf boy and a tree with red or orange flowers.


Saw it on tv in the late 90s. I think it was a fantasy movie.the only scene I remember is there was a boy a wolf/dog and a magical tree. The tree had some huge orange or red colored flowers. Sorry but this is the only part I can remember.

Kyle is looking for a movie where a video game controller thingee attached itself to a person’s hand. It’s not Videodrome. Dr. Orloff  and MikeV both vote for eXistenZ.


I have been looking for this movie about this guy who gets this video game controller or something but it looks like it is made out of flesh and it like attaches to him or something and he goes into this wierd place. I might be off on some parts but it was a long time ago. But the living thing ends up dieing or something and i think it was a guy and girl running away with this thing from some people or something along those lines.

Anthony has a memory involving a boy submerged in a capsule, possibly a sci-fi/horror from around 1990 aimed at kids, and it could be from a TV show as well.


A boy is in a capsule that looks like a water heater. I believe it is outside a house. I don’t remember if he was forced in or got in himself. There is a window on top and you can see they boy in the water and his mother is screaming his name trying to get him out. I remember it as a scary movie or tv show and it may have had sci fi elements. I feel like the boy wanted to go in there like it would heal him or clone him but these are distant memories. I just vividly remember his mother screaming at the little window and you could see his face under water and it freaked me out!

Timeframe: I’m guessing this was around 1990. At first I thought it might have been on the Disney Channel because I was also looking for another movie that I had remembered scenes from and found out it was “The Watcher in the Woods” but I have looked and can’t find this in anything related to Disney.

Maxwell is looking for a “fog horror.” Steve says “Movie 79 is The Monster Club. It’s an anthology horror with one story as described. I vividly remember the bit where they’re reading from a book describing them finding a creature by a grave ‘gnawing’ on bones.”


British movie probably from the 60′s or 70′s where a young couple is driving around and I believe they get a flat or breakdown. There’s this whole quaint English village full of fog. The fog surrounds the place and has turned the villagers into cannibals or murderers. The couple tries to hide in a church at one point and I believe the priest was also a murderer/cannibal. Eventually they get police in on the case who start helping them out but turn out to be murderers/ cannibals too. It’s possible that they tried driving away but couldn’t leave the foggy village.

Jack Plumm is looking for a B&W Gothic animation with a spider.


A black and white (and possibly silent) film I saw in the late 90′s. It had title cards like a silent film and I swear it was an adaptation of the spider and he fly except no adaptation of it ever made matches what I saw. It was cell animated and very Gothic in influence.

Demyan is looking for a ghost movie.


I watched this movie in 2008 but it could be older, it´s about a family that moved into a building and there always a ghost that you never get to see except for a few seconds, but basically I think it shows 3 versions of the stories or possibilities but it always end up one of the family members getting killed or kidnapped, the only part I remember is a kid hanging from a balcony, you think is the mother but no she is looking for him you think is an accident but no you can see someone holding him.

joking420 remembers a scene where a housekeeper walks in on a couple making love, from a French movie.


Ive been searching for a movie i remember from late 90s on HBO or something. It was a French film about a girl. The only scene i really remember is she is working as a housekeeper at a hotel and she walks into a room with 2 people having sex. When she sees this she run into the bathroom to be sick. The lady in the room follows her into the bathroom and tells her she could have her fired.

Alex is looking for an anime featuring a mysterious mask.


6 years ago (when i was 6) i watched an show that was about a group of middle or high schoolers whom found a strange mask, through the show, the mask appeared in several places but had not been moved, a few times it appeared in the house of the victim, that person put it into a draw to make sure it didn’t move, but as they went downstairs the mask would appear there, in place of one of the paintings in the stairway.

It was definitely a horror movie but in a cartoony format, an anime, I can’t remember what it was called and I’ve searched many times, but cant find it. The reason I couldn’t remember what it was called is because it was in Japanese, but with English subs.

Nina has a vague memory of a fantasy with a girl fleeing a villain in black on a sleigh. Jolene suggests this could be Babes in Toyland (1986 version) with Drew Barrymore.


I remember there being a teenage girl in the movie who went into a magical land. I remember the villain was a man dressed in black, and at one time in the movie she was on some sort of sledge trying to get away from him and she veered into a tree. I know this is vague but I really want to know if I just imagined this as I am SURE I watched it.

Kevin seeks an anime featuring a demon invasion and rape. I suggested he check out this IMDB search but someone else may recognize his description right off the bat.


The movie i am looking for is a anime of the mid 80′s i want to say, its similar in many ways to the series called Urotsukidōji or legend of the overfiend, and it starts off with a bunch of demons running around terrorising people in the town and everyone is searching for the reincarnated ruler of all the demons, it turns out to be a boy in a catholic school and just like in legend of the overfiend he is a push over and his powers don’t show unless he is being bothered or getting very emotional for any reason, so there is this girl in the school and she gets raped by two upperclassmen one male and one female, the girl is a friend of the main charectors and the two upperclassmen turn out to be some sort of angelic beings and fly the girl to what looks to be heaven at the end of the movie which sends the main boy into an uproar and he unleashes all of his dormant power and all of the demons in town seem to be able to feel the power of their ruler awakening.

Lacey is looking for a movie with a bicycle crash and the word “street” or “road” in the title (not Arlington Road). Denise R. suggests “Reservation Road with Joaquin Phoenix and Mark Ruffalo.” Matchstickman suggests Roadflowerhttp://www.imdb.com/title/tt0110999/ — as an alternative.


I watched it from a video rental store when I was young probably around 6-8 or 9, so late 90′s. All I remember is there’s this one scene where this kid is on his bike and he’s at the end of this street and crashes because this van or car comes and hits him. Then I remember his dad was trying to figure out what happened and or stop it from happening again and I remember the movie being called something street or road, I use to think it was Arlington road but obviously not that.

SamuraiFox18 remembers a scene with what he recalls as a half-woman in a computer chair. John Sherman thinks this may be an episode of “Amazing Stories,” and Stacey even has an episode name: “Miscalculation.”


Its in a guys bedroom, and there is half of a woman attached to a computer chair. the woman moves herself closer to the guy who has a magazine in his hand. the guy freaks out and tries to get out of the room… I saw it around 1996 and it looked like it was late 80s or early 90s.

From Jack Plumm. It’s not Flowers in the Attic.


A group of children are forced to stay upstairs during an adult party. In the trailer there would be pleasent clips of the adults enjoying themselves down below to cheery party music, but it would keep cutting back to gory scenes of the kids upstairs being murdered and mutilated. They would call down for their parnts for help but they wouldn’t listen or couldn’t hear. amy mum says it was similar in feel to Black Christmas but wasn’t the same.

From Matto: a gopher (?) in a toilet, and he’s not thinking of Ghoulies.


There was an 80′s (maybe early 90′s) movie where a woman was scared by a ?gopher? that reared up from the toilet. Then her ?boyfriend/husband? was there in a daze and she said “I love you!” and he replied, “Even with a ?gopher? in my arm?” and it popped out and scared her. I think there may also be a man in a completely dark room that gets his head chopped off. The animal (not monster) that was in the toilet also was in the guy’s arm. (there were two).

Jensee is looking for a thriller.


I remember watching a movie in the late 70′s or early 80′s that seemed like a horror or suspence film, where a young boy (or girl) is suspicious of a dangerous man and follows him to a house where the man is having sex in the shower with some woman. I don’t think it was The Stepfather, but that always comes to mind. The suspence has a similar feel as The Stepfather.

Robin is looking for a B&W movie with someone who believes himself to be Jesus—possibly Whistle Down the Wind? Nicolai Jensen has what may be a better suggestion: Carl Theodor Dreyer’s Ordet.


I saw it on IFC around 2005 or so. I think it may be Scandinavian or possibly Eastern European. It’s in black and white although it’s a modern movie. It’s set around 1900 or earlier in a very rural sort of rustic place. There’s a man who lives with his parents and he and they believe him to be Jesus.

Cc9540 remembers a movie about an alien girl who doesn’t understand Earth showers. E.J. thinks she’s found it: the Australian TV show “The Girl from Tomorrow.”


There’s this girl and I think she’s from another planet and she wears this jewel on her forehead (I think). how they “shower” is the stand in this little squared out area and touch their shoulders and this energy beam thing comes down there entire body while they have there clothes on and that’s how they get clean. she come to earth and makes a friend and the alien girl is trying to figure out the shower. She stands in it, touches her shoulders and nothing till she realizes there is a “waterfall” in their own house. She puts her clothes in the microwave and sets it on fire. One scene the two girls are sitting in the tree house and it looks like they are in the middle of space. The mom comes up to check on them and freaks out from what she sees and falls from the tree house.

Jose Perez has vague memories of a sexy scene with four black actors.


I would like help on a movie that i saw when i was a little kid. There’s two blacks guys that open a door and find two naked black girls. One of the guy leaves scared, and i guess tje other one bangs both girls, but my parents covered my eyes. So this is really killing me to try to find out. 1996-2000???

Chris Baird is looking for a short film about experimental bicycles, probably from the 1960s or 1970s.


In the early 1970′s there was a short film that was shown to fill time on the Mississippi Public Broadcasting network. It was silent, in color, and appeared to be from the late 60′s or early 70′s. It showed people riding experimental bikes, and as the movie went on the bikes became more complicated. Towards the end of the movie the bikes went out of control, carrying their riders into a lake or river. The movie ended with people standing waist deep in water, looking for their bikes. This short film was often shown with the Canadian film Cosmic Zoom, so it may have been Canadian.

Mitchell G. is looking for a Taiwanese (?) horror movie with a demon dog. Rae suggests the Pang brothers’ The Child’s Eye.


The movie is a horror type set in i believe Taiwan with some high school students that are stuck because of a riot in the city the take refuge in a crappy hotel where after a while the story moves to there being ghosts and a shadow like realm where everything’s the same but all nether world also is a demon dog thing which you later learn is a guy’s daughter, all revolves around some curse of killing a dog…

Amanda C. is looking for a fantasy film:


I’m looking for this movie that I watched when I was a child. I think it was kind of old, from what I remember of the picture quality. I don’t remember much about it except I think there was a young girl (or boy?) and they were traveling with an old man (I think he was a knight or a soldier) and in one scene, I believe they were escaping some kind of tyrant king? I remember this particular scene being very red with lots of fire and the castle or ship or something was coming down around him. I think the king thought the old man was trying to take his queen? And then the queen distracted him with a kiss or something while the others escaped and then the king and queen died?

fenasi kerim has a vague memory of a sleaze movie:


…a pervert man was spying out women’s houses and sometimes rapes them at night when they are sleeping, finally one of the women realises the situation.

From Johnson: a parody with Darth Vader and Madeleine, circa 2002.


There’s a movie that has darth vader in it and also madeleine and the girls from the house that madeleine lives in are all in a room and darth vader appears in the window. I know i’m not making this up because my sister remembers it. I watched it like 2002. it might have been a parody.

Asked by Shawna: probably late 1960s, a girl dips a cat’s paw in blood to sign a letter.


…was shot late 60s, early 70s, looks similar to movies from that era. A blonde teenaged girl has witnessed a murder, I think, and is trying to solve it. At one point she writes a note to someone I think she thinks is it and signs the note by dipping her kitties paw into ink and putting it to the paper. There is a scene where she’s snooping and ends up in a meat locker and I think there’s a body in there. A lot of the scenes are at night, from what I can remember. I think she also has a crush on a man in the movie and is following him (NOT the Lemon movie) and I think that’s how she gets mixed in with the murder stuff. Of course the murders are following her and for some reason I have the impression they were Asain, but I could be mixing my movies… I think it was late 60s as apposed to early 70s, and I think there was something about kitties in the title. I think. lol Not much help, I know. :/ Oh and the blonde heroine’s hair was in a ponytail, I think.

Chanse Lyle Howe is looking for a movie where a “higher being” falls in love with a human girl.


…the first thing that i remember is it focusing on a clock. The movie fires on and you find out this guy is like, i say, not human because he’s not an alien but he was of a higher being? So he falls in love with this girl but his people keep trying to make him forget keep trying to make him forget cause its against the rules or something to love a human. I know it sounds like a movie called 9? By that’s not it. If i remember correctly the guy i keep referring to was also their leader.

Nikita is looking for the name of a movie she suspects is 1970s erotica:


I remember being young and watching something forbidden for kids on TV that looked like 70s erotica.

The movie took place underground where a man was kept by a group of naked women. They had a queen with a beautiful crown and a cape…but everyone was naked.

This man was kept as a toy that women would play with, and I remember a scene where he was tied down to the floor of a huge white room and all these women were touching him including the queen..it was erotica…not porn! There were two women who were planning on escaping…now I don’t know if they were all held captive there, if they knew each other before this, but the two of them were rescuing him.

I am not sure what the language was, it might have been Italian, or English.

The last scene is of them crawling out from underground. The man was carrying a butterfly in the cage…and that is the last thing I remember.
Also, he resembles that main guy with a mustache from The Gods Must Be Crazy movie.

bartdan87 is looking for a movie where dogs or creatures eat their tormentor—he thinks its a short from the 70s or 80s that might have played on the BBC. The Awful Dr. Orloff suggests it could be wither a segment from “Hammer House of Horror” with Peter Cushing or from the Amicus horror anthology film Tales from the Crypt.


All i can remember through is a man who is locking up some dogs or creatures of some kind underground, or something and am pretty sure the ending was these starving dogs/ creatures get out and eat this man. It was a short TV film possibly on BBC set in 70s/ 80s by the graphic/ acting i can remember.

Ephream remembers a single scene from an animated film with a witch pretending to be a girl’s mother, made sometime before 2000:


A girl is lost in a magical world and she has this friend she made in that world, throughout the movie she is looking for her mother, in this one scene she thinks she sees her mother, but then her friend quickly stops her saying that its a trap, and her mother turns out to be a witch in black robes… saw this back in around the 90′s.

dennis remembers a military base setting and rats in a movie from the late 90s or before.


…two girls are with this military guy and they go to his place back at the base, i remember at one point they’re in the back of this truck and kill these rats that appear, later they accidentally kill the guy, and i think i remember some military guys wrestling, anyone think this sounds familiar? Saw it when i was like 12 in the late 90s, 96-99 sometime I think.

Roxxe needs help with a movie about a girl painter who’s work is stolen by a famous artist who lives in a houseboat. It’s not I’ve Heard the Meremaids Singing.


…it starts off with this girl, who is a talented painter, at her school painting a scene for a play. The girl is friends with this boy with glasses. Somehow the girl meets this man who she thinks is a famous artist, he lives in a house boat on a river. The girl does this really great painting and the “artist”, being a con-man, claims the painting as his own. The girl tells everyone that she did the painting and, of course, no one believes her. He friend, however, has a picture that he took (in disguise) while the girl and the “artist” were at a restaurant that shows the girl with the painting. In the scene at the restaurant the “artist” hides behind the painting be cause he doesn’t want people to see him.

Not much to go on with william’s mystery movie: drug addict, swamp, three oddball brothers. Dave says this is “The Shy People w/ Barbara Hershey, mid 80′s.”


A movie about A mother who moves her drug taking daughter to the swamps to live with A strange relative and her three oddball sons.

Cesar describes several scenes from a movie about an old man looking for a white dog, possibly the same as movie 53 above:


I am trying to find the name of a movie, with a similar description as MOVIE 53.
In that description, Kayra says that it was a boy trying to find his dog.
My memories are about an old an trying to find whis white little dog (the breed maybe was Coton de Tulear) with the help of a young man.
I remember some passages of the film.
One of them, both persons entering to a doghouse, trying to recover this dog and they met with the dog catcher, which yes, he was mouscle-boun and there was an inevitable fight between this dog-catcher and the young man. The fight was long and the young man was loosing, while the dog-catcher put some extrange liquid over his knuckles (maybe anesthesia). Suddenly, the young man asked the old man to play his mouth-organ (or harmonica). After listening to the music (maybe any melody) this gave him (the young man) like certain energy or rithm to fight better.
Another passage I remember of this film is that they realized that this dog had been bought by a little girl, so they (the young man and the old man) found out where the address of the owner was, and went in front to that house waiting for the moment when the door was oppened. So, when it happened, the old man began to whistle very loud so that his dog listen and get out. And it happened, unfortunately the dog came out of the house so quickly that no one realized that a big truck was passing by the street and the only thing it is seen, is that apparently the dog finished under the truck, it braked very hard, and all was in silence, and after a few seconds it was heard the shout of the old man but happy, taking his little dog up on his two hands, and turning on his feet.
I think this is the end of the film.
Another passage I remeber very well, is this old man, with the young man, trying to enter to a evening dress party. The old man was always wearing like an old smoking. So he said (in spanish because it was a translated film) “…one day I said to me, why having two dresses, if I can have two dresses in one”..and then he wrapeed his smoking taking out like a tail, and making his hat bigger just pushing it from the inside and he took out, I do not know from where, a cane.

Jessica seeks the name of a post-apocalyptic teen movie. Mofo Rising/Rob suggests Larry Clark’s “awful” Teenage Caveman.


I watched [it in] either the late 90s or early 2000s. All I vaguely remember is a group of teenagers (i think) trying to survive the ending of the world, or something of that sort. The teenagers stuck together to try and repopulate, also it was future based. They were in some sort of warehouse where they had all of their supplies.. One scene I remember is, one of the females has sex with a male and she got pregnant, but she died or got killed. The ending is, the guy who tried to inseminate the females was the only one left because he killed the other males, and he successfully started a new population.

A description of a very crazy-sounding movie from Andrew:


I’m trying to find a movie that I saw when I was young, sometime between 1995 and 2000 I think. It was about a man who starts seeing the world differently, literally. I remember there was a scene with a burning skeleton going down a slide, guy in a biohazard suit, Marilyn Monroe’s Happy Birthday song, and especially a scene where the protagonist is escaping with a girl and runs into police with guns, but he sees them as priests with wooden guns, so he laughs, opens up the floor and escapes. Then he goes through some electric underground grid and talks to some architect type guy. Then I remember something about him seeing his parents in a desert-like place and they have some electric voice box things in their throats to speak. Sorry, that’s all I remember since I was very young (5-10) and an immigrant to the US.

Kern wants the name of a movie about a teenage runaway who’s seduced by a woman who takes him in, with a famous actor:


I think I watched this when I was fairly young so probably somewhere the 90s to 2000…

It seemed like one of those coming of age movies maybe? I just remember the main guy was like teenage boy that was becoming a young man sort of deal. He either ran away from home or was an orphan. He lived with different people and it was about his experiences about that. The one scene i remember because it was so messed up when I watched it. So he’s probably 16? 18? Pretty young and he gets taken in by this married couple. Like in their 40s 50s probably. So they treated him like a son. But the messed up part was the lady/mom basically would sneak into his room and have sex with him. And I think he did it only because he felt like he had to. And at some point i think he had to run away from them too.

The actor was sort of famous for his time? I think…i just remember thinking he’s pretty cute.

Joe’s memory involves a failed suicide attempt and nudists in a van:


I think I watched this movie maybe 10 years ago, it was something like this:
I remember there was a girl in a car trying to kill herself with the car smoke but failed and a guy for some reason joined her later..
and I remember another scene that four people (2 guys and 2 girls) drive to a place just outside the town and get to the back of a van and get naked, they were like nudists or something.

Kelly’s mystery movie has a woman trapped in a computer and a head in a freezer:


I’m trying to find a movie I saw in about 2000-2005. There was a guy and he had a wife/girlfriend. And there was a girl in a computer(???) and he was in love with he and trying to find a way to get her out or something like that. And his wife/girlfriend was really jealous and the guy gave her a gift at some point in the movie. And for some reason the chick that was in the computer, her body was frozen, and he kept her head in his freezer. Then his wife/girlfriend found the head and took it outside to the road and smashed it on the road. Then in the end of the movie the guy gets the woman out of the computer or whatever it was. And then the guy’s (best?) friend somehow gets into the computer, but he actually wants to be there, unlike the girl. And I think that the computer’s background was just plain white, but I’m not sure.

justin’s looking for an “evil grandma” movie from the 1990s or before. Sam suggests Jack Ketchum’s The Girl Next Door.


I saw maybe in the late 90s so its not that old but from what i remember it was about 2 girls who had to go live with there grandma I think because there parents died but there grandma hated them and was horrible to them and towards the end of the film she tied them up in the basement and had the neighborhood kids rape and torture her and one kid tried to set them free but she ended up dying right as the kid got her necklace back from the grandma to give to the one girl.

Roy Dixon seeks the name of an old (pre-1968) black and white movie about ghosts in a hotel.


This black and white film I think I saw it in 1968 or there abouts was about Ghosts living inside this Hotel and if anyone who stayed at the hotel escaped then all the ghosts would disappear. I remember right at the end this guy did finally “escape” BUT he swung open this big iron gate and sank back against it and breathed a sigh of relief only for the gate to swing back and impale him on this large iron spike. So he became a ghost and the other ghosts all stayed.

Ryan Healy remembers a movie with a machine that strips women, probably from the  1960s-1970s. Jason suggests he may be slightly misremembering the “Excessive Machine” sequence from Barbarella.


I saw a clip of a film when I was a kid, in the mid 90s. Sixties/seventies era, color. A scientist is using a machine to rake a woman’s clothes off. It was broadcast on airwave tv, so it may have been editied, a tv movie, or a tv episode. I don’t remember anything else.

abby only remembers a couple of kids, a houseboat and a black panther.


I watched a movie on TV in the 80′s and it seemed like it was older then… I was just a little kid so I”m not sure… It was not black and white… It had a little boy and his sister on a house boat. The house boat crashed and there was a black panther stalking them.. Thats all I can remember…

denny’s looking for an offbeat romantic/horror movie (?) about a possible cannibal.


think it was released in the early 00′s about a functional special guy in his 20′s who starts to spy on this gal across the street from his apartment. its a classic long shot situation, he’s from a dysfunctional family (mommy issues) she’s a young professional who’s always throwing parties and luring guys back to her place. you watch this through his apartment window and eventually it becomes more intense and the question if she is a cannibal starts to flourish.

Mike is looking for an HBO comedy short. Mofo Rising/Rob recognizes it:”Stalker Guilt Syndrome” by Mark Maron.


I saw this Short on HBO back in the late 90s early 2000s. It was on between movies. It was a comedy about a guy who gets off a bus at the same stop as this girl. Every time she makes a turn, he happens to be making the same turn. He starts to worry that she’ll think he’s following her (the movie has his inner thoughts as a voice over).

He tries various things to make it clear he’s not, but everything he does just makes it worse. One example I remember was that he stopped to tie his shoe so that she’ll get far ahead of him, but at the same time, she stops at a new stand to get a newspaper, so it just looks like he was waiting for her.

bobby remembers a flick about a cop framing people.


I saw this movie i around the 2004-2006 time but i know i was made before either of these. i was young and i only remember a couple parts about it. i think the story line was about a evil cop/ sheriff who kidnapped people by saying they were under arrested and i know that one of the people he kidnapped had a flashback about when he/she was a kid and was riding a bike with a friend and the friend got hit by a car and went flying into a wall and even thou he was wearing a helmet his head cracked open and i think he died. another part is when the cop pulled someone over on a motorcycle and planted drugs in a smiley face bag on them and might have taken him in. i think the motorcyclist in the movie was like famous in the movie and he might have bribed his way out but i don’t remember any help would be great its not silent or in b/w.

From Samantha: anime, early nineties or prior, reincarnation and a heavenly train… zombiebait is sure this is A Chinese Ghost Story.


I watched this as a kid in the early 90′s. It was an anime movie and the most vivid part I remember was when ppl died they got on this train in heaven where they were dropped off somewhere and start falling from the sky. Next they get transformed into babies and a mallet pops out, hits them on the head (think that’s to signify them losing there memory from there previous lives) and they get born again. I also remember a boy and a girl character telling each other not to get hit so they remember to meet under a tree.sorry that’s all I can remember…

From skyler: an army with torches that villagers mistake for a dragon of fire. My long-shot suggestion is Throne of Blood. Bailey’s much better suggestion is The 13th Warrior with Antonio Banderas.


I’m trying to find a movie where some village people are seeing an incoming a giant fire snake or fire dragon in the forest but it turns out to be a marching army of enemies with torches. I also remember the enemies wearing bear skin or something. The village has to stay away from the forest at night or else they will be killed.

From lane: horror, mid 90s or earlier, monster dies by having a microphone shoved down its throat. Jason suggests The Outpost a.k.a. Mind Ripper a.k.a. The Hills Have Eyes Part 3, “presented by Wes Craven” and starring Lance Henriksen.


I saw the movie in the mid 90′s, all i can remember is that they were in the desert and there was a cave. there was a person also i think he was a monster as well and to kill people he had this long thing come out of his throat and it had a small spike on the end of it. and to kill this thing his spike comes out of his mouth and one of the actors shoves a microphone on the end of it and it electrocutes him and he dies. that is all i know.

From chavezac: a Star Wars ripoff with space pirates. Kellrayc suggests The Ice Pirates (1984) as a possibility, and so does Jason.


I remember a movie from the late 70s or early 80s that I liked as a kid. It was a sci fi movie and the opening scene had a group of space pirates in a warehouse shootout with blasters. I don’t remember what they were after or if they found it but after that they got in their ship and flew off. Most of the film from there is hazy but I think they were being chased and split up. One of the gang was an alien who went to a space station hotel of sorts. Another of the gang met him there and after the meeting the alien killed himself. Sorry not much detail, but any ideas?? We had it on Betamax, so when our player broke when I was a kid I lost the movie. It reminded me a lot of Star Wars…

From MikeV: A little boy kills robbers who are holding his family hostage. The description sounds like a violent version of a Home Alone movie.


It is movie about robbers (i am not sure) taking members of rich family as hostages except little boy. The boy kills robbers one by one with homemade stuff/traps. All I remember is that one bad guy is killed by water gun filled with lighter fluid and one guy (he was some kind of computer specialist) is killed by electicity when he steps on wet carpet. That’s all I remember.

From Jonida: a house on an island full of dolls, from the 1980s or earlier.


There was this movie in the 80s. There was this illegal girl of a woman to whom her mother left one house in one small island. The girl goes to stay in a hotel just in front of this island and during the night she sees light in the house and during the day she sees someone in the window. Everytime she takes the boat and goes to this house but she finds lots of dolls and one of them even cries. At the end the house burns, the girl watches it from the hotel and also sees someone at the window.

sophie remembers a scene with a spaceship and a woman being dropped and eaten by a giant snake.


There on some spaceship or something, and there on this ledge, and there is a guy holding onto a woman, and trying to help her up. But he doesnt and lets go accidently, and some giant snake thing swallows her whole.

from Jamie: Woman falls in love with an imaginary robber/rapist wearing a black glove.


I think this one is a suspense. A woman meets a man in a store while it is being robbed. The guy places his black gloved hand over her mouth during the robbery (and maybe gropes her as well?). The movie goes on to show them develop a really hot and heavy relationship. We are led to believe they are mutually fond of one another. At one point, they have sex in a tunnel at a park, then they go to one of those photo booths and get their photos taken. She carries it around with her. Later, she is telling the story of how she met the guy to some detectives (I can’t remember why). They think she’s made it all up. So, she goes to show the photo of them together. She sees the guy, but he isn’t really in the picture. So, she imaged the whole situation. That’s about all I’ve got.

from Amanda: 1990s or earlier, two brothers and a sister, depressed and lobotomized pulling a toy train, and running through a forest blindfolded (this part matches Intacto, but nothing else does).


I saw a movie in the 80-90ties. I think there were two brothers and a sister she was the youngest. The older brother was depressed and at the end he was lobotomized pulling a toy train. I think there was a fire too. And one time the big brother took his sister to the forest and he run blindfolded without hitting any trees. She tried this later but she ran in to the trees.

From Dave: Possessed stranger at sea, plot similar to Fallen with Denzel Washington, not Dead Calm.


It could be 70s or 80s but I mostly remember a couple finding a stranger at sea who turns out to be possessed, it’s not dead calm but as far as I know it followed a story line not far from the movie Fallen with Denzel Washington!

From Star: 2007 or before, painter dies falling off ladder, demon and altar in basement.


It starts out with a house being painted, the painter and ladder fall, painter dies. A young women, bf/husband and their friends come to this house and at night is when the terror starts. Everyone is pulled away from this young women and tortured and killed, one of her friends is killed …by fire and one by being hanged. Towards the end of movie in basement she is on like an alter of sorts and the demon tries to kill her, but the young women during this time has a vision of a doll that had a dagger in side it’s body, she finds this doll being a part of the crumbling basement wall after she wakes up and using the dagger to kill demon. At the end you see her with her backpack walking down the road away from the house. I saw this movie between 2003-2007 on Syf…

from silky: a pretty generic memory of what sounds like a noir/neo-noir.


What is the movie where there is a accident, wife disapears, crazy husband, cheater, and murder?

from Alice: Mid 80s or earlier, probably from the BBC, runaway gets involved with an older man.


Mid-80′s, most likely BBC, one film or mini series, blond teenage girl called Claire (?) runs away, sees older guy called Mac (?)

From Emily: a movie where monsters in a film reel come to life, possibly black and white.


An old movie, i think in black and white, where a boy goes in the basement of some old house (his grandpa’s?) and finds a film reel with monsters and then the monsters end up a coming to life?

From Zahraa: kid with moving toys kidnapped to help rob a bank? matchstickman suggests Malcolm: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0091464/


It starts when a really small guy goes to two old people house in a rainy day and they keep him with them and he lives in a room which his toys can move then two men steal him to rob a bank that’s all I remember…

From Ralok: Underground creature, claims he’s a great warrior, trying to recharge his people’s sun? jmweasle suggests A Gnome Named Gnorm with Anthony Michael Hall: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0109912/


It was about a creature . . .kinda like dobby, and he was like, coming up from underground or somewhere, and he claimed he was a great warrior. And he was trying to like, recharge his peoples sun or something, I think it took place in new york . . . the film wass weeeeird.

from Shane k: Father discovers son is a serial killer using the color white as a calling card.


There was a movie I saw in the 2000s about a father and son. The father always broke plans with the kid, but gave him 20 dollars every time he did. I think the father was a cop? The son ended up being some murder mastermind, and his calling card was the color white. At the end, the father finally goes in the sons bedroom and discovers its entirely white.

From Angela: sticky marshmallow stuff on a plane. Morgan suggests The Stuff (1985). Matchstickman suggests a TV show: “‘ Doomwatch.’ The Plastic Eaters, first episode, released in 1970 – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0065290/.”


…made in the 70′s (I think)..people on a plane…floor is marshmellow-like substance and people step in it and get stuck…spreads through plane…

Also from Angela: 1980s, young people renovating a hotel.


…group of older teens (maybe early 20′s) finds and repairs an old hotel that’s falling apart….one scene, they’re painting the wooden siding outside and they paint each other in a musical montage of renovation…nearby town officials try to stop them (I think they dam up their irrigation or something)…made in the 80′s.

Martin H believes his mystery movie is a short silent film about a man eating blocks of fat and flying out a window.


I remember seeing what I believe to be a short film and a silent movie about a fat man who eats big blocks of fat, loses weight and finally flies out the window.

From Alex: foreign (Swedish?), girl in car separated from mother during rainstorm, says “mammooo mammoo” (or something similar).


I saw this movie on Netflix from April to May of 2012. As I can remember it was a foreign movie, possibly Sweedish. It starts off with a mother and her daughter I think in a car, maybe van, driving through a rain storm and the car either crashes or they stop for some reason. But the mother gets out for some reason and the daughter stays in the car. After a while the daughter worries why the mother has not returned to the car and she starts to hear things and goes out to look for her mother. She begins to say “mammoo mamoo” over and over again. She says it really weird and it sounds really funny, similar to how I spelled it out there. But she hears scary noises and then she rushes back into her car and locks the doors. The rain is loud and heavy and she hears scary noises and suddenly things start hitting the car and mud is thrown on the windshield. That is all I can remember.

From Roo: Room with wall full of drawers (?) and rats crawl out of the walls…


There is this weird guy in a dark room with all these draws [drawrs?] that make up this wall, then there is a little girl, then all these rodents crawl out of the walls? and the scientist was really tall…

From darkcyeote: short (TV episode?) featuring Michael Douglas (?), portal to another dimension.


It is a short. Perhaps 15 min long. I want to say it features Michael Douglas, but I may be wrong. Horror theme with a modern-day setting. The military has found some sort of “portal” into another dimension. They can see in this dimension, but they can’t enter. On the other side is what appears to be a “little house on the prairie” type homestead complete with a large family. The main protagonist (Micheal Douglas?) is obsessed with a blonde woman on the other side. Was it because of a deceased wife? The military somehow knows that the portal opens for only a small amount of time at random intervals. They use a simple ice cannon that “tests” the interface day and night. The protagonist tries to have a “lip reader” sent to understand what the people on the other side are saying. The military commander reprimands the protagonist and cancels the lip reader. The next day the portal is open and the protagonist jumps through. He meets the blonde woman who seems overjoyed to meet him. Her mouth then opens three feet long and she starts to devour him right along with the other inhabitants. An old man on the other side notices the protagonist and seems to cast a spell closing the portal. The end scene shows the family trying to get through the portal to the other side using a femur bone. End.

Peter Drury has little to go on:

MOVIE 150:

A film ends with a group of people looking for a girl who had run away in the snow.

from Dinos: older movie (70s or earlier) where children rule adults.


I’ m looking for an English-language movie i saw in Greek tv in late 70′s. (’78 or ’79). It’s about an imaginary place where young people rule, while the older are being prisoned(i think). I remember the last scene where the young leader behaves badly to a 13years old (or something) who gets angry and mumbles “When i get a little older I’ll get you prisoned”

From PD: short film, people murdered on a train, twist ending.


My sister visited a film festival some 5-10 years ago, where she saw a short action movie (like 10 minutes max). This is the plot: A Subway station, a woman in long coat gets on the train. There are three other folks in the wagon: one, lying on the seat, another one, listening to music on his walkman, and a a third one, old guy with a walking stick, rhythmically knocking with it on the floor. The train departs, there’s a tunnel and darkness, and when the view lights up again, one of the guys is dead — killed by a stab wound in his neck. Another tunnel, darkness, then light — second dead, once again with a small round bleeding hole in his neck. Third tunnel, and another dead character. Finally, the identity of the killer and the reason for the killing is revealed (don’t want to spoil it) in a surprising plot twist.

from alex:


…a scary movie but in it the mother forces her two children to have sex with each other.

From JC: horror movie, kids, snowy forest, slide.


…kids who get taken end up trapped in a snowy forest and then all the kids escape by going down the slide..

From Jessica: family drama, teens dating, girl breaks her nose in a car accident.


A daughter dates a boy who i think her father despises. one night they’re driving and he obnoxiously puts on a pair of sunglasses, then they get into an accident. they both live but she had a broken nose. then at some dance or event her ex is seen with another girl dancing and kissing, so the girl with the broken nose goes over and punches him in the face. i think she had a younger sister too. i’m pretty sure it was a family drama but it ends good i think.

From yezenia: serial killer movie, head in freezer.


I’m looking for a movie i saw in middle school sometime from 2005-2009. there’s this serial killer guy who draws women in with his charm, and then kills them in his apartment. Most of the movie from what i saw, takes place in his apartment.

Here’s the two scenes that i remember:

1. he brings a girl home and then she finds a head of someone in his freezer, and she tries to play it off like she didnt see, but is really freaked out.

2. he takes a girl to bed, and while they are completely under the white sheets, and everything sounds like normal sexual behavior she starts screaming, and suddenly the sheets are soaked with blood. then he hops out of bed and she is dead.

From Paula:Black and white, comedy, people getting hit on the head with mortar as building’s being built.


I watched a movie in black and white where some men are building a house and each time they do some thing like mixing mortar it fall out of the bucket and hit some one or the ladder fall, something turn over it’s a real funny movie i watch it from the 80s. It’s like a army movie where a general goes around and see that everything is done bt in the end it’s he who get duck with the water or the mortar…

From Tony: Italian,? doctor in asylum has sister who’s a patient, nudity.


Italian? movie about an asylum, a fair share of nudity, a young doctor trying to find a cure for madness?, because as it turns out his sister is one of the inmates and he’s afraid it may be genetic. He vists his sister in a cell where she lies naked hiding in a corner covered in straw. A nurse is seen in her bed with a pillow between her legs. A naked inmate is covered by a nurse and pulls off the blanket.

If you have weird movie memories of your own that you can’t place, mention them in the comments and we’ll see if someone here can help.

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  1. I have this movie I seen some time around the late 90’s ealry 00’s when I was younger.
    The only bits I remember about the movie was that there were creatures under the ground trying to get to the people. They could feel when the people were walking on the ground and one part were in a basement maybe and the people from the town tried to hide in a light house to get away from them. Dont remember to much..

    1. It wasnt any of the tremors movies. Its a lil town by the water it had a light house the people tried to hide in

  2. Okay i’m not quite sure on the name of this movie and its been stuck in my head for quite some time now..

    okay so its about this little boy that moves into this new apartment and hes outside in the snow and this little girl comes and talks to him. she ends up being like a demonish girl that kills the people that pick on the little boy or the ones he hates? idk and another scene is the boy is hiding in the apartment because this police officer is lookin for him and the girl kills the officer.

    at the end of the movie the boy and girl leave on a train but the girl is inside his chest.

    idk if anyone knows this movie ? if anybody could help me find this movie, it would be appreciated. thanks

    1. If its the original (Swidish, I think) movie then it’s “Let the Right One In.” The American version is “Let Me In.” They both or at least one should be on Netflix.

  3. I have been trying to find the name of this movie. It was an HBO late night movie shown around 1988-1991. It takes place in the desert. There is a couple who lives out in the desert. They have a jeep. Another guy, I think escapes from prison, and begins seeking out blonde women. The first seems to be an ex girlfriend, then next one is a woman who lives alone with rabbits that he has sex with then has this dark haired woman that starts running with him kill her. Finally he connects with the young couple ( I think they meet in a bar) and the couple brings them home to their house. Then the ex-prison guy takes the husband for a ride and leaves him out in the desert to die. The husband is a bit of a geek but his situation suddenly turns him into this surviavalist and he goes back to get the ex-prison guy. While he is trying to get back to his home, the husband runs across the trailer with the dead woman and rabbits in it, and takes a motor scooter to try and get back. Meanwhile, the wife is being “approached” by the ex-prison guy after dinner and she ends up having sex with him to spare her life. A travelling salesman knocks at the door, and the wife comes down. She answers the door and loosens a few buttons to reveal “help me” that she has written across her chest in lipstick. But the salesman is too busy staring at her chest and the prision guy ends up killing him too. Finally the husband arrives and there is a big fight scene and ex-prision guy and dark haired woman who was running with him are killed. Any ideas would really be appreciated.

  4. What is the name of that movie where a boy is on an island, like on the lost world in Jurassic Park, and like in the lost world the tiny dinosaurs appear but when they attack him instead of screaming he said at one point “ow that’s my spleen!” It’s really been bothering me. I’ve tried looking it up but I can’t find the title anywhere.

  5. Ok, I remember watching a movie in the 80’s (potentially early 90’s). All I remember is the climax where the main character (someone who is or looks like Kyle Maclachlan (Dune guy) is trying to escape this evil sorcerer (and maybe an evil sorceress) and this old guy (the caretaker/gardener/butler of the castle/fortress comes in to the scene shooting lighting (some power) from his hands allowing the main character to escape (or defeat the evil people). The caretaker reveals that he saved the main character when he was born by hiding him away from the evil person.

    I think it ends with the castle being sealed up and the main character (and maybe his lady friend) walking away in a normal looking street.

    I couldn’t find a Kyle MacLachlan film with a similar plot, so maybe it’s someone else.

  6. I’ve been looking for this movie for years and its been bugging me! I can only remember little parts of the movie….this man is in a cabin I think and well weird things happen and he goes crazy and pulls his eyes out and then he shoots himself through the mouth, then I remember little girls singing ring around the roisery

  7. This movie is a silent movie in black and white and all I can remember is this little kids a boy and a girl are best friends and the little girl moves away and later on when there all grown up they met again but the girl gets kiddnaped. …I remember seeing an ocean in the film too

  8. I’m trying to find a black & white movie from the early to mid 1960’s. The main characters are a boy and a girl, pre-teen. They love each other, but the grownups say they can’t because they are from different religions. One scene has a rather ornate church. In order to be together, they steal a small boat. It capsizes in a rushing river. The boy survives, runs home crying, “I’ve killed her” in what I thought was a British accent. However, my ear was not all that refined in those days and it could have been anything not Californian or Southern … what I remember most was the r in her was not pronounced. It turns out the girl was not dead.

  9. im trying to find this movie its kinda old

    in this town kids started getting this disease and a kid who came back from Africa weeks later caught the disease dont remember the name of the movie but it has the name “oil” in it.

    if anyone could help me find it, i would appreciate it. thanks

  10. I tried to see if this one was answered, but I couldn’t find it:

    Re: Movie 100: thanks to the details that were listed, plus what little I remembered myself, I think this is 13 Frightened Girls from 1963 (what a title!). It features some Asians, which I remembered too; it’s about girls in a European boarding school, and the protagonist Candace (known as “Kitten”) has an Asian best friend, and she gets involved in a murder mystery. One fan (on Clyde’s Stuff) mentioned that she stamps a letter with her cat’s paw.

    I can’t wait to locate this one to see it again; I probably saw it in the early to mid-70s, as a child…


  11. I have been looking for this movie about a special needs girl who is trying to find her father and eventually she finds him but he is working at a fast food restaurant and isn’t too happy to see her. She left from a mental hospital and she had sex with one of the other patients in the laundry room. That’s all I can remember.

    There another movie set in the 70s I think about these kids who do drugs and party all the time. In one of the scenes there’s a large lizard man that zaps one of the guys and the girls room is painted to look like the inside was outside and it was a whole mind trip movie.

  12. It was a very very old black and white American movie; I remember an aeroplane landing in an old Chinese city, quite possibly Shanghai? I think the aeroplane had landed to refuel. There was a scene where there were lots and lots of Chinese people running around, some were selling fruit, veg, meat etc. The Chinese men were dressed in traditional Ching dynasty attire and had shaven heads and pony tails. I have no recollection of what this film was called, but was fascinated by the scenes…

  13. I’m trying to remember a film (I think it was a foreign film) which was fairly new…

    I remember a few snapshots:
    *Two people french kissing really intensely (but not passionately, almost like robots) at a train station
    *some kind of monotonous utopia in black and white, which the main character finds really boring
    *a secret passage from a basement into the kitchen of a bakery (now in colour)

    I think the main character arrives by rail train.. or something? ARGH

  14. I was wondering about a movie it was set in this old woman’s house, the old woman died and her kids had came to the home for the funeral and will however something about their greed caused one of the kids to be killed by her mothers fur coats and another child and their bf or gf are having sex and the w oman bites the guys junk off later the dead mother comes back to kill the rest what is the name of this movie

  15. Hi, I’m trying to find a campy horror film.
    I watched this as a kid in the 90’s.
    It involved a bunch of college age kids going out on something like a spring break trip to a cabin.
    They went in to a lake and were playing on a floating dock in the middle when some kind of black goo from the water killed them all off slowly.
    I keep thinking Placid Lake, but I know that’s not it!!
    It was pretty campy and old, contained nudity. (Two of the young adults making out on the wooden raft/dock thing on the lake. I remember boobs. HAhaha.)
    I remember the one last person or two at the end almost makes it but the goo gets them just at the shore. (I think.)

    Anyway, I hope someone remembers this!

  16. i found name of one of the movies i have looking for,the japanese movie i saw in germany.Jesus in Bronze,the movie is in black and white and was played at a art house dubbed in german.it was made in the 1950s.that german beer 15 percent capital A.after three beers movie memory in color.japanese time period samurai days.Christians forced to spit on bronze Jesus statue part of a crucifix cross.any way whole noble family etc. crucified.the questions now remain.demon rape movie title?maybe a chinese person or manthat speaks and reads chinese familar with chinese movies or saw that milked powered boy on chinese tv.HELP?

  17. I’m looking for the title of a very old movie that I saw in my youth. I think it was black and white and released decades ago. Thought it was called Psychopath and starred a man with big piano teeth, maybe called John Strange or John Stange, but I could be wrong about that. All I remember is the guy with the teeth was pushing an elderly woman in a wheelchair down a flight of stairs. I also remember the man posing as his wife, maybe because she was dead. They were never seen together. Would love to know what movie this was, because I would love to see it again as an adult. Can anyone help?

  18. Im looking for an old, animated film.

    I remember very little of it except it’s about a boy who lives in a very strange world ruled by these giant people who are absolutely huge by comparison and have no hair. One scene has them sitting on thrones and the boy looking in. Another scene has the boy becoming lost and being dressed in bubbles by these pixie like creatures. It is not a kids film, and is exceptionally surreal.

    There is little to no speaking in the film, but I think it might be european. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

  19. Hi please help I remember watching a movie when I was younger. It was a bit strange and I’d say it was a little bit horror maybe. I can’t remember ugh except Michael Douglas was the lead character and there was a lot of weird people I think cult members. There was a scene with a lady looking after a little boy and she puts an egg on him not sure if it was a voodoo ritual or for protection. Then there’s a scene where Michael is in some place kind of like a warehouse I think he’s trying to get the little boy back because the cult took him or something like that. I really can’t remember more then that all I know is I really want to watch it again it was a fav of mine as a kid! Thank you

  20. I’m trying to find the name of a disturbing and well-written Indie/art film about a depressed housewife who finds solace in cleaning and polishing furniture all day.

  21. Trying to find the name of a film which is an army academy where they do rifle dancing or throwing not sure what they would call it but theres also ‘clap dancing’ in it… best description I can give

  22. Im looking for a movie i watched on SBS (a foreign movie channel) a few years ago.
    it started off with a happy family, two parents and one kid. however the child dies (i don’t recall how) and the family is distraught and broken because of that.
    while the father stays calm the mother has a complete breakdown and decides to go for a walk despite the fact that it is freezing at the time, here she finds her son alive and well and more then willing to relive happier times leading to them wandering around a frozen lake

    it is not until they both get to a super market that thing become eerie.
    the son wants to ride in one of those coin operated kiddie rides so the mother lifts him on a pays the price, as she does so customers surround her staring at the motives of this oddly elated woman.

    Its at this point that the camera focuses on the ride, revealing that it is empty and the mother has imagined the whole journey from the moment she left the house.

    of course i was young at the time and this perturbed me so i turned off the tv and went to sleep.

    i cant remember what language it was but it had subtitles and searching for it with Google would only bring up american movies with somewhat similar premises.

  23. I am looking for a movie where a crazy woman is chasing a van full of teens through back roads and in the woods. I think its because they flash their high beams at her(???) I remember that she catches them and they get away. Thats all I can remember about it. Hope someone can help.

  24. Looking for an old horror movie should be arround 80-90s.
    What i remember its about a women going to live in a block. There the neighbours drug her at some point and make a ritual on her.
    They put a huge bug inside her. I remember that the bug is comming out of her mouth at the end of the ritul.

  25. in a movie i saw that a man jumps & then goes inside the ground & comes back from another room ..saw that when i was a kid really want to see the movie any help…

  26. I was talking to my friend today about the old 2009 movie the collector, and…the majority of what I’d said isn’t from the collector and I would like to know where it is from. –Thanks

    Its a group of people locked in a house and they can’t get out.

    anyway, all the windows are boarded shut, when someone tries to open them stuff happens and there hands get crushed

    a young girl and some dude hide out in a room and then when the door opens they like nock over a fish tank (or some water source idk) and then they electrocute the floor, then some dead dude falls through the door and it was one of their friends.

    Most importantly and probably exclusive to this movie is theres a box in the house and it starts shaking so they open it, and a dude falls out, he says some stuff, and then crawls back in the box and locks himself in once more. pretty sure the dude in the box is from a previous torture house and is too scared to disobey and tells everyone they’re going to die.

    Sorry wall of text. but please help me find this movie.

    1. A young girl and some dude hide out in a room and then when the door opens they like nock over a fish tank (or some water source idk) and then they electrocute the floor, then some dead dude falls through the door and it was one of their friends. – This is from The Collecter!

      There’s also a red box with a guy in it in The Collecter.

      Try and look up The Collection, it’s sort of a number two to The Collecter :)

  27. Im looking for movie that came out in the 80s. All I remember is that it was about a guy who is a voyeur and he witnesses a women being killed. I think it turned out that the murder was staged and he realizes that the woman was actually still alive and that the murder was just an act.

    1. I believe the movie you are looking for is a film by the name of “Body Double.” It came out in 1994. You can find more info on iMDb.

  28. A boy receives a video game that takes place in his neighbourhood, in the game he plays as a serial killer but what he doesn’t know is that the kills happen for real. Please help!:)

  29. i’m looking for a movie that i watched years ago on HBO/cinemax, i just remember the ending where a character (or two? can’t really remember) was hiding in an old car, then from the distance, people with hammers approached the car and striking it until the person inside the car was dead. i think it was an european movie. thanks before!

  30. Hi! I’m looking for two movies acutally.

    The first one is either English or Irish and it was made before 2004. It was about two women who were friends. One of the women was free spirited and had a son, the other was an illustrator (or artist)who was married to this guy. The first woman got pregnant again and she never told anyone who the father was until she told the illustrator that it was her husband’s child during a dinner party. I think the baby’s name was Col (Cole?) and one of the final scenes was that the illustrator found lots of money in the couch that apparently belonged to the husband and set aside a large portion of that money for child support. Later the two friends had used the remaining money to bet on losing horses at the the track.

    The second is a bit harder as I only remember the ending. It took place in the southern US and there was this woman who was writing (or calling I don’t remember)to this guy. She was in jail for some reason but she wasn’t sad nor angry about it because there were a ton of books in the prison library and that she was going to read as much as she can and she was really excited to do so. She had a daughter and in the final scene the little girl was celebrating her birthday and she was going to blow out the candles while the guy the woman was writing to watched over her. I only remember that I watched it before 2003.

    Thanks in advance!

  31. There was this movie I watched as a kid like 20 years ago it was about this girls who might of had an imaginary friend. I’m not sure if he was imaginary. But she kept trying to get ride of him. I remeber a scence that was outside of a castle and he was trying to save her. Or they were trying to saVe some one. But the guy said the only way to be saved was to sleep with him. The girl seemed disgusted like she would never do something like that. But I think the ended up having sex I feel like part of the sceene he may have transformed into a bat or something it the only scene I vaguely remember. I think he looked funny or kind crazy with funky hair I thought it was drop dead Fred but I watched it and it wasn’t the movie I was looking for

  32. This is a movie I saw at party maybe two or three years ago. It was not very old then, probably made sometime in the early 2000. It was about a skater guy who had killed another boy by pushing him in front of a train. The entire movie is about how this crime, which he lies to the detectives investigating the case about, affects him and his life. The entire movie is basically silent or almost silent. It has a dreamy sort of an essence and I can basically only remember a sex scene that this kid has with his girlfriend. It was particularly striking because he’s completely emotionally detached. And right after the deed is done, his girlfriend immediately gets on the phone to tell all of her friends. That’s basically all I remember. There’s also a slight grunge atmosphere as there are several scenes under a bridge with teens abusing drugs. Anything would be helpful! Thanks!

  33. I have seen this movie a couple of years ago, about tree friends who are smuggling drugs by swallowing it. on their way to the order one of them dies in the car of overdose cause one of the bombs popped, so they drive across theborder with the excuse that the peson in the back is just sleeping.
    I forgot the name of this movie, but I remember it wa ag great movie,not that old I think 2001 or so …..
    I really hope someone can help me find it
    hugs and kisses
    love this site

  34. I saw the movie on the playboy channel/playboy tv in the 80,s/early 90,s . I remember the ending . This girl gives a guy some tea . he drinks some of the tea and asked if it was cat nip . they have sex then then both fall asleep . she wakes up and the man has become a house cat . I don’t remember the name im just wandering if anyone knows the name or where i can look . thanks .

  35. Does anyone know the name of a movie from the early 90s when a woman and her husband go to a island to try to capture snakes for thier venom. One day the husbad is bitten my a snake and goes into a coma so she must continue the search for snakes. While he is sleeps his partners are very cruel to her.

  36. ok so there’s this fantasy old film where it all starts off by a baby left in the forest and i think she was from wolves or whatever..so, this king finds that baby girl and takes it home raises her with his wife and he also has a daughter of his own, so as the girls grow the adopted one gets evil and has some power that makes her good at everything leaving the other nice kid look bad even though she’s good..ya i think its in series at the end the girl evil one turns into a dragon and the prince or the nice girl kill her and they get married.. please help me..i really wanna watch it again but dont know the name of it.thnx

  37. Looking for name of horror film. Think it was in 80’s about a couple who are dragged under their by pig faced looking creatures and they have to escape from that world. At end when they escaping they actually climbing out of their own bed. I know not much to go with but any one any ideas? Thanks.

  38. the movie I am trying to find is in the late 80’s to 90’s maybe. It opens in a school that has lockers outside. A brown haired girl talks to a boy who may be her boyfriend or who has a crush on her. She then becomes involved with a man who introduces her to drugs. She is taking a shower at his house or apartment when a higher level guy comes to talk to him. She comes out with her robe when the higher level guy opens her robe and looks at her body. He then proceeds to take her with him. He brings her to a house with more guys and a blonde headed girl. As she is being lead to his room the blonde headed girl is forced on a coffee table and is raped by those men in the living room. As the girl gets to his bedroom, he beats/whips her with is belt. Scenes I remember are after that she tries to but on red lipstick, he forces her to take a very hot Shower, the blonde kills herself in the bathtub writing free or maybe freedom on the bath tile, in the end the boy in the beginning comes to rescue her with officers. I would really be appreciative if anyone could name this movie that I have been on the search for, for years. Thank you.

  39. What is the title of the movie where a machine can give people memories and here, the leading man becomes a hero due to the machine. I think its betwween 2010-2012. Hope you can find it

  40. Years ago, I’m probably going back at least 15 years, I saw a “horror” film late one night. I quote “horror” because it may not have been, given my age it could have just freaked me out. I only remember smells bits and pieces. But I know the film was probably made around the late 80’s or (very) early 90’s.

    What I remember were four youngish people break down driving through very picturesque mountains in the middle of the day. The folks argue about what to do, but they decided to walk down the side of the hill/mountain. They are immediately stalked by an unknown force. It *may* turn out to be a witch or some kind of chrone. I also remember some, maybe two, people make it out of the forest while being chased and making it back to the car. When they’re being chased. I remember it looking like a Sam Raimi film, but none of his.

    I believe I found the film once before, but can’t remember what I found. The production value was incredibly low and the thing that scared me the most was that it took place during the day.

    Any thoughts or suggestions anyone may have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  41. I’m wondering what movie I saw once on tv maybe back in the early 2000’s. I don’t know too much just that a burglar breaks into this couples’s house in the middle of the night. I believe they end up wounding the burglar and the wife and husband proceed to get in some sort of an argument. The wife starts to feel symphony for the burglar and ends up having sex with him. It was very confusing and I don’t know what happens after. but if anyone could help me out it would be much appreciated.

  42. Dear All, Very interesting site! I saw a movie while in the Army in 1977. I assume that the movie was produced in the early 70’s. It was a horror movie about this boy who started killing people who did bad things to his mother. The butcher who cheated his mom gets his hand in the mill, the traffic cop who fined his mom is driven off the road, etc. The boy does all of this through a green gem/jewel and it is like witchcraft. When he starts killing the people there is a lot of church organ music. At the end of the movie the jewel/gem falls out of a window and lands around the neck of a cat. It must have been something like “Psychopathic killer” Please help, this has been haunting me for years…..

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